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I am Sekhmet
I am the fire in your womb space.

I have come to burn the dross
The stagnant energy that has kept you silent and in fear.

It is time to RISE and Embrace the Goddess within you
I am here and ready to grant boons to the ones who desire to stand in my light.

Beloved Sekhmet
Lion hearted lady of the Solar Ray
Warrior Goddess
Goddess of Love

She who is known by many names

Giver of Ecstasies.
Satisfier of desire
Enrapturing one
She is coming now if we call on her
To help you to reclaim your power.

Sekhmet, the warrior queen is the here to help us bring back our voices.
To allow the authentic expression of our unique aspect of feminine power to come through.

We as women need to call back the fierce feminine again.
Claiming her, is part of claiming our voices back from our abusers.
All the times, you wanted to say NO, but it couldn’t come out of your mouth.
All the times you were hushed or dimmed down trying to fit in or be liked.
She seeks to bring out the best in you and in that calls forth the fierce aspect of you.
Find your peace with your fury and find your eloquence amidst the silence
And speak that which has not been spoken.

We can not change the trajectory of our planet right now without the Goddess Sekhmet.>
⭕️The Goddess is calling her priests and priestesses.
Do you feel the call?
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🍺Já que é para agradar a Leoa, que seja com o que ela pede.🍻 #TemploDaLeoa #RedRoseAle #Sekhmet #Leoa #FogoSagrado

Çılgınca gezmeli bir Pazar günü! #Bergama #Cunda #YüceZeus #Sekhmet

Sen miydin ? Bebeğim 👑 #sekhmet 🌙 #günaydın

hitler muda pernah berpesan "sebuah proses tak akan pernah secepat membalikkan telapak kaki". #sekhmet #youngbutgold #dark

Sekhmet in Hungary !!!

Why do these recessives never find such great treasures in Europe? Where is their culture? #kemet #sekhmet #HapiRiverValley #nubia #theankhlife


Eu invoco a Grande Sabedoria de Sekhmet
para ajudar-me a respeitar meus limites
para ajudar-me a encontrar o equilíbrio
para despertar minha coragem e astúcia
e minha inteligência aguçada para alcançar meus objetivos.
Eu invoco o olhar da leoa
Eu invoco a força da leoa
Eu invoco o poder da leoa
Eu invoco a ferocidade e a amorosidade de Bast
Eu invoco a selvajaria e a diplomacia
Eu invoco a assertividade
Eu invoco o discernimento
Eu invoco o controle das minhas ações, desejos e paixões.
Eu invoco a liberação das raivas, ódio e ciúmes do meu coração e ser.
Eu invoco o amor para preencher os espaços deixados por essas emoções desqualificadas.
Eu invoco o fogo do Feminino Sagrado
Que a Guardiã me proteja
Que a Sabedoria me ajude a transmutar minhas energias
Que a Proteção esteja sempre comigo e aqueles que amo.
Que as faces sagradas da Leoa e felina esteja sempre comigo guiando meu caminho.
Que assim seja e assim se faça. 93 :. #DeaBastet #Sekhmet #Hotep 11:.7.: 33

No smoother way to transition than through the spacial vortex of our #Sirius Ancestry, and the #LionsGate portal of energy... And we know Baba Gregory was Kooler than a fan... 😎 We (with melanin) are #Souls having a #Hueman experience, so no matter how caught up we get into the physical aspect of life, nothing overshadows that truth. So once the Soul has done its work on this realm, it seeks new experience and orchestrates its departure. Leaving us with an energetic signature that we can continue to resonate with and grow from.. The parasites are only "Allowed" to attack the physical body once the spirit is ready to break free and continue the battle on higher frequencies or from a different level of awareness. We are the primordial, archetypal, fragments of the Creator, with omni-versal existences throughout dimensional space time.. It's time to actualize that power and level up. -KhepeRa ⚗️#BeTheLight #LightCodes #SoulOurSystem #SpiritualAlchemy

#SpiritualWarfare #SolarEclipse #DickGregory #KnowThyself #WisdomOfTehuti #Sekhmet #TheGreenBelt #Ancestors #Melanin #AncestorsReincarnated #AreYeNotGods #Ase

🍺Já que é para agradar a Leoa, que seja com o que ela pede.🍻 #TemploDaLeoa #RedRoseAle #Sekhmet #Leoa #FogoSagrado

Be strong. You are powerful, wise and ready. Take action towards accomplishing your goals and resolving any seeming conflicts on your path. Speak up with Love and assertiveness. Your energy and personal contributions are helpful in the world now. You have the power and you matter. #cardoftheday #bestrong #sekhmet #assertive #courageous #bold #takeaction #speakup #youmatter

This #sekhmet made its way from ancient #Egypt to modern #hongkong. I found her in the science museum. She is the #neter (divine expression) that ferociously returns all of God's children to Spirit when their focus has drifted too far into material existence. She is like the Vedic #Ganesha, the remover of the obstacles to recognizing our divinity. All of these #ancient #teachings tell us about our journey back to conscious Self-realization. #jnanayoga #lifepurpose #mysteryteachings #eyestosee

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