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I have the best news 😭
After some blood work has been completed I will finally be in the operating theatre to give me answers and ways forward.
Years of pain and I might have answers.
Night after night in hospital beds and I might get relief.
Confusion, agony and self hate and I might find comfort.
Keep pushing with medical professionals.
Listen to your body.
Don't take no for an answer when you know something is wrong.
You deserve a pain free life where possible.
You deserve as much freedom as possible.
I honestly can't say how happy I am about this
Ps I don't want medical advice or to discuss the treatment/procedure 😊 Fanx

Once an Internet princess, always an Internet princess! Happy #tummylovethursday!
Always remember: Love your past, love your present, and prepare to love your future.
You are, have been, and always will be worthy of self love- so rock it like the effin' princess/prince (or anywhere in between) you are. I'll be here to help you straighten your crown any day you need me.

I love Priyanka 💓 -s

I eat intuitively & consume little meat (poultry&seafood only), work out about 2-3 times a week w medium weight, & do some yoga at home most days. I am NOT hard on my body at all (...maybe once in a blue moon)...and while I love fitness, being HOLISTICALLY (mind, body, soul) healthy is a lifestyle, and working out is just a small part of that. I sincerely don't suggest letting aesthetics rule your life. If you take care of your nutrition & body & implement exercises into your workout that are conducive to your goals, aesthetics will come. But ✨✨obsessing over aesthetics in any way that's unrelated to health is UNHEALTHY✨✨ in my humble opinion and I don't promote it in any form. Enjoy the process of taking care of your vessel & make sure your internal dialogue is kind. I'm 5'9 and when I started working out & doing yoga I weighed 113 lbs. I didn't do any challenges, take supplements, push myself excessively, etc. I just stayed fairly consistent and if & when I fell off, I returned again. I was about 141 lbs 6 weeks ago and I'm about 135 lbs now. 🤷‍♀️Progress isn't linear. I've made sure to express love & appreciation to myself & my body every step of the way & that has truly helped me to stay health-focused. Don't be clouded by male-fantasy-driven-ideal-(often Eurocentric)-versions-of-beauty recycled by our media & don't be discouraged by utter BS passed off as legitimate/natural/real/healthy on social media platforms. Half of these fitness icons are 1/2 muscle and 1/2 surgical or cosmetic enhancement. Then their photos are often enhanced themselves. That doesn't matter so much until it's passed off as natural and sold to gullible individuals wanting to better themselves for $___. Anyway really just be kind to yourself as you're on your journey so that fitness can be implemented into your life in an enjoyable, healthy and sustainable way😊 The physical growth & evolution will definitely come & continue so long as it is. What a joy it should be to take care of our body - our home!🙏🌌
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Tummy lovin 💜
I'm grateful for everything about you...
Your scars
Your stretch marks
Your little folds that move with me.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you where beautiful.
I'm sorry I compared you to others I deemed more worthy than you.
I'm sorry I tried to change you.
And I promise to never try to change you again. 💜🌸💜
You are beautiful.
You are worthy.
You are mine.
Love you tummy 💜

...this is a peep into my insane #skincare closet at my new place. ...and this is also the reason why I couldn't participate in the #abmidyearstashchallenge this year. It would have just been too insane. ...and this is why I should probably cancel a couple of my subscriptions. ...and this is what happens when a borderline shopping problem meets emotional turmoil. Don't let this happen to you! Or do...it's only one closet. 🤓

|| do I make you uncomfortable? Good. || I am aware of the negativity brought on by my ass, boobs or anything anyone deems inappropriate or can sexualize being exposed on the internet.
But I'm not apologizing for it. please understand, I know what it's like to be sexualized, judged, talked down to, and told what I can and can't do.

I'm very well aware of what I'm doing. But trust me when I say, I'm not doing it for you.
No one but myself gets to decide my worthiness- by my looks, my age, my size, the clothes I wear ( or don't wear), how I live or love or speak or act or literally do ANYTHING.
If me expressing myself how I please makes you uncomfortable- I'm sorry. But, not really.
Because I'm not ashamed of my body. Im not soliciting praise or judgement or happiness from anyone other than myself. I still live my life the same way day after day, despite your opinions and thoughts. I used to hide myself away for so many reasons, out of fear of judgement mostly. Worrying people would think me too much of something that makes them uncomfortable. But I am done apologizing for evolving past peoples comfort zone. Do you know how many bigger problems there are than girls comparison hate judging others, men sexualizing strangers on the internet, telling people they're more or less worthy based on what they wear or what they believe In?
I'm worthy when I'm in my Sunday best and I'm worthy when my ass is out. I'm worthy when I am saying something you agree with and when I'm speaking against your truth. I'm worthy when I'm big and I'm worthy when I'm small. I'm worthy when I have no followers and when I have more than in my hometown.
So if I make you uncomfortable, cool. If you are down with free expression, women being comfortable in their own skin, awesome. If you disagree, I still have respect for you. If you love me- I love you too. If you hate me, I still love you Boo.

