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#TheWeeknd in the background singing along to some #GucciMane 😂 #SelenaGomez #WSHH


I am the one

Slay 😍

hey my loves! can you please tag @selenagomez on this pic?❤ well,hi selena maybe you are still mad at me.maybe you are still hating me.but i dont wanna think that. today is my birthday iam so happy. i dont know why but on the one hand iam so unhappy.i feel so strange,i wish you could give me one last chance.i wish you could tell me something.maybe you forgot me sel iam the girl you unfollowed me (: but it's not problem my love.i'll always here for you.i'll always support you no matter where that.i love you so much.i hope you celebrate my birthday (:❤ with my lovexo #selenators #gainpost #selenagomez #gaintrain #gaintrick CAN YOU TAG SELENA PLEASE?

I dont know 😳

I miss seeing her on stage!!!! 😫💞 btw this outfit slayss


When 🐝is into #guccimane and you not😆😂 #selenagomez #theweeknd in the background singing 🎶 along

this is so cute ❤ @selenagomez vie her Instastory #selenator #selenagomez

hey baes🦄 #selenagomez @selenagomez

[12:16am] goodnight❤

My Baby ❤😍😍 #baby #selenagomez #itaintme

throwback 🔥

First edit😌🙌

hello!💭🏐 my state writing test is tomorrow and i reallyyyy dont wanna go :(((
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