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Both 😍😍

@selenagomez with @emerytkelly in #WEDay [April 27] 📷 #SelenaGomez con @emerytkelly en We Day [Abril 27]
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I'll most likely get hate for what I'm about to say. But I'm going to speak up, is it me or does @/hung Photoshop the shit out of Selena selfies? Be honest. She's beautiful already

this one is for my b. pia gosh where do i have to start? you put always a smile on my face. always. you are so amazing, perfect, sweet, kind & funny and so much more!! when i had 3k you were my idol. i stalked you like always!! i was always thinking wow i want to be friends with her. but i was too shy to dm you :)) and i know it was wednesday i think and i saw @perfectlikejelena start following you. and you texted me and i was freaking out. i know i went to my brother and i said omg a big account start following me and also text me. he was like tf but i was so happy!!! 😂 when i saw you text me back i was always so happy. even it was a hi. you make me happy! ❤ chuck is your husband and nate is mine. our gossip girl family 😏 i swear this is the best family!! and i'm gonna be your bridesmaid on your wedding with him. looking forward to it. my b forever! you are mine forever. like i said you have a golden heart. i think everyone likes you. but don't try to hurt her. nobody can hurt my blair! or gonna kill you i swear. she is just an angel! protect her all cost. you slay 24/7!! you are just the best. an amazing girl. and you are so beautiful b 😫 so lucky that i can talk to you!! i love u with my whole heart. i'm so jealous of the people that see you every day. i wish i lived in germany and i could meet you 😫 please let this happen! it would be the best day of my life. thank you for being there when i need someone to talk. you listen always and just a big thank you!! how can you hate pia like wtf? and you and chuck slay!! my parents and the wedding. you are me b forever!! ilysm and this is too short to describe my love for you. i'm so thankful for you. and thank you for always making my day. you are mine. and she is everything so don't try to hurt this girl. the most beautiful girl of germany. i'm blessed i can call you my b. you deserve an amazing life with amazing people! you really deserve that. i hope we can talk more bc talking to you is my fav thing to do!! i love u my b 💞and our homescreens slay like wtf. best lockscreen ever!! i hope you had an amazing day love ya more in the comments


Never forget your worth. You are unique and authentic for a reason. EMBRACE IT. Love it. Be proud of it. & forget every single ones who won't love you for who you are. You are perfectly imperfect and that's what makes this world so interesting we all complete each others. We all have a different purpose in this world, find this purpose, know this purpose, and go for it. 💚

I'm the one is Bop ,I'm loving it ,on repeatttttt 👈👏👌💟💞👍 -
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@christineskariphotography : Oh you know... just CASUALLY taking photos of Selena Gomez and David Henrie sharing a moment together at his wedding 😂😱. I have the coolest job EVER. SO dang excited to share a blog post from David and Maria's wedding in the future! (#SelenaGomez #Selenators #UpdatesSelenaMarieGomezCo )

New photo of @selenagomez with Dylan Minnette and Mandy Teefey on the set of “13 Reasons Why” in Vallejo, California 📷 Nueva foto de #SelenaGomez con Dylan Minnette y Mandy Teefey en el set de "13 Reasons Why" en Vallejo, California

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@selenagomez I hope they are happy together ❤❤ Selena deserve to be happy ❤ CZECH REPUBLIC LOVES YOU SELENA ❤ #selenagomez #selenators #revivaltour @revivaltour #czechselenators #czechselenator

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