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hitler muda pernah berpesan "sebuah proses tak akan pernah secepat membalikkan telapak kaki". #sekhmet #youngbutgold #dark

Ajna: be sooooo much love & light and life.
Rheagan: is still a gutter baby from Brightwood and #Sekhmet fancies her much. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #Duality be like.... #Balance is life

Garnet Star Key Chain
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#Garnet is found all over the world and is notoriously known to be the stone of many ancient talismans. Garnet is known for its utilization of creative energy. Garnet is a sensual stone. It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings and often referred to as the warrior's stone. Garnet was used in Kemet more than 5000 years ago and in Sumeria around 2100 B.C. It has been used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, the South American Indians, the Aztecs, the African tribal elders, and the Mayans.
Garnet is said to expand awareness and enhance your internal fire to bring creative powers to implementation.
Almandine Garnet which is usually brownish red is strongly tied to the earth. It corresponds with the first chakra and provides pyschic protection.
Aids in circulation and all blood related issues.
Said to increase willpower and resistance to negativity.
Garnet balances energy and is said to inspire love and balance the sex drive.
Garnet is also considered a lucky stone, for love, success, and for business relationships.
It has been used to reduce body toxins, purify vital organs and blood, and assists in assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Emotionally it provides a protective and calming influence during use and is thought to heal melancholy and depression and strengthening the survival instinct,
All Garnets honor #Sekhmet, the Egyptian #Goddess head of a lion and body of a woman

Happy Solar Return to myself and I shall master my master year. #Masternumbers #sekhmet #leoseason 🗝

#Heru and his #TwinFlame, the mighty Creator Goddess #Sekhmet, have long been active in assisting Humanity and the evolution of this Planet. Sekhmet was known as the Lion Goddess in Egypt. She has also appeared as the Goddess Durga in India, and as the White Jaguar Lady in Central America, and as the Lion-headed Dakini Senge Dong-Ma in Tibet. She has asked that we refer to her as Durga/Sekhmet, to honor both of the major traditions in which she has appeared. Heru was known in Greece as Apollo and in India as Satyanarayana, Lord of Truth. Each of these aspects reveals a different facet of the Being in question. Heru was a Solar and Sky God and was associated with the falcon. He was known for his great wisdom and for the quality of spiritual sight. The Eye of Horus is a powerful esoteric symbol which was used for protection in Ancient Egypt and is still commonly seen today. Heru was said to have been the first Pharaoh of Egypt and was considered the Protector of all the Pharaohs. The Ancient Egyptians called Heru "Lord of Light", and this title strongly resonates with my experience of who he is.
First and foremost Heru is a Creator God, one of those Beings who, in his words, "is capable of taking the stuff of Creation, the Plasma from Prime Creator, and manifesting it into form. These forms may be as large as universes and may be as small as microcosms." Heru is one of the greatest of all Creator Gods in that he is capable, in working with other Creator Gods, of creating both Human Souls and vast Universes. These mighty Beings are even older than our current Creation, as they derive from an earlier Creation cycle, and were earlier created by Prime Creator Himself/Herself.
Because of his stature as one of the greatest of the Creator Gods, Heru's perspective is truly vast. There is very little that he does not know, although he will readily admit ignorance if the occasion arises. In addition, he has the capacity to organize and synthesize his knowledge into a form that is clear and meaningful.

Yesterday I turned 🦁dirty 30🦁 and my daily draws knew what was up. I've never felt more like the Queen of Wands, though now I'm nursing my Sekhmet-grade hangover 😂 #dirtythirty #sekhmet #slutisttarot #queenofwands #thegoddessoracle

Such a happy moment to finally tag the elegant Devilla with her Sekhmet! #henna #hennalife #cairoshimmyquake #sekhmet #lovemylife



In light of last nights new moon, I am feeling this Sekhmet goddess inspiration channeled via @sharonspence_alchemy

The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet: "Dearest Ancient Soul
The New Moon offers hope with the beginning of a new energetic cycle,
The Goddess Sekhmet offers a way to repair all that is broken
By harnessing the power of the cosmos
And delivering them to you in a grid of healing light

I honour the light within you"

#newmoon #newmoonlibra #rising #goddess #wisdom #cosmicadvice #sekhmet #egyptiangoddess #moonrevolver

Repost from @133art using @RepostRegramApp - Ya'll ain't ready for Luis Guerrero...ya'll just ain't. Pencils by me tho ;)

#LIVEindie #Sekhmet #BlackPanther #Doramilaje#133art #artistsoninstagram #comicart #comicartist #blackart #afropunk. #afrocentricart

