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Book recommendation:- Dangerous Girls by Abigal hass.
Book summary ; Two girls one boy equal murder .
My review ; It's a exciting psychological trailer
I read this book in 2016, while. Going through a really ruff batch in life and it's good reminder of love , lies, friendship, murder , people, places and things.
I recommend you read, for it one of my personal favorite.
It available online for free or Pdf @http://www.readnovelonlinefree.com/novel/Dangerous-Girls-9067
Knowledge is power
#selfchallange to be sharing in books .
Next challange @weird_buttercup I am not recommend the book too you , but i am recommending the challange share 5 books that you love , that can be obtain viva free, pdf, or actual books .

We’re moms, we’re awesome! Our kids look up to us and learn off of our everything. It’s important that we create good habits for them by being great examples.
I’ve made exercise time look like fun time thanks to Self Magazines #SELFChallange + Kickboxing Workouts w/ @deniseaustin. Even my kids get excited! It keeps me motivated! 💪🏼
#mommy #momlife #fitmom #healthy #BetsyVMom #teamself

Day 97: All caught up with grading!!!! 🙌🏻 Can I get a Woohoo?! You can’t see very well, but my blouse has little grey hearts all over it. 💕First time wearing it, but it’s already a favorite. I think I may have just a “little” problem with buying clothes. 😬I still have clothes with tags on them from beginning of this school year (And I’ve boughten something every week since then) and I’ve yet to repeat an outfit (Minus College and Sports days I rotate a bunch of shirts). 🤦🏼‍♀️

Every work out just seems a little bit harder than the last the closer it comes until she gets here. My limits have increased but I am really just so happy that this far along I feel good enough to still get in 45 minutes of circuit training. Not without some swearing, eye rolling, heavy breathing, and profuse sweating of course 😂
As always, something is better than nothing and it's just as good for me as it is for her. Let's hope I can keep this up for 5 more weeks. 💪🤰♀️✔
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Така книжкова зима, що хочеться не вилазити із книжкової шафи і читати, читати, читати 📚
Тепер є гарний спосіб впорядкувати і облікувати прочитане - абсолютно прекрасний скретч-постер від @expectolibrum 🌠
Історія моєї любові до чудових Expecto Librum почалась завдяки @olenka_golovina , а продовжилася під час проведення "Гайвороння-2017" (сподіваюся, цю любов підхопили і переможці, які отримали букбокси 🎁)
Словом, гряде багато книг у моїй стрічці, чого і вам бажаю, любі мої 💕

#янінність #книги #щастя #любов #booklover #reading_is_sexy #selfchallange

I pick all toys I sell, mostly cause its all the kool stuff I would have like as a child , this generation have so much going for them , all these gadgets and toys make me wish I was kid again. I am very appreciate of my customers , and fact I can bring them things they can't find any were else , that uniqueness is something I like , about the store , it has many of story to tell , late assignment , birthdays , phone calls , internet assignment , plantain chips conversation, books - Printsmart , Ja.
Sheriff street , Georgetown.
You can find ; mail listing @printsmartgy.com
Contact then: 226-1252 ,619-0188
#selfchallange #humansingeorgetown

My religion is great , few people understand the beauty in it , but while it has it beauty , their Is also struggles , to be young in Islam is hard , you always get teased about wearing the hijab , in a public school it's worst , my peers expect me to do this or that , an sometime I want too , sometime I ask my self why am I wearing this , for whom , and they are days when I have the answer and days when I don't, to be young an free or too be faithful and patient. In world were we are expected to be our self , yet be the same , I pray for faith but when my friends offer me something I shouldn't have in that moment faith is hard , not cause I don't believe, but because I should be young, free and faithful - 5th yr Business student , aspiring lawyer ,A.M
Camp street , Georgetown
#student #religion #fatty #family #human#teachers

If you ask me , death is so familiar too me ,yet so unfamiliar , I see it every day in my work . What do we learn from the dead and do we keep it. As humans , we place emphasise on materiel things , house, land, car all which we leave behind . Medicine save life's, don't get me wrong , surgery saves life's, as a doctor, I hv save hundreds of life's. It has kept the people I care about going, for a while attest. But this job of mine, no matter how many life's I have safe, when I can't save my own, in that moment all the life's I have saved don't matter, nor easy the pain ,it don't take way that feeling of uselessness . I have lost more then I have gain, yet I do it ,because I would want someone too do same for people I love , save them . - GPHC,GMO
East street , Georgetown
Humans in Georgetown . #1
#selfchallange #humansingeorgetown
#Doctors #Nurse #medical #hospital #selfcare

Exercise is the most potent and underutilized form of antidepressants.
I've always been self conscious about my body and weight. Being pregnant and watching the scale climb is a mixed bag of emotions. It's inevitable, it's my body growing my healthy baby girl.
I had a moment today where it got the best of me, two rounds into my workout I cried a little and wanted to crawl into a hole, except eff that. I restarted and did 7 rounds instead of 5 and felt much better then giving in ever does. 💪