Because this woman, no matter what, knows her worth. It took a really long time to find it. And I am just not going to allow anyone to take that away.

@traceeellisross is always speaking the truth about outdated beauty standards 🙌 "I spent years trying to teach myself to smile in a way that made my top lip look smaller," she told Redbook for its July/August issue. "A lot of that has to do with sexism and racism combined with the ever-changing tides of the culture of beauty. One minute, you're supposed to be really skinny — the next minute, you're supposed to have huge boobs. One minute you're supposed to have no lips, the next they're supposed to be full. No one can keep up! I finally got to a place where I was like, excuse my French, 'F*ck that. That's not fair.' So I got to then choose for myself what makes me feel empowered." Bottom line? Do what makes YOU happy. "Whether it's about going natural with your hair or deciding that you want to put some Botox in your face, you have to do what's best for you and not feel shame about that decision," she said. "Try whatever it is you want to try." 🎤drop.
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Drenched in complete BAD-ASSERY 🥊💦
Great first work-out @rumble_boxing thx @noahdneiman


Day 182. #resist #selfcare

Here's your #Friday #morning #reminder that you are #enough.
Pass it on to #someone you #love and care about. 😊💜 #selflove #selfworth #selfcare #iloveyou #youareworthit #youmatter #dontforget

I really didn't think these people really existed...but they do! lol #blocknegativity #selfcare #loveandlight

Hands down my FAVORITE BOGO deal this week! These two blends are staples. If you want something to naturally bring you down to a more calm state from a mind of stress or overwhelm, balance is amazing! I have physically felt how this oil has brought me back down when I have been in high stress situations. I also keep a rollerball of just balance and FCO handy because I love the smell too & use it as a natural perfume. Both of these oils are the best to throw into an Epsom salts bath. Serenity is one that I've used with my daughter to help her calm down at night time and I made a quick little spray with some distilled water, a little fractionated coconut oil and serenity.
Whether you currently have a membership with dōTERRA or not you're able to grab this deal - for today only! Swipe 👉🏻 for more info on these oils! ✨✨🌟Message me for special info and pricing. .
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Make room for self-care. It might be a little extra time in the bathroom this morning or fresh flowers in the entryway of your home. Whatever it is, enjoy it! I've got one more post today, and then it's off to enjoy some time with two of my best girlfriends. I'm ready for a little bit of desert heat, a bunch of laughs, and loads of fun! 😘
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cc: @seomalley

Em tempos de Instagram e efeitos mil, lembre-se disso. Especialmente as mulheres.
Não estamos numa competição, ou pelo menos não deveríamos permitir que nos coloquem numa. A beleza do outro não deveria diminuir a sua. O que o outro é ou deixa de ser não deveria dizer o que você é ou deixa de ser.
Bom dia, princesas e princesos 🌵👑
#alimentandoaautoestima #autocuidado #amorproprio

In this video, I discuss how you can achieve anything you want by activating your inner receiving mode so you can get the right support and help. ✨
Click link in bio to watch the full video. ✨
We often block ourselves from receiving help and support and when we allow this into our life, you can accelerate your path to success, happiness, joy and love. ✨
If you are ready to receive the help and support to do this, DM me for your free 15 minute discovery session. .
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•Fri-yay• 🎉 We made it to the weekend! Don't forget to show yourself a little love this weekend! You couldn't have made it this week with yourself. 💕#selflove #selfcare #youareenough #weekend #relax #wecantwaittopamperyou #tbhbirthing

Retrain your brain. Be your own #1.
💗💖💕 #selfloveiscrucial #selfcare

A girl can get used to this! I'm about to embark on a daily self care challenge inspired by this very hammock.

🦋 Check out @thequoau's new video about @thebumbleflyeffect! Link in bio. 🎨
💖 @allyroseh @zsazsajou @joannacabot @tanz04 @meandmyed.art @rajpanda @rosellscreatures @createordie 💖
Thank you for everything.

do we feel like needing a weekend? 😉 Running into the weekend, make-up-less and bad-mood-less, too. Good times ahead! ☺️❤️☺️❤️ #nomakeup #weshouldallbefeminists #feminism #happiness #gender #oneworld #stayhappy #stayfocued #staymotivated #staystrong #friyay #workout #feelgood #strong #womenempowerment #empoweringgirls #empoweringwomen #selfcare #selfcompassion #happyyou

Last night I got off work and turned my phone on silent. Spent the next 3 hours in the bath and STILL forgot to shave. BUT- it was worth every blessed quiet moment. #anxiety #photodiary #silenceisgolden #enjoythesilence #selfcare #sexy #bathtime #rubberducky

Pre-flight libations 🍹even though we had to be out the door bright and early, still gotta fuel up otherwise I'll be one unpleasant travel companion 💁🏼breakfast is self care at its finest 💕this also might be the best smoothie I've ever concocted: ripe banana🍌, frozen bloobs, strawbs 🍓, purple sweet potato, celery, maca powder and collagen 👊🏻

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