a queen’s birthday is tomorrow 💛 we #selenators can make this her best birthday by supporting her in the #billboards fan army face off ⚡️

So true Selena 👏👏. @selenagomez. #SelenaGomez #Selenators

she’s turning 26 tomorrow😭

Justin Bieber wears
• BARNEY COOLS Tee ~ $40
• PURPOSE TOUR Shorts ~ $50
• ADIDAS Adilette ~ $40 👇
TOTAL ~ $130

Is it weird I want Christmas to come way faster? - Dijellza @selenagomez #selenagomez #selenators #christmas

Hii @selenagomez if u reading this lol😪😂 Just want to say #happyearlybirthday its already July 22 on my country so yaaa Thanks for inspire me everysingle day, for everything you’ve done to ur fans #selenators.I’m so happy about you turning 26 the whole fandom too✌️👌💋you totally gets me the way i want and I love you so much @selenagomez and I cant wait to see your upcoming album #sg2 its going to be wonderful

Happy 26th Birthday my Queen @selenagomez 👑💕💕 #selenagomez #selenators #jelena #selenatorsindonesia #revival

i'm so excitedddd

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