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I know I talk about Self Love and Body Positivity a lot, but that doesn't mean every day is "easy" for me.
This past week was hard. Really hard.
I had extra weird things going on with my digestion and in turn painful bloating (a long time issue for me) and it caused a lot of tough self image thoughts to come up. When you have Zero control of how your body reacts to foods and whatever else, it can be frustrating and disheartening. I had to work VERY hard this past week to change those negative, self depreciating thoughts into LOVING thoughts instead. And all of this happened leading up to an event where I was planning to Bike Ride *almost* Naked in support of #BodyPositivity and #SelfLove
For me it was truly a week of learning, recognizing and accepting that even though I have come SO far in my journey of Self Love, I must be kind and patient with myself when I have my ups and downs. Each experience teaches us something new about ourselves, our strength, and (hopefully) helps us learn & grow.
Last night, surrounded by close to 10,000 other beautiful humans who were embracing their own bodies, I set myself free of negative thoughts and joined them. I rode for the Love of Myself, My Body and all those who have ever struggled. Today, I played in a river, carefree with my love and friends and felt at peace with my body. It was definitely a week that reminded me that even though I'm at a much better place now, I'm always still learning more and more about how to truly love & accept myself.❤ #SelfCareSunday #LoveyourBody

Don't wait for the opportunities to come to you, you go to the opportunities! 👌💯

And when you become a diamond you'll see why life had to pressure you. 🙌🏾 Via @hdfmagazine - this was a drop the 🎤 moment, I felt it in my heart when I read this. 🙏
(more from our girlpower shoot)
💪🏾styled by @lornajaneus & @lornajaneactive
Ps: how bada$$ is @docjenfit !? angel 📸: @ashleystreff

Who do you think they would rather talk to... a guy that knows how to keep a nice conversation rolling or an insecure guy that doesn't even look at her in the eyes. 🤔💯

Surround yourself with those who lift you higher. The like minded individuals who desire positive change. Know that a united consciousness can move mountains

Exciting time in my life! I just bought my first piece of real estate 🔑. 100% me. I am very blessed and thankful for this opportunity. I am now 100% self supportive. It is all on me. I take full responsibility for everything that happens in my life. Things don't happen to me, they happen because of me. I am looking forward to being slightly uncomfortable living on my own as I know this will only further my business. I have been plotting this move for awhile and when I saw the opportunity, I jumped all over it. Thank you to everyone who has been apart of my journey as I love you all. The marathon to greatness continues! #selfbelief


Believe and have faith in myself. Everything will get better and end what I want sooner or later. Relax, smile, and let it go as it should be.😊
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Anyone can relate?😂

Tommorow's pod is with the lovely @teliahgienger !! We chatted about podcasting and her show @thebalancingactpodcast

Back at running 😉
I did a mile non stop. It was hard. I wanted to stop but I kept going. My music pumped me and I kept telling myself I got this.
My new goal is to run at least three times a week and slowly increase my miles 👊🏼✌🏼

Attempting to embrace this thought by the late #ZahaHadid. May she Rest In Peace.
#Repost @__nitch
Zaha Hadid // "You have to really believe not only in yourself; you have to believe that the world is actually worth your sacrifices."
#Sacrifice #Believe #SelfBelief #TheWorld #Worthy #BeyondYou #CollectiveGood #SettingTheBar #AgainstAllOdds #WiseWords

About half a week of struggling seems to have been solved, with one midnight chat, and this quote, which came to mind during that.
The more you let stuff beat you down and accept it. The more you encourage it. The more you attract it to you.
I know what I want. And I will get to it. And I'm worth it. No more uncertainty, doubting what I genuinely want, and definitely no more jealousy and anger. Like McGregor says "Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners." Time to focus on myself again. Not what I'm seeing others get.
#ConorMcGregor #Hero #Inspiration #Idol #motivation #positivity #focus #selfbelief #selflove #stayready #lawofattraction

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Alright guys, our movement has been expanding quite well in the last few weeks and I'm super excited! I'm doing a call on everyone who's interested on joining the movement and building their own business with solely using Instagram. Those who are willing to genuinely learn, I have a lot i can give to kickstart you and help you out. COMMENT "I'M IN" and I will schedule a Skype call with you and show you what we're doing here!
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I just want to say a big thank you to all of my clients my customers and everyone who supports JCHIC! I am so honored and blessed to be able to supply your fashion and style needs!

Do you believe in magic? :) I remember as a kid, I adored magic and even had my own magic kit that I'd take to school and perform magic tricks for the other kids. Goodness know if I can remember a magic trick now (or actually, maybe one but it's pretty lame 😂)but the point being, as kids we have such creative imaginations and are so resourceful ... yet when we grow older and mature we can seem to lose 'that spark'. I never used to think I was 'creative' until I did a very powerful exercise that had me examine my childhood hobbies and likes, to then realise In fact how a creative an individual I am and yet, growing older, at one point, I failed to realise and join those dots. It was as if I'd forgotten a part of myself that was just there all along. I say this, because I think creativity and magic go hand in hand, and as we have all been kids at one point, we all have creativity in us, as well as that spark of magic, that we would effortlessly find in everyday life - back then, EVERYTHING about life was exciting! Okay, so maybe some kids were more creative than others but we all had some part of that in us - that freedom, excitement and fun. That exploration of the unknown - these big imaginations that would see us making and playing with toys and sticks and dirt, and whatever came our way! As adults, I think if we remember our childhood antics, notions and dreams and reconnect to that, it can help us to reconnect with our core selves before all our 'shoulds' got thrown at us, and we can find that 'magical' spark to ourselves and life that maybe sometimes, we forget is there. So remember, Life is magical - and it's your job to connect back to who really are, and make it so. YOU and I, we all deserve a bit of magic in our lives ;) xxx Happy Tuesday peeps xxx #magic #health #fitness #bodybuilding #wellness #wellbeing #creativity #coffee #selfbelief #selflove

Never doubt your #ability to #succeed in your #dreams. Hold onto #selfworth & #positivity ⬇️⬇️⬇️

After a little bit of depressive shit during the past week and a bit thought I'd share something positive for a change!! #possitive#quote#life#lifequotes#thinkpositive#inspiration#inspirationalquotes#love#neededthis#keepgoing#nevergiveup#youaregoodenough#selfbelief#love

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🔹Be in your lane!Do you and always be focused!Do whatever makes u happy!self love is the key❤❤❤.Jux keep grinding,der is always light at the end of the tunnel🔝


#selfbelief is what sets you apart from the rest! To the uneducated insecure and sensitive - they misunderstand you for being arrogant, cocky and or possessing an ego! It's neither of them... #selfbelief is a reflection of knowing you, reflects a clear understanding of where you stand and how you identify with has to be done! #nyclifecoach #nyc #health #kvz

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