It’s been a while since I’ve collaborated with such talented beings.

I come alive in the nighttime. If you want to see how I overcame hormonal acne check out my highlights!

Soft & glowing is definitely my vibe, please do not hire me & expect me to do something that is matte dry & drag because I will throw up on cue.

Picked up these little baby @shophudabeauty palettes & I absolutely love them !!! Real good color payoff & blends like a fricken dream.

My crazy little knuckles & fingers just picked out the cutest thangs to throw on my favorite face today 🤷🏼‍♀️💕

I live for my birthday babes, all sorts of good bad bitch energy.

I love kit porn, anyone else with me?

Legit, she’s so pretty it makes me want to throw up. Can we please swap faces ?!

I ain’t need no man to pay my bills, I owe everything to these beauties. I have put them through hell and they always got me whenever I need them. #rideordie #realones #ifyouloveemputarockonit

If ya know ya know.

So my client Laura is attending a wedding tonight and she requested to be light and dewy, so I used a matte primer on her t zone and around her nose. On the rest of the face I primed with a radiant shimmery primer. Threw on a light wash of color in her crease and a super shimmery metallic shadow on her lid and super highlighted her high point. Thanks to the matte primer and baking this should not move the whole night !! Any questions ?

Do y’all even know how much I love @djmichellepooch ? I literally do backflips when she hits me up to touch her face 😍❤️

Makeup only looks this good if you take care of your skin and drink lots of water. If you keep alcohol on your bedside and don’t wash off your makeup before going to sleep please don’t expect this skin finish 🙃

Have you ever taken so many selfies you just can’t decide because they’re all sooo good ?! Well that’s the problem I’ve run into here with @itsjustses so here’s a eyeshadow shot instead while I continue to look thru all the other pics 🤷🏼‍♀️

Good ol’ fashion Soft & Smokey.

Love me an organized mess.

Brows. Das it.

Ladies & gents, this is the first face I’ve touched in nearly a month !! Sandrita 💕

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