Добрый день💜🌞 Как вы?💚 Как у вас погода?💙 У нас сегодня жарко🙈💝
Сейчас продолжим игру "Батл актрис"💗
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Happy Fathers Day!! Babalar gününüz kutlu olsun güzel, yetenekli, iyi kalpli insanlar!! (Amcası da orda, çünkü Amca baba yarasıdır, dedesi de orda, çünkü dedeler candır 🌸) ❤💕 @selenistan @selenistan
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Selen Öztürk @selenistan ; işini seven ve anlayan, çok yetenekli, çok zeki bir kadın.
'Boşluk' söylevisi ile bana ilham verdi. ° Selen if you see this, please read...❤
The void. The void that we call life is surely a gift, and everyone choses for themselves on how to fill it. You might want to fill it with negative feelings, such as hate, anger and jealousy, or positive ones such as love, happiness, and appreciation. People may say that you can write your own story, and of course that is, in a way, true. But you're not the one holding the pen there. It's fate. Fate. Is that the one thing that fills our void? Probably. Why? Well, it decides on how our life will be. Our fate is individual, just as the physical appearance that was given to us. You can change for the moment. You can change for what's coming, the future... Perhaps. It's already written down anyway, so maybe you are MEANT to change sometimes. Perhaps you only just realise after a severe incident in your life. Things are meant to be this way, in order for us to learn and make the best out of our short time here. Don't push other people to the ground because you want to reach your own success. It doesn't work that way. Do what you want, do what you think is right, but don't hurt others on your way there. DO NOT HARM OTHERS IN ANY WAY...
We matter. You matter. We are here for a reason. We are here to fill our void. And hopefully, we will learn how to do it the right way... Hopefully. 🥀 -admin ; me

Gerçekten ben bu iki oyuncuyu aşırı benzetiyorum...♥
Sasha Alexander'ı ilk, hala izlemeye devam ettiğim RIZZOLI&ISLES dizisinde başrol oyuncusu olarak gördüm ve direk Selen Öztürk'e çok benzettim. ..
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