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Training with intention lately and it feels so gooood. When the abs start popping and that skin everyone is so scared of starts becoming looser. 😅🙃🤷🏻‍♀️ #postpartum #motherhood #skin #weightloss #abs #strongsmartcapableworthy #fitness #fitfam #selflove #selfcare #tattoos #allbodiesaregoodbodies #grrrlarmy #grrrl #iammotiv8

So y'all know I've been struggling a little bit with my skin again (stress/hormone changes/ food allergies) and I honestly cannot be more grateful to my incredible esthetician @deendeenlove at @natural_feeling_spa for literally changing my skin. The minute I went into her spa the energy was so positive and relaxing. She uses only holistic, natural/organic and eco friendly @lotusmoonskincare and items in her space. Every time I go get a facial she takes her time and makes sure my experience is always perfect and relaxing. Not only does she use amazing skincare, but she uses state of the art technology and tools in her facials including high frequency and @lightstim technology. You guys know I always keep it 💯 and if I didn't love her so much, I wouldn't be posting about her. I know how hard it is to have skin struggles, it's NOTHING to be ashamed of, but it's incredible when you are able to find help and information. I truly can't recommend her more ❤️ if you're in the LA area she is a MUST see! Thank you again @deendeenlove!

Je voulais simplement trouver la paix et me sentir entière
Après 2 ans à me regarder en face, à l'intérieur comme devant le miroir, à me poser les bonnes questions, celles qui font mal, à recevoir et accepter beaucoup d'amour et de soutient
Je me sens bien
Il y a tellement de chose positive dans ma vie, ces choses qui plus je leurs consacre du temps, plus elles me rendent heureuse, l'écriture, la famille, la bouffe, le sport
J'ai pris le temps de me ressourcer, de savoir ce que je voulais dans la vie, et au passage j'ai découvert qui j'étais
Je suis un être sensible, aimant et aimé, j'ai le pouvoir de créer du bonheur et d'être heureuse, je suis forte, fragile, et c'est bien comme ça
J'avais si peur qu'être moi ne soit pas assez, tourner en rond à en devenir folle, pour finir par me rendre compte tout doucement, qu'être soit, c'est suffisant 🙏🏻
Bonne soirée les fighters 💪🏻😊
#muscu #vegetarian #everybodyisbeautiful #newlife #bopo #eatclean #bodychange #selfesteem #liftlikeagirl #girlsgains #selfcare #strongissexy #selfconfidence #selflove #musculation #onlacherien #girlgang #healthylifestyle #loveyourselffirst #bodypositivity #curvy #curvyfit #Bodyconfidence #beyou #beyoutiful #sagesse

Happy Monday!! Got a busy day today packed with work hustle and fun celebrating my sisters birthday. 🎀 But breakfast first 🙌🏻 Fueling with this delicious mug of oats. @purely_elizabeth muesli with @siggisdairy pumpkin yogurt, almond milk and topped with the new almond maple @purely_elizabeth granola, pumpkin seeds, almond butter and mulberries. Sooo good!!!

Been having a really hard time recently so thought I deserved a little treat!!! Bought myself @bodyposipanda new book! And I LOVE IT! 💜💜💜💜💜💜 That is all... there are no other words! It’s bloody FANTASTIC!!

Tenderness = 💪 💪 💪
#jennyholzer #1993
#R29Regram: @museummammy

It's self love week with @iammelwells, yay!! ❤️❤️❤️and it's time to embrace our biggest insecurities and give ourselves the love we truly deserve. I absolutely love my skin for being such an incredible organ that has grown and stretched with me since I was first created in my beautiful Mother's womb. She is my protector, and keeps my body safe from bacteria and disease, houses all of the organs I need to survive, regulates my body temperature. She burns, breaks, bruises and yet heals herself over and over again, she has scars and lovely stretch marks. Sometimes she glows and makes me feel beautiful. Sometimes she breaks out in acne and reminds me that she doesn't exist to define me, she exists to keep me alive. Because of my skin I have the sense of touch, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face, feel the softness of dogs fluffy fur (my favourite thing), and what's better than the feeling of having your hair stroked?! Nothin' 😂 Our insecurities are a blessing that teach us so much about the capacity to love ourselves despite what society sees as beautiful, to love ourselves fearlessly and bravely. To stare our biggest fears in the face and say NO! you will not hold me back 🙌🏼✨🌝 Thanks so much Mel for reminding me to embrace every part of my body unconditionally, and to show myself EVEN MORE love when I feel insecure or down. That's when I need myself most. What do you love about yourself? 😊✨❤️#selflove #selfloveweek #melwells #love #acne #skincare #gratitude #healing #growth #selfcare

Where did the weekend go? Ending the weekend with a quick salmon dinner paired super green beans + cheesy cauliflower purée. My boyfriend requested mashed potatoes, but I tricked him into eating cauliflower instead lol Satisfied with dinner & now time for some #selfcare ✌🏻


You are important. Pick your battles wisely. When you are moving forward distractions tend to show themselves. Do what you need to do. If you have to cut the cord, do it with power and fortitude. #selfcare #spiritualgangster #warmth #love #distraction #meditation

Fall is here and so is another painting! It's always fun to be instructed and to create your own work of art. #selfcare #painting #art #healthcoach #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #rockfordil #rockford #gorockford #tauniamay

Artist: Safi Nakihimba (2017)

Blankets & Stories: Safi-Sneeze🤤

You didn't hear the whole thing. It's like a baby chipmunk screaming... Imagine... 😯😔🤢😷 So, yeah... My sneeze has been extra from time, most of the time... 💕🔥
#safigawdess #safi #safinakihimba #art
#goddess #influencer #canadianartist #blackartist #toronto #baldie #capricorn  #voiceover #movementdisorder #poet #curator #introvert #barber #asmr #rings #baldie #blackwoman #creativedirector #sneeze #selfcare #healing #artist

How do you shake off stress?
My mum is in the hospital. She's going to be fine, but it's been a worrisome couple of days.
I spent the afternoon with her today, and I think that time at her bedside reminded me of hours also spent with my mother-in-law a few years ago.
Now that I feel confident my mum is going to be ok, my system is really letting me know how anxious I've been.
I usually love all the graceful, flowy, open kinetic chain movements of Pilates, restorative exercise, primal movement and ground play.
Today I needed to move fast, shake it all out, feel the ground under my feet and clench my fists.
I'm so totally not a boxer, but I felt drawn to hang my bolster from the stair railings and punch it. A lot! Badly. (If any of you are good at this stuff, my apologies for pretending I can throw a punch!)
I find it fascinating to observe how my mind and body got together to help me purge the stress from my tissues!
#stressrelease #mindbodyconnection #selfcare

Love my Coburg Crew & our live workouts ❤ Missing out on my live classes? Join me for my next online workout group! I have 2 to choose from in October..a 1 week one (free) or a 4 week one! Let me know if you want more info!

I've been too busy to take pictures so here's my H.A.L.T. bulletin board featuring Pusheen and a very UChicago caption. #uchicago #burtonjudson #salisburyhouse #reslife #halt #recovery #selfcare

I'm back!! Did you get yourself booked in for a session this week? I am really looking forward to seeing you soon!

#yyc #CalgaryRMT #CalgaryMassageTherapy #CraniosacralTherapy #CalgaryReikiTreatment #Reflexology #holistic #handtohealth #motivationalmonday #selfcare

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