Nice ombre blonde hair
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Regrann from @mercuryblue22 - Blue hair, don't care. The hardest thing about bold colors is deciding between keeping what you already love and doing something new. Thought I'd go for a rich sapphire blue (with a touch of purple mixed in) this time around. #boldhair #bluehair #bluehairdontcare #gemtones #sapphireblue #boldcolors #selfcaresunday #mermaidhair #selfie

“Fuck it. I’m just gonna show up and do me.” 🙃
🙌🏼 I have a gift for you! Type “magnetize” below and I’ll hook you up with my Magnetizing Meditation audio download (((🧘‍♀️))) ❤️ #feedhersoul

@paavaniayurveda Refreshing Mint Oil Pulling Oil ~ Oil Pulling is the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of pulling or swishing oil through the teeth to support overall oral health & hygiene. Use daily to strengthen gums, whiten teeth, eradicate plaque & draw toxins out of the body. Oil Pulling is also beneficial for TMJ
INGREDIENTS: Sesame Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Turmeric*, Bayberry*, Barberry*, Bhringaraj*, Amalaki*, Clove*, Cinnamon & Essential Oils of: Peppermint** & Spearmint**

Sometimes it's not just what you buy, it's who you're buying it from that makes your purchase special. When you buy local, you're supporting the makers, the movers and the shakers of our city, like Nicole and Jessica at @handandland. Eat local. Shop local. Enjoy local.
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I love the hashtag #selfcaresunday however, self care doesn't have to be only on Sundays. My weeks feel MUCH more balanced and I have SO much less stress when I practice self care consistently throughout my week.
Today's self care was a quick yoga practice and meditation on my lunch break and a long walk in the sun after work. It is so important to take care of yourself every day. When you're recharged and clear headed you are able to show up for your friends, your family and your life as your best self.
What is a self care practice you already do regularly or you could easily implement in your daily routine? Share below 👇 ❤️

“Contrary to the common misconception that loving yourself equates to being self-absorbed and lacking empathy or consideration for others, the true meaning of self-love is about caring, respecting and knowing yourself, taking responsibility for your life, and ultimately, your happiness.”
Miya Yamanouchi

@youknowitsbri this is my acc and thats my twitter. Dont take without credit #selfcaresunday #selfcarethreads #twitterthread #selfcare #skincare

Sometimes life is hard and you just need a moment.
It’s okay to just plop and take that time to yourself!
#puppiesofinstagram #puppycuddles #blacklabpuppy

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I’m gonna tell you how I’m gonna “let that shit go.” 🌸 - -
As many of us do, we stress over the little things. The pointless shit. The shit that doesn’t serve us. We care too much about what other people think of us and forget to tune into our own voices. What is it that YOU want? What is it that YOU desire? These are the questions we should have flooding our minds not ones like “I wonder if Sandy will approve 🙈”. WELL FUCK SANDY AND ANY OTHER OPINION THAT DOES NOT SERVE YOU. - -
We need to learn to live by our own rules, expectations, values and beliefs. We need to do the things that fuel our soul and bring light into our lives. We need to say NO to stress and YES to life. - -
YES to trying something new.
YES to getting that hairstyle you’ve always wanted.
YES to talking to that cutie at your gym.
YES to trying that new job.
YES to your fears.
YES to late night karaoke even though you can’t sing. - 🌼
But most importantly NO to what does not serve you. -
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Take a few minutes to be present, stop and smell the flowers 🌸 Take in your surroundings. Notice how it feels as you breathe in and out. Notice your thoughts. Notice how the breeze feels on your skin. Notice how you feel right now. Thank the universe for this very moment.

You are doing great. ✨ #urbanplanet

Super short anyone? 😍🙋🏼‍♀️ Who’s a fan of this cut and texture by @bixiecolour? Anyone feeling like they want to make a dramatic change to their mane?
Make sure you’re stocked up on your mid-year #selfcaresunday essentials, our masks are the perfect addition! Get yours online here 👉🏽 www.hellohair.com.au.
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