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"I hate that word—'lucky.' It cheapens a lot of hard work. Living in Brooklyn in an apartment without any heat and paying for dinner at the bodega with dimes—I don’t think I felt myself lucky back then. Doing plays for 50 bucks and trying to be true to myself as an artist and turning down commercials where they wanted a leprechaun. Saying I was lucky negates the hard work I put in and spits on that guy who’s freezing his ass off back in Brooklyn. So I won’t say I’m lucky. I’m fortunate enough to find or attract very talented people. For some reason I found them, and they found me." - Peter Dinklage

We all start somewhere with something! When you have that self belief, your mind gets focused on reaching your goal and at that same moment creates solutions for you to get better no matter what ❗️💯
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Poor people are often the most generous because they know what it's like to have nothing.

Always give back. 👌🏼

Real or fake? 🤔
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👉🏻All our dreams can come true if we have he courage to pursue them in life .. #instagram #instapic #travlegram #instadaily #dreamcatcher #selfbelief #facebook #twitter #southafrica #cricketlife #selfiesunday

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Use your time wisely. Don't waste it on people who don't value you.
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I'm not smart, maybe I am the dumbest. I'm not strong, maybe I am the weakest. By thinking that way, I have something to fight for, everyday, every single day. And in the end maybe I still be the same dumb and weak but I'm still fighting.

This world is scary, I've been scared for the whole of my life. I'm afraid of pain, I'm afraid of failure, I'm afraid of people, and I'm afraid of myself. But I fight against all of it, everyday.

Fighting is not something I do when I have good mood, fighting is my daily activity.

Maybe I'm not he happiest person you ever see, but here I am, grinding, hustling, fighting everyday. Even if I have to break down everyday, so be it. Some lessons learned in the worst way.

I only have my guts to believe in, it's okay and it's enough. I don't need anyone's approval for it. And in the end, I fight my own self, I fight against myself.

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Since last year Sparkled Memories has been working hard to make sure that your photos are made to sparkle! Unique designs to go with your memories have been also been created to make your space shine.

There will be a list of services coming up on the page to inform you of the designs created for you.
Take a look at the few projects from 2016... Life Won't Sparkle Unless You Do💕

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Welcome to Sparkled Memories Instagram! I hope that you've all had a good, adventurous, fabolous, wonderful 2017 with lots and lots of memories created so far! Looking forward to the rest of the year... 👏🏾🎉 Whatever you started; continue! Whatever your dream is.. start it! • Life Won't Sparkle Unless You Do! •💕 #sparkle #photo #frames #memories #motivation #inspire #project #startnow #start #life #dream #reality #create #action #selfbelief

Listen but always keep some rooms for questions. Accept it only if thought about it.
Do you agree???

He's gonna have so many more accomplishments I can't wait to keep watch every one 🐺👀 @russ

Here's a funny thing... I woke up with ear aches and a sore throat so I automatically double up on my magic beans.
But over the weekend I learnt all about our 7 chakras.
Known as Vishuddha in Hindu tradition, the throat chakra controls the thryroid gland and endocrine system.
That means it is responsible for the regulation and flow of hormones and the function of all matters of the throat and head, including:
🔸carotid artieries
One more thing... Restoring the power of your chakras is about how you can take back control of your health and wellness by learning to work with energy. Pretty cool huh!!
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Him in ripped jeans oh lawdy @russ 🤤💎👆🏻

My husband rolled his eyes when I insisted on bringing a bag full of books with me to read on this trip - but I've finished another and two to go!

Another inspirational kick-arse woman chasing her dreams - working hard & the power of mindset.
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Dear Everyone ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

Video scares the SHIT out of me. And I just figured out WHY!
I do it. I have for years. But it STILL scares the living F'N shit out of me and I've had a hard time tapping into why. --> I have a longing desire to BELONG.
Say what.. "But Autumn, you uh, look like you belong pretty well - you have a career your passionate about, family + are surrounded by great, supportive people. What's up?" Wouldn't ya know it?
All these overwhelming feelings of .. Being picked last for every team.
My "best friend" being my friend only behind closed doors.
Being bullied because I wasn't as pretty + my blunt - passionate - old soul personality didn't fit in.
Not even attempting to try out for sports teams because I was convinced I wasn't good enough.
Doing things + changing who I was to feel connected.
And even to now, when people I have put my full trust and love into turn their back on me in a snap of their fingers.
Has anyone else experienced these feelings and situations?

Part of me has ALWAYS felt I would never be enough.
But, the TRUTH? I don't WANT to be everything to everyone. I don't want everyone to like me. I don't expect everyone to connect with me.
If anyone is ABOUT something, it's inevitable that people who are against it will be following behind with their 💩 shortly after.

Growth is being able to move through these emotions and shed old beliefs and struggles that have been hindering you. Look for this feeling - it's massively powerful!
I had to become aware and now I need to forgive 💛✊🏻 I needed to shift focus to seeing that these shitty people and situations were essential stepping stones. It was all a plan for my greater good + purpose!
I forgive those who were mean, I forgive those who passed judgement and I forgive myself for putting any part of my worth and value on THEIR opinion of me.
In some way I guess I needed to tell the universe, or maybe, tell myself, that I don't need to belong and from this day forward - that's the last thing I want.

🌳💛 What does your version of beautiful look like?

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