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"Collaboration yuk"
Ga harus gambar .. ini karya (Illustrasi) gue @sndysd x @troy_anggalambreto (puisi)sang pujangga .. "Murni"
Aku datang dengan basahku yang meracun di darahnya|Aku nanti dengan keterlambatan tiba di rumahnya|Tak biasanya pikiranku seperti ranting bercabang-cabang|Gemetarku menantinya|Aku tau tak ku dapat lagi ruangku|Aku terlalu bernyali untuk mengeringkan kembali basahku|Terlalu meraja jiwaku|Aku melihat Rendra bersama meraknya, dan aku terbawa|Betinaku, murni sekali kamu terhadap pejantan sepertiku. 👌😃 Thx for Participation 😘😘 alone we can do so little, together we can do so much 
#CollaborationYuk #SelfChallange

So after a horrendous week suffering severe food poisoning, not only was I advised to stay away from meat, but decided to take up a challange #selfchallange to become A vegetarian not Vegan just no meat. If you know me personally im all about that #meatlover life, this is my 6th day wish me luck I actually wanna see how long I can last hopefully get to create and explore some more of these #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarianfood.
Ps, so far its not been bad at all!! And to all the #vegetarians sorry for being such a hater 😝

Dah jom balik . Day's 15 = -6kg 😊 small number big progress.
#weightloss #selfchallange #roadtofitness #believeinyourself

Tried my pishangg bfast diet lately for 12days.. another 2 days left.. 😆😃 at night oat dgn susu soya. tghari still amik nasi tapi half plate mix dgn chic or fish dish. Consuming a plain water. Approx. 3liter air sehari. Ingtkn nk cerah skit. Tp berat pun turun gaks. Ahakkss.. 78.5kg turun jd 76 kilo! Naik turun la ko berat. Ok la kot sbb oat mgkin.. 😬😅😅#selfchallange

Morning. Start weekend with workout
#slowprogress #fitzick #selfchallange

Broga hill....#selfchallange #2016

35'/10k wow! Back to the speed I used to have in 2013. I remember I lost 10kg in 3 weeks. #workout #gym #run #selfchallange #panda666


Will this be 14 days of o e smoothie a day, or 7 days of meal replacement of breakfast and lunch...hmmmm, decisions decisions...#selfchallange ACCEPTED!

Extremely happy of my first official 10 km running course in 01:06:35 ❤ 07.07.2017
Running reminds you that even in your weakest moments,you are strong. 💪👌👍
#LaCorrida #Toulouse #RunningCourse #10km #18emeEdition
#TunisianRunner #GirlPower #Determination #Efforts #SelfChallange #SelfDiscipline

Utfordret meg sjøl i dag, steppa opp på cardiokickboxing uten partner. Startet usikker og nervøs😱endte timen i lykkerus👊🏽👊🏽😃 #endorfiner #svett #godsliten #outofcomfortzone #fearless #selfchallange #everydaymiracle #mestringsfølelse

You series.
You look in the mirror and see yourself, but really it's not you at all. I mean there's your eyes and your nose and your cute little smile, but that's not all there is to you. Because you are not seeing the amount of lives you have touched with your presence. You are not seeing all the people you have made to smile and laugh. You are not seeing how strong you are. In fact all the battles you have overcome are completely invisible.So, my darling, listen to me when I say: you are not as simple as a reflection. You are complex,wonderful and something brilliant that a mirror simply doesn't have the capability to show. You are much more than what you see.💕
💕 ~you are pure magic~💕
#selflove #paintingmymoods

Best experience yet - Grudge walking - scary at times but Epic!!! #selfchallange #determination #fearconquered #teamwork #greatteam #smile😊

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