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Now that I know better I do better.

Full on glitter and glam on one of my brides to be 💕 #selenawillcutyou #selenabrides

Hair blowing in the wind, no f's given... #selenawillcutyou #genthechemist #artandchemistry

Why can't we all have great facial symmetry ? #selenawillcutyou

Every time I come around the city bling bling ✨ #selenawillcutyou

Swimming in sweat and sunshine. #selenawillcutyou


Now that I know better I do better.

Does anyone else love the @tartecosmetics tartlette shadows as much as I do? #selenawillcutyou

Some mauvey magic on my Monica, isn't she absolutely beautiful? #selenawillcutyou

Things have been a little hectic over here with no power and spotty cellphone signal. I honestly can't wait to get back to work and creating looks. #selenawillcutyou

Please don't let me quit. #selenawillcutyou

Stand back and watch if you want to. #selenawillcutyou

• 👉🏼Product details👈🏼
Eyes & brows: @tarte tartlette pallete
Countour & higlight: @tarte tartiest pro glow palette

My Cuban Barbie over here loves all of the glow ✨ #selenawillcutyou

Client insta-selfie 🤗 #selenawillcutyou

I love making my clients feel flossy as fudge! #selenawillcutyou

I have some goodies coming soon 😬😬 #staytuned #selenawillcutyou

When your skin is perfect makeup just lays so beautifully #selenawillcutyou

If we could all be 16 and beautiful ✨#selenawillcutyou

So who's excited for the school traffic tomorrow morning? #selenawillcutyou

I typically don't wear a full face of makeup, but y'all seem to love it. Should I keep this up? Any request lmk. #selenawillcutyou

My only goal I try to achieve when doing my makeup is to look as Hispanic as possible. #selenawillcutyou

In need of a muse; someone who will let me play with their face. Looking to try out some new things, so who's trying to sit in my chair for hours? * This is NOT a drill! I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! *

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