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Hey Guys!! Here's my opinion:
I've seen many fandoms quarreling n disgracing each other's idol for no reason and I think this thing is totally childish and stupid.. These mainly happens between Arianators and Selenators.. Like Selena is cute, adorable, talented, gorgeous, beautiful, funny,loving, caring, awesome person Even Ariana too.. They both got same kinda talent.. Ariana loves, supports,cares about her.. Selena too loves,supports,cares about Ariana.. They both supports each other and inspires each other.. Even Selena said in an Interview that she's happy for Ariana when she got engaged with Pete.. I don't understand why there's always a war between these two awesome fandoms.. Selena inspired Ariana..We should never judge a person by their past... Past is always past.. They both are goddesses.. We should better support and love these two goddesses.. We should never lose this two talented women.. I adore both women.. It's just a opinion from my side [NO HATE]

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