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간만에 썹니다 🍴🍴

I would rather die of passion than of boredom. –Vincent van Gogh

You only have one life better live it with passion. Sacrifices will be needed but it will worth it 💯

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내가 고객이라면 과연 이걸 보고 살까? 라는 생각을 하면서 준비하는데 요즘엔 내가 고객이여도 충분히 살거같단 생각이 듭니다 히히히 신상업뎃 되었슙니당🙏🏻☺️👍🏻👕👖👟
모든 제품은 얼루비 제품입니다 구매정보가 필요하시면 댓글 혹은 다이렉트 혹은 프로필에 연결되어있는 url 확인 부탁드립니다 ☺️🙏🏻👍🏻 #얼루비#남친룩 #아웃핏 #반바지 #남자반팔셔츠 #남자셔츠 #남자오버핏셔츠#마르지엘라로퍼#마르지엘라 #남자숏팬츠 #커플숏팬츠#남자쇼핑몰 #남자패션

언니가 귀걸이 선물해줬어🎵💕
이태원 데이트도 #성공적❤️ .
#셀카 #셀프 #이태원
#폭스홀 #글램라운지🍷

When bae comes home at 2 a.m but said he'll be back at midnight 😒




#2 every one dt celebrated me in one way or the other on my B-Day, i say a very big 10x to u all, may d good Lord bless u all IJN. Amen. #self-madeoutfit#faceofuniqueapparel#💯💯💯💕💕💕#God blessdworkof myhand#

Church vibes #self love😍

Been playing with heels and legs again. I didn't use heels for some time so I could really get a sense of what it means to stay grounded. Plus this page isn't about how sexy I can dance, it's all about healing, personal growth and the bravery of expressing the newest version of you.
I share my dancing in prayer to inspire you all to know and live your passions. I am 30 years old and just beginning this journey. It's never too late to start yours #radical #self #expression
I am I'm gratitiude for all of you who have inspired me to dance my dance.... #leos #happy #legs #heels #love #dancelife #holistic #life #goals #fit #you #insta #instamood

My Selfish Fear The only thing between us and all the clients, success and love that we desire if an obsession with our self.
In almost every conversation I have with clients, there is one emotion that we all use as a means to hold us back from serving others: fear. Ultimately this fear is one of rejection: if I do this will I be loved and accepted?
A Course in Miracles suggests we all have one basic fear; Am I loved, or am I loveable? Do you recognise that? People who seem to be dancing in success simply do not listen to these fears. They still experience it, but they see no relevance. We cannot be of service to others whilst we hold back because of our fear of rejection. Yet to sit on our ability to be of service is surely selfish. A great measure of self-obsession is the extent to which we listen to our fear of rejection. The more I listen to this fear, the more concerned I am about me and my self-image over being of service and love to others. Because of our fear of rejection, it’s often suggested we need courage to take action, to love or be of service. Yet courage is only a conceptual distraction to counterbalance an egotistic misbelief in the relevance of fear. Sure, fear is part of the human condition, and we need do nothing with it except simply choose to not listen to it. Only your ego says you need courage. To love others and be of service, we must be less selfish and relinquish our obsession with ourselves. We must be willing to love.

#lifecoach #love #self #selfobsession #selfimage #fear #fearofrejection #acim #acourseinmiracles #service #youareloved #justserve

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