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---I'm grateful for the wonderful people in my life and all around the world....taking time out of your day to check out this message.
Ya know, every time there's a decrease in my life it's always followed up with something even better, I swear it's uncanny but we all know it hurts like a bitch in the mean time. But eventually it always happens! I hope that holds true for you too.
Thank you for your support and optimism...without your faith nothing works. Honestly, I would rather be successful by helping others be successful than just chasing money, fame or power for selfish reasons - I think it's a quick way to loose yourself... It's amazing to help people through those dark times, i wouldn't give it up for all the money in the world. To witness it is a blast of positive energy like an atom bomb. Good vibes only - no ones more important than anyone else •

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Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts. #ParamahansaYogananda #BelieveInYou #HEART #SelfEmpowered #SanDiegoDynasty

Find the magic in yourself and understand that your purpose is valid. ✨ #manifest #create #selfempowered #allindivineorder

Losing @simonebiles and @sashafarber1 last night was the ultimate SHOCKER.  Getting to know Simone by working with her last week was a gift and a pleasure. We worked for hours in the studio together...and it was a good experience all around.  I think we were so lucky to witness her last two stellar performances, the incredibly #selfempowered Rhumba and her Jive which celebrated a new found #freedom that we worked so hard on in rehearsals.  I’m looking forward to all that is to come in her life.  She’s a special talent and a bright light in this world.  I am very sad that she will not have a chance to compete for that Mirrorball Trophy next week, but I am happy that we will be seeing more of her in the future.  #BRIGHTSTAR #INSPIRATIONAL And SASHA FARBER is a rock star for giving her such wonderful choreography and being her guide in this process.  Their bond was quite special. #TUMBLINGTWINS 😊 #dwts #dwts24 #dance
Dress: @jovanifashions
Earrings: @ldezen
Rings: @hueb_official @djulajewelry

Non-scale victory...
Feeling good again about my reflection!
I've been in a funk these last couple of weeks about how I look. Just caught a glimpse in the mirror this morning and finally got out of that slump! #selflove #selfempowered

"I’m good, I don’t need no help. Cause I’m better off by myself then to start over with somebody else.” #selfempowered ✔️

used to let some people tell me how to live and what to be, but If I can't be me the fucks the point?🎤 🤔🎊 #arianagrande #lyrics #selfie #selfempowered

Being self employed means you do it all- even if it means scooping 💩. Thanks for making our photoshoot so much cleaner babe! #lovehim #nickelandsuede #selfemployed #selfempowered


In my shop, there's a special section full of self care products and gifts that my best friend and I created out of necessity for our own wellbeing - Our inspiration coming from a realization that 1, we DESERVE even the simplest version of self care. And 2, "self care" isn't some over indulging, luxury that only some of us are allowed and allotted. •
Wanna hear more about my self-care struggle? Read below ⬇️

This is Chichi, the newest member of our Eco Mobile team. After 1 month Chichi has been elected our 1st ever female crew leader. #respect #women #savewater #capetown #selfempowered #example

My imperfections have proven that I'm Perfectly Me
#Selflove #Selfappreciation #Selfempowered #selfiesessions #ilovethemeivebecome

💚I have just come back from Glasgow where we were celebrating 10 years Anniversary of Arbonne in the UK. And one of the main feeling I always keep it with me is WOW what an amazing community we have got, the best leaders, coaches... people helping each in a loving way! Because we all can grow together! Which as far I can remember in the corporate world there is Nothing like this happening. I have being growing my arbonne business Part Time as I do have other businesses that I would be happy to share another time. Thank you all of you that is part of the journey, it's a absolutely pleasure and honour to be with you! #weareten #arbonne #teamwork

I've said it before and I'll say it again, SUPPORT is EVERYTHING! When people support each other incredible things happen. It's just true.
Have you ever tried to achieve a really big goal alone? How hard was that?
Have you tried it with the support of others? I'd bet you were more successful then, right?! Again, Support is EVERYTHING. Accountability is EVERYTHING. Being encouraged, loved on, and celebrated by others is EVERYTHING when it comes to success with your goals. Don't you agree?
Are you looking for that special group of like-minded people to support you in achieving your goals and dreams?

Well, you're in luck because my brand new Success with Support Membership Community is finally open for enrollment!
Enroll today and join the other amazing women who are ready to:
*Hold you ACCOUNTABLE for reaching your goals and dreams
*Build you up
*Encourage you
and *Celebrate your successes! (Because you'll be doing the same for them!) Right now I'm in the middle of a 30 day clean eating challenge and I know there's no way I could stick with this eating plan without big support and encouragement from others. Could you? The support I'm getting is priceless and it's necessary for my success.

Whatever your goals and dreams are, whether they are big or small, about life or business, Success with Support is the community you're looking for to find the SUCCESS you want with the SUPPORT you need!
Join us TODAY! Link in profile 👆

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Yesℹ.....#Black&;Proud #talkblacktome ✊❤✌❤✊
" Beauty × Brains Should Always, Compliment Each Other....Queens Empower The Universe "
● Be Proud ● Be You
● Be Self Reserve
● Be Confident In Your Light And Love
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