🌠 T H E S E . W O R D S 🌠
There is nothing more liberating than re-connecting with that inner ROAR! 🦁🙌👊
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** The only person you should strive to be better than is the person you were yesterday** #love#newhairdontcare#instafollowers#instalove#instalikes#happy#selfconfidenceiskey#iamwhoiam

When you're feeling sharp as after having lost 7kgs, I'm proud of how far I've come. (Also having a People Just Do nothing house party, hence the dress code#) #healthkick #selfie #me #losingweight #selfconfidenceiskey #loveyourself

here is myself & my ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS FRIEND @ prom! it was such a fun time! i’m still dealing with some things so i’m not as active, especially with finals coming up. once summer is here i’m going to be much more active! i love you guys and i want you all to succeed❤️

Somebody is growing up fast! Not just her height but her mind too!
Our conversations have become deeper and very much interesting. I used to just say yes and no to her questions, but now I am bombarded with WHY WHY WHY which demands broader explanations. I do avoid saying "I don't know". But TBH, sometimes I really do not know the answer to her question 😁. What do you do when you do not know the answer to your kids questions?????

Makeup is a love of mine⠀
Not because I feel I have to cover flaws it’s ⠀
Because I think it’s pretty⠀
I may not be a makeup guru or artistic makeup Influencer⠀
But I get by. ⠀
Makeup is meant for fun⠀
But somehow we have been taught it’s⠀
Made to be beautiful.......⠀
How so...we all have imperfections ⠀
But that’s what makes us beautiful...⠀
Makeup is not a necessity to cover flaws⠀
It’s to be playful⠀

I am always looking to up my game. I’m not wasting the gifts that god gave me. We all have gifts. Things we are good at, things we have a natural aptitude for and things that light up our soul. If we use those gifts to be of service, to improve the lives of others then we will by default make an impact on the world. If we hide our gifts, if we refuse to acknowledge and cultivate them then they die with us and we’ll never know how profoundly our presence could have been felt in the world and who we could have helped, how many lives we could have changed. ⠀⠀
So I challenge you to uncover your gifts. Find out where you fit and where everything organically falls into place for you. Don’t hide your light. You wouldn’t be on this earth if you didn’t have something to contribute. The fear, hatred and unrest on our planet right now comes from unaligned souls constantly fighting their true inner nature. Be the change you want to see. MJ said it best “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways” ⠀⠀
Currently reading this awesome book by @grenadejay I recommend it highly 👌🏻get hard wired for success!! ⠀⠀
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When its memorial day weekend and you are still a little shy about your "swim suit body". #selfconfidenceiskey

In case you missed it - just look at the beautiful images I co-created with Angie from @greenweddingdesigns . ⠀

We did her Personal Branding shoot last month, and if I'm honest - she just made my job far too easy!! ⠀

Read the sage advice that Angie shares about starting out on this entrepreneurial journey. ⠀

She shares some golden nuggets on how to stay confident when you're just starting out - ⠀

Link in Bio⠀

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Despite my injury and restriction I have to my left shoulder, I have yet let anything stop me. I haven't flipped a tire since December, and I worked off a 220lb with one arm only...talk about TOUGH, until it wasn't after MUCH practice and willingness to move forward. Today I made a 65lb jump and was able to flip our 285lb tire...talk about being proud of myself. I had doubts, for sure! But I wanna thank, my guy, @austin_issues SO MUCH for pushing me to at least try it even though I said "I can't." Also, when you have Faith in God, he gives you Strength to heal you, body, mind, heart, and spirit and that's when you develops Faith in yourself and become a stronger person inside and out. I have an amazing support group/friends and y'all are all a main reason I'm able to do what I do and push myself. This was extremely emotional and motivating at the same time.
(my sweat vest gave me my own tire around my mid section 😂)

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