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Once you reach a point where you really enjoy everyday of your life and you have the tools used to get there helping people achieve similar results and teaching them your ways can really make a difference for people. I feel obligated to help out in the same way I got help through the tough times in my life, and if I can change the life of one person in a positive way, then it's worth more than anything in the world to me!

Inspire someone, tag a friend . #pipeconoisseur

Wake up and kick Monday’s butt! (See what I did there 😏) .

Always remain grateful for your current situation while striving to make improvements and push the boundaries to be constantly improving.
There is one week between these two photos, left is Waikato and right is nationals a week later. My feedback was to come in much fuller so I worked hard to do what I could in that one week. To be honest it was tough stepping on stage feeling ‘bigger’ (obviously not big but relevant to my size the week before) and it did work I had good feedback from the judges.
That said it, I know it wasn’t my best and there are lessons I will take moving forward for my off season and if and when I decide to step on stage again!

👉🏻It doesn’t take strength to WIN.. It takes the true heart of the TEAM TO WIN.. #punjabranjiteam #selfbelief #nevergiveup #facebook #twitter #instadaily #instagram

When ever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome. #selfbelief is powerful thing!! 🙏🏼
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The expert in anything was once a beginner.
All credιт тo тнe Pнoтograpнer/Owner

If you forgot to eat yo' greens, I think I had them for you🙃
Midweek meal of all the chicken, pesto, avocado and veg in da world because low carb day calls for high fats and all the volume👯
OK so, as usual. Picture of my food so I can have a little rant lol. Let's talk losing muscle in a cutting phase.. why is it that as soon as people embark on a diet to lose fat they suddenly presume they're going to also lose all their gains??? Until you are very VERY lean, it is extremely unlikely that you're body is going to be catabolic. What you need to pay close attention to is your training.. no, I'm not saying you can expect to get huge and super strong if you're eating in a deficit, but the real reason for you 'losing your gains' is more likely to be a decrease in muscle stimulation. I get it, you're tired and maybe even a little hungry and so you can't expect yourself to be progressively increasing your weights each week. But if you start getting lazy in your sessions for weeks on end, you can't expect your muscles to stay full. Remember that YOUR MIND FAILS LONG BEFORE YOUR BODY DOES. More often than not, it'll be your mind telling you that you can't lift that weight, not your body. So? GET STRONG MINDED. Start realising your potential, instead of confining yourself to boundaries you could surpass. OH, and start TRAINING SMART. If you're feeling exhausted are you really going to benefit from doing 6 reps of something? Low rep ranges are designed to be HEAVY. So if you've got low energy and feel a little weedy, it's unlikely you're going to achieve the desired volume from low reps. I'm not saying suddenly half the weight and do 20 reps. But be honest with yourself and realise that you may benefit from doing reps of 10 for a while. Calculate your volume, don't leave things to chance and pls god don't tell me you've lost strength 2 days into a cutting phase🤦🏼‍♀️


Self-belief+ hard work= Success
and if you have it show it.

#selfbelief #workoutmotivation #beconfident

Are you an Everyday Sportsman? Running is a great way to keep fit and it also gives you that much needed solo time to reflect on the road ahead. MOJO...Built For The Everyday Sportsman
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So true!! I mean Father Christmas🎅🏼flying around on his sleigh pulled by magic flying reindeer 🤔🤷‍♀️🤥. But we believed it!! So why can’t we believe in ourselves?? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Yes we were young, but actually isn’t it more silly now that we don’t believe in ourselves?💪🏻💁
The majority of people I follow on insta, I do because they inspire me. They have either reached goals 💪🏻 I want to achieve or are on the same journey 💞. .
So on this Monday why don’t we have a little faith? Why don’t we believe in ourselves and start making paths to reach our goals 🙌🏻.
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Always remember to focus on the positive, the opportunities at hand and go after them with an unstoppable amount of energy to take yourself and your company to another level.

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Black Father's Matter!... a little girl that is filled with self-belief self-esteem and self-love not need to go out and find someone that's going to put her down it is her father's job to my still all those qualities in her ... only the father can do that....Black fathers do exist ✊🏿❤️#DaddyLittleGirl #fathers #daddyduty #ManofGod #superdad #blackfathersmatter #lovelittegirl #selfesteem #confidence #selfbelief #selflove #selfmotivated

• STOP HATING • according to Forbes, 79 million people are going to start a home based business in the next 5 years. We are so lucky to live in a time when there is another way than 50 years of the traditional 9-5!
If you're ready to start loving Mondays, being your own boss and living the fulfilled life of your dreams, reach out. I'd love to share my story and help you discover if this could work for you too 💁🏻

How do you handle criticism?

What do you experience when you perceive rejection?

Do you have a fear of what other people will think that gets in the way of being yourself?

Do you pretend not to care, but deep inside you know that you really do?

The fear of what other people think is such a common fear, humans are social creatures after all, and it is likely to be one of the fears that stops you from being yourself and going after what is most fulfilling and authentic.
This may be a fear that you know about, or it may be the one that you pretend not to have, pushing it away as caring about what other people think is NOT how you want to see yourself. You might consider it a weakness or a sign that you are vulnerable, and this is not a comfortable place to be! If you look at this fear a bit more deeply, it is not only the fear of what other people think, because I assume you do not fear that other people will think you are



amazing, talented and

an all-round a wonderful person!! I assume that is NOT what you are fearing!! So if you do look a bit more deeply, it is more likely the fear that other people think badly of you, the fear that you will be judged negatively in some way, and that this is intolerable if it were to happen.
Read more on the blog: does-your-fear-of-what-other-people-will-think-hold-you-back

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I'll believe it when I see it. I said everyone will. Rock with those that believe before they see

Go out and kill it🔥❤️

There is a place On Nørrebro in Copenhagen where you can possible taste all meals from all around the world. Eating Mexican tacos!

Lol😄 Princess being towed by her little Brother and Grandmother ❤Priceless😎

Headed home✈️🏡❤️. I had an amazing weekend of personal development w my incredible team and awesome trainer David T S Wood at #UIA. What I learned this weekend is that the only way to fail is to quit. It's all all about progress and not perfection. #selfbelief #movetheneedle #inspired #massiveaction

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How do we cultivate confidence and what does confidence look like? It’s not being right or perfect. It’s not having all the answers. It’s speaking up, speaking out. It’s finding who you are, you’re true self and being vulnerable enough to say how you feel and what you really want. Being comfortable with who you are no matter the outcome or opinion of others. When you look in the mirror who is staring back at you and what do you tell that person?
Confidence comes from acceptance


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