Results come quick!!!yeiii#fitbabe#selfchallange..#Day 8..I can 👀the abs format..💃💃#intensework...

projek menguruskan badan..
segala doublechin ...berlipat sana sini..
hahahha.. lets survey #dietprogram
okay..lets do homework.. what should and shouldn't .. okay

jadi ke tak..tak tahu la.. hopefully berjaya.

to be honest .. last 2month mendadak
ke 80kg.. after 3 weeks turun 76kg.. and last week to 69kg..😅😥😑 what did i do?
..wait till next update

ulalalala... green coffee emang bneran kerenn... apapun alasanya menurunkan BB berlebih
bakalan berhasil asal konsisten ma telaten ya sahabat.... nih ada banyak alasan orang yang pngen menurunakn BB

1. pengen blas dendam di putusin pacar saat gendut
2. pngen tampil seksi dihari special
3. alasan kesehatan
4. ga ada baju yang pas di badan saat mau di beliin hadiah sama suami
masih buanyak.nih alasan2 yang lain

kalian masuk yang mana sahabat ??? green coffee bisa jdi alternatif pilihan diet alami ya sahabat 100 % biji kopi asli high quality 100 % alami

chat on 08562545987

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Okay, 💯k done 🚶‍♀️
Looking for more? Probably... #walking #meditationinthenature #selfchallange #lovetowalk

If you don't wanna be that same person you are last few days years! You have to stay out of your comfort zone! Try something new, something different!!!! Because we all need to grow.#putGodfirst #thinkoutofthebox #selfchallange #selfdiscipline #bodybuilding # #Godovereverything.

My challenge of the day.... Normaly i drink less than 2 bottles per day... So it will be a little hard for me.... #water #hella #selter #vongrundauffrisch #trinken #selfchallange #challenge #selbstversuch #trinken

I want to see what happens if I DON'T GIVE UP... #SelfChallange

Sewing with only 5 pins is so much better than 4 #selfchallange

Book recommendation:B.I.G.T.S “What are we, if not an accumulation of our memories "
Before I Go to Sleep is about a woman called Christine who wakes up every morning with no memory of who she is. Through labeled pictures and the help of her husband, every day she pieces together her life and learns of the accident that made her this way. But then a visit from a mysterious doctor leads her towards the private journal she has been writing to herself - a journal that tells her things might not be as they seem and the one person she should be able to trust could be lying.
Personally, I found this book so thrilling. I loved almost everything about it. Christine was a complex and interesting character - I was pulled so far inside her mind that the novel's events literally made my heart pound. I love how creepy the novel is and I very much enjoyed almost but not quite figuring out the reveals at the end.

For me, the best kind of thrillers are those where the story is strong enough that it isn't ruined by an astute reader. In other words - if you guess what is going to happen, it doesn't really matter. And I think this is one of those books. Towards the end, I started to figure things out, but rather than being disappointed, it made me hang on the author's every word in anticipation and horror.

Also, the reveals are multi-layered. So there is not just one big twist/reveal, but many things to discover over the course of the book.
Book recommendation

No more negativity for t next few months 😊 #selfchallange

Sayur tonight! Push up to the maximum as much as I could.. Thanks to my brother @mridwanmustafa for the tips and motivation...
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92KG Seriously, NO Kidding!
I’m gaining so much weight... I never get this big in my entire life!! Serious action need to be taken... I wont allow it cross over 93KG onwards.
On 28 February 2018
My weight is 85KG
#roadtofit #fitness #looseweigth #selfchallange

When asked why ppl walk up Everest at -60c and 33% oxygen knowing it’s 2 of 4 that die . They all response that it’s about doing it but the true survivor of @mounteverestofficial will tell you it’s about #selfconquer . Ppl would rather face #everest than themselves 😓 the biggest task we all been assigned is to #selfchallange #whoami is a scarier question than facing @mounteverestofficial 🙈 behind everyone of us is a #scaredchild why ? Because we ultimately fear of being replaceable .. not a wrong fear. True to the physical being not to our spiritual self