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The new jelena pics make me so happy omg 💗

We found wonderland

I have died everyday, waiting for you

“A lot of my inspiration comes from her”

I already know December is going to take me in a big Christmas mood 💕🎄

I’m so excited for the #AMAs 💖

That smile only one person can give me

That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright

I used to be so active on here but I became so busy

I’m reaching out for you

I chose you, I chose love

It's a big big world, it's easy to get lost in it


Taylor’s album is bomb, her music is so good 💙

No matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will somehow make it ❤️

Throwback 🔥🔥

And sometimes I think to myself how blessed I am with you by my side 💜

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