#selflove #bodyacceptance #babybump #babygirl #pregnancyworkout #fitandpregnant #fitmom #fitmomtobe #fitjourney #healthy #happy #fitfam #positivevibes #positivemind #workout #workhard #noexcuses #beautiful #selfchallange #day6 #strong #strongwomen #strongisbeautiful #overcome

COMING SOON ...🔜🔜 SWIPE I wanted too do something different , something that will touch the heart .
So I challange my self to grow and try something I admire, not for show, cause I am not good , i don't take beautiful edit pictures , i have no fancy gagets, and i don't want too, this is about being real or finding real , because I am am but a human . #something too do #selfchallange

#day1*self challange*
~penyambung amal~
Adakah kau merasa paling banyak amalnya? Adakah jaminan shalat mu, ibadahmu, hidupmu dan matimu benar2 akan membawamu ke syurvaNya tanpa hisab? Adalah amal2 ibadah yang engkau lakukan jujur karena cinta tanpa syarat padanya? Sungguh tidak ad yang bisa menjamin semua itu.. Adalah dia,hambaNYA yang dititipkanNya padamu untuk kau didik kemudian dimintai pertanggungjawaban mu, adalah dia penyambung amal mu, yang bisa jadi apa2 kebaikan yang kau ajarkan padanya, membuat ia tumbuh menjadi hamba yang lebih ta'at dari mu, yang lebih tulus kepada Rabbnya. Dan pada saat itu mengalir lah terus pahala2 dari lakunya menjadi penerang kuburmu, menjadi peringan timbangan dosamu karena lalainya engkau dari tanggungjawabmu.

Dia adalah penyambung amalmu. Jika engkau berhasil menanamkan tauhid hingga dia benar2 mengenal dan mencintai Rabbnya, ALLAH, tak putus lisan, fikir, hatinya berzikir maka panjang lah amalmu

Dia adalah penyambung amalmu. Jika engkau berhasil mengajarkan alfatihah saja kepadanya, kemudian ia melafalakan alfatihah itu sepanjang hidupnya, maka panjang lah amalmu

Dia adalah penyambung amal mu. Apakah pernah terbayangkan olehmu, jika melalui didikmu ia mengenal alqur'an dan menjadikan ia seorang hafizd hamilal qur'an, seberapa terang kuburmu, seberapa cerah masa depan akhiratmu, tidakkah kau merasa ingin memakai mahkota kebanggaan dihadapanNya sepert yg disabdakan rasul?

Dia adalah penyambung amalmu. Segala kebaikan2 yang kau ajarkan ke dia, kemudian ia amalkan, tumbuh menjadi pribadi baik dan kuat, kemudian ia ajarkan lagi ke orang2 lain dst. Bayangkan sepanjang apa amalmu.

Lantasss apa yang membuatmu tidak sungguh2 mendidiknya? Lelah, capek, repot,? Sesungguhnya apa yang kau lakukan itu sebernya akan untuk dirimu sendiri dan kembali padamu. ~terimakasih guru kecilku, M.azam hafiz~


#51days51exercising DAY13 - StepItUp - Jacob’s Ladder. Kalk Bay.
Another day for some thigh burning. I originally had another semi-unplanned plan for today but the wind took that one out of my sails.
So first stop, first patient ... blood tests cholesterol 🙏🏻, next stop, my morning first ☕️ @foodbarn_deli_tapas then headed for my ☕️☕️ and baguette with butter and Nutella (🤣happy cholesterol) at much missed long long time C’est la vie Fishhoek. Now this brings back some great memories!!! Jo, yes I’m sorry for being such a slack loyal customer ☕️ 🥖 🍫. Fresh breads in the making. Coffee in hot bowls to warm hearts and hands. And a breadboard with the famous half sliced thro baguette, deliciousness butter and indulgent Nutella. Mmmmm!!! (Just so you know I don’t do the Nutella tooo often 😂). Then a slow traffic drive thro buzzing Kalk Bay to Jacob’s Ladder, the source of many a muscle burning, heart racing, racing climb up. Breathless and grinning like a two year old just discovering the cookie jar. The old cobbled character steps are hidden gem for those who know her. The any paced climb to the top an any paced training for many. Yep the still stiff back muscles stood the test of this one and willingly felt the thigh workout with heave breathing. Brilliant step class any time. Give me cobbled to gym any time. #petasarkischallenge @capetownmag #petasarkisdailychallenges

The more difficult it is the stronger you become. Believe me looking harder is a understatement but well worth it in the end. #yourchoice #selfchallange #tryingtostayabovewater #winterishardforme #bpdproblems #fightdepressionwithfitness #fighttheblues

Hey guys Sullivan here...we love seeing all your sweaty posts! Keep up the good work! Make sure to find me at your local branch for the WOD and the Recipe of the Week!
#healthyliving #becauseY #fitnessmotivation #bettertogether #sELFchallange

Berkata baik.
Jika tidak bisa.
Maka lebih baik DIAM.
#selfreminder #selfchallange

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