Beautiful beach in the Gold Coast!
For my 18th birthday today I went to the wildlife sanctuary, and then out for dinner!
Can’t believe I made it to 18💕
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“Love liberates. It doesn't bind.” Maya Angelou
Love - the most powerful energy in the world 💗 Choose Love, always.
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Do you ever sit to be with yourself and appreciate yourself?
Do you know that you are enough? That you don’t have to change who you are in order to be loved?
Whether your a boy chasing after a girl to feed your ego and feel good enough or a girl attaching to a guy in order to feel loveable...I see you. I’m aware of what’s going on for you. I still accept you & love you.
You are perfect & loveable right in this very moment. When you understand, love & accept yourself, you no longer feel the need to fuel your ego or fill a void.
In that pure unconditional acceptance & love of yourself, the right people will love & accept you too 💕 and it’s amazing when you can completely be yourself in front of people, isn’t it? Absence of fear of judgement and just a liberation and illumination of your true essence.
The universe wants you to be you. So be you 💜

“Tom has developed into one of the most balanced and knowledgeable trainers I know, in a world where I often see the leaders of the industry”. ______________________________________________________________________________

Hit the link in Bio 👆to read about Daniel Halangahu a former professional Rugby Union player’s insight and relationship with Tom. A great understanding from a personal and professional perspective.

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What is it that you're searching for? What do you desire beyond the 5 senses? Who are you without all the labels? These are just some of the things I like to know
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Well #Bhutan it’s been a hot minute. I’ll be back before you know it!

The crazy thing about transformations is you don’t feel them when they are happening. The day to day feels the same & they can feel incredibly slow at the time but one day you look in the mirror (or at a picture) and see something different.
This woman is no where near the same woman she was 2 years ago.
She was filled with fear, anxiety and guilt. Afraid to ever leave her children (because what if they need me). Filled with self doubt...if I was doing enough - working hard enough, saving enough, doing enough for others. Tortured by all the what if’s that could float through my mind.
The woman standing here now is proud of all the hard shit and fears pushed through to get here. Proud of the struggle that led to self discovery. Proud of the confidence developed and so incredibly thankful to the positive community that showed me the way. Mom guilt has subsided (a bit) thanks to my amazing tribe & uplifting friends reminding me that I’m showing A how to work hard and pursue her dreams. I’m teaching her to chase after her passions and stand up to fear. Still a work in progress...But here’s to doing the hard and scary shit to get to the best version of me✨

Feeling very refreshed after having a lovely time with these two amazing people, the very inspirational @itismonasolo and the PT and confidence extraordinar @lexi_ladychamp. Life Coaching, Laughing and Long walks along the beach. #NewNeighbours #Laughter #Adventure #LifeQuotes #StoryTelling #Conversation #NewToInsta #5Follwers #Purpose #SelfDiscovery #Search 🇪🇸🥂

Ok here it is...anyone who has known me for longer than 8.5 seconds knows I have always hated my nose and everything about it.

It’s exceptionally long, poinnty and witch like and I have nostrils for days!

I do NOT post side pics!
I do NOT post unrehearsed pics!
I do NOT allow friends or family to post pics that I do not pre-approve!
And I do NOT post pics that aren’t deceptive to the viewer and give the illusion that I am completely and 100% happy with my appearance in the hopes that if I don’t let people see my flaws than they’ll believe that I don’t have any.....pretty fukn ridiculous hey?

Truth is I preach self acceptance to anyone who will listen, I dedicate my entire life to making women and girls feel good about themselves without the validation of others whether it be friends, family or strangers on the Internet confirming your beauty and self worth one like at a time but all I ever wanted was that exact validation, I CRAVED it!

My entire life has literally been dictated by hatred of my nose!
I have been on a journey since losing the 2 people I loved most in the world, both to suicide.
I lost my best friend and then 2 years later I lost my baby’s daddy, Both we’re proud men, both loved and adored, both appeared confident to the world but both insecure, self destructive and desperate to be loved seemingly no matter the cost.
Since losing them I have been determined to find myself, my journey to self love and appreciation has been long, heavy and arduous.
It has taken me to dark places that I never wanted to go but I went in kicking and screaming and somehow after many tantrums, tears and eventually tribulations I came out calm and with a sense of self that I believed was beyond me. It has enlightened me.. So today I have decided not to use a filter.
Today I have allowed a photo that shows my nose in all its witchy glory.
Today I am practicing what I preach and baring all.

Today I am letting go of my 15 year old self’s insecurities and posting a photo that would have been deleted instantly every other single day.... Today I am baring my soul......and my never ending nostrils!

Just because it’s Sunday and I’m in a good mood #igdaily #perthisokay #travellingginger #australia #selfdiscovery

“It's not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What's hard, she said, is figuring out what you're willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.” 😊❤️😏Sacrifice seems to be my theme this week. Part of loving yourself is learning how much you’re willing to sacrifice for yourself and for others, especially for others because it’s not always an easy thing to do. It’s a part of #selfdiscovery. And I’m willing to #explore that area time and time again. Road to #selfimprovement. #beauty #hawaiinei

I push myself extremely hard on my own , but when my brother @clintgore1981 and I are training it’s absolutely crazy how hard I could push myself to help him reach his BIG SHORT TERM GOAL. Our growth mentally and physically since the accident is unexplainable. I can’t speak for him but I know he’ll tell you the same. Positivity has changed our lives. And we have a real relationship now that we hadn’t had the previous 38 years. I was busy trying to raise money to purchase the next thing that might make me happy. But I never found it until after the accident and lots of help. I got the help to find the inner me and accept myself for me. I had been angry and emotionless for so long I didn’t know anything but anger and faked everything else. I was always a super hard and super smart worker but until this point in my life I never studied me . (Didn’t understand how my mind worked because I never put in the time) well I have now and wow . I have one amazing tool on my shoulders. I always knew it and wanted to hear it from others but now I realize it doesn’t matter what anothers perception of me is. I am an amazing Person and smarter than billions perceive 😜. #forme #myjourney #growth #growthmindset #selfcare #mindfulness #selfdiscipline #selfdiscovery #ptsdrecovery #ptsdsucks #ptsdrecoverypositivity #lovenature #loveyourself #loveyourselffirst #bikeride #biking #brotherlylove #trainingday #training #noexcuses #noexcuses🚫 #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #inspiration #inspired

Happiness is a choice...

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