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What year is your favorite? •inspired by @xari_nator @arianagrande #arianagrande #AIIINNGBEDIT #AIIINNGBPHOTOS

"I never even looked at Chris. I had promised myself that I would never date a musician because I'm in the music business, and I've seen how the guys are, and I'm not putting them down because guys will be guys, but Chris' ex-girlfriend's friend came and told me, "You know what? I heard that you had a crush on Chris." And I hadn't even looked at him. And I said, "No, not even!" And she was like, "Oh." But I was curious to find out how this had come about because I would never give anyone the impression that I liked him or anything. I wouldn't even hardly talk about him. The way it came about is that when she brought him to my attention, it opened up the interest and it made me look at him because I would talk to him and we were friends and stuff and he was a very good listener and it was a friendly type of thing, but then I started noticing him and it was one of those things. And we fell in love and we got married. We dated for about 8 months." - Selena

🌸Vestido rosa🌸
·····>100k karolistas Hemos logrado este Karol Usted tiene otra afición con 100k!Gracias a todos por su apoyo,Agradezco a usted,mejor fandom Karolistas💗Y
¡Karol nuestro ídolo!💜
·····>100k Karolistas! We have achieved this! Karol! You have another fandom with 100k! Thanks for all the support,I'm grateful to you,The best fandom! Karolistas are the best💗And Karol Our idol!💜
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Night loves!🌙😴

✨Summer nights in LA✨ >>


#Selena-themed microphone made to look like it's stained with Selena's lipstick💄💋 #SelenaQuintanillaPerez #PartyGirlPiñatas #Piñata


Anyone else jealous of Abel?

24 , 24 , 24 😩 First off happy birthday to my beautiful idol 💛🗣 . You have a beautiful soul, heart, and mind . You treat your fans with so much respect and show us that you care . I respect you as a women but not only a women my idol, my role model. You never fail your fans your always are right by our sides it may not be physically but you let us know🤞🏽. Omg I cant believe the years went by that fast I remember watching victorious and fan girling over you .😭💖 but anyways with that being said SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE HUMAN BEING 💛 @arianagrande #dangerouswomantour #onelasttime #queen #princess #24 #arianator #arianagrande #happybirthday #happybirthdayarianagrande #dangerouswomantour #dangerouswoman

Happy birthday @ArianaGrande you deserve all the love ♡♡♡ I'm proud to call you my idol you done so much for us and you deserve your day to be special!
Even though you don't know who I am it's OK because we are arianators and we are here for you! You notice us and we care about you and think about you 24/7 a lot of bad things happen to those who past away but they are in our hearts forever ♡♡♡ We even made friends because of you and I met 4 of my Internet friends cause of you! My instagram has 1k followers who love and support you #selenators selena's birthday is next month too!
#selenators #arianators #selriana #happybirthday #24 #ari #ariana #grande #selena #gomez #onelovemanchester #onelasttime #intoyou #bangbang #honeymoonave #truelove #maciana
#proudtobearianator I LOVE YOU ♡♡

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