Inktober: 11. Strength
References: The Lion of Ramesses the Great, Temple of Karnak; The Egyptian goddess Hathor greeting Queen Nefatiri, Nefatiri’s tomb; Wall Relief of Sekhmet, Kom Ombo Temple; Nebanum viewing his geese and cattle, tomb-chapel of Nebanum
On the right is the Egyptian sun and cow goddess, Hathor, and on the left is the lion-headed sun goddess, Sekhmet. I was inspired by a story from Egyptian mythology. In this tale, Sekhmet is regarded as the destructive, vengeful aspect of Hathor, goddess of love, music, sexuality, etc. To make this short: Ra asks the apple of his eye, Hathor, to punish humanity, so she is sent out as the lioness, Sekhmet. (Just so i don’t give people a negative impression of Sekhmet: she was also regarded as a goddess of justice and creation.) In tarot, Strength usually features a woman holding a lion’s mouth. It represents courage and control over the primal self. .
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Ya'll ain't ready for Luis Guerrero...ya'll just ain't. Pencils by me tho ;)

#LIVEindie #Sekhmet #BlackPanther #Doramilaje#133art #artistsoninstagram #comicart #comicartist #blackart #afropunk. #afrocentricart

New moon vibes 🐱 Bast is the Egyptian cat-faced Goddess of beneficence, joy, dance, fertility and childbirth. Being a cat in nature, Bast teaches us to land on our feet in any situation, using a positive, playful attitude as our best ally. Bast, Egyptian Goddess of sensual pleasure, protector of the household, and the bringer of health – was the original mistress of multi-tasking! She also has the gift of looking deeply into ones soul. She is one of the most ancient of the Egyptian Goddesses. I see you 🐾. #bast #bastet #catgoddess #sekhmet #ra #protector #birth #fertility #childbirth #originaldoula #birthwork #goddess #divine #feminine #baast #ubasti #bubastis #sehkmet #egyptiangoddess

I love you. I thank you. This girl right here has been one of my Legendary role models since I was 9 years old. We danced in the same company in Oakland called New Style Motherlode (check that place out for dance clases, frfr) until I was 13 years old. This beautiful human has never failed to succeed despite any of her battles. Like she has once said before: "They said that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I will never stop believing in her, and I hope she never stops believing in me. One time for LA sista. 7th Generation is here, y'all. Get Ready. We got loads of work to do. 🦅 ~Mini Wiconi~

Sekhmet Águila de La Rosa Eterna

sekhmet the lady of mystries #sekhmet #goddess #ancientegypt
I am the Dark Lady of the Egyptian Night, the goddess of Mystery 
My signs are the lion, who walks proud and free, without fear 
and the viper, who poisons those who displease it 
I am offered meat and milk, for these two forms 
And also blue lilies, for the dark skies of magic 
I walk in the desert at night, and none know me 
I stay in caves, and groups of rocks, and old trees 
I know the pathways through the darkness on earth, 
and I know the pathways beyond 
Few have known my secrets, and they have been forgotten 
with the moving of sands and of armies 
But I still live, and hold the keys, and the passwords To the worlds that appear after death 
As the lion-goddess, I prey upon the unworthy .

✨Collective Reading✨ 4 the ♎️ new m🌚🌚n ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
We have an opportunity to work with our emotions and uncover unknown strengths during this new moon phase. This is a great time to prioritize and focus on what you really desire. Life may get emotionally uncomfortable but it will work out for the better in the end. Not only is it time to focus 🔬on what makes you feel good and brings you joy, but also what is really helping you grow. What best serves you? Now is not the time to have tunnel vision and continue avoiding what we'd rather not see. #Sekhmet assures you, you have what it takes to get through this. Dealing directly with Libra energy, we want to make sure we're not just people pleasing our way through the rest of this month. Make sure you are committed to yourself first, and that your cup is full before serving others. Sticking up for yourself may ruffle some feathers, but this is how to have proper boundaries. We are sooo close to becoming the butterfly 🦋 but we need to get our lives in balance so we can take flight. It's often painful to break out of our shell but it's the only way to truly reach our desires and serve our purpose. It's even more difficult if you are continually picking up others' slack. The same is true if you've been procrastinating on what you know you need to do. If you feel there isn't enough time for you at the end of the day, look at what you can delegate. Or maybe it's a matter of just doing a few things for yourself before doing x,y & z, for others. This can help supply your energy, and your also committing to yourself first. There's no need to let excuses detour you from doing what you know is right for yourself and ultimately for others as well. It's time stop hiding behind excuses, if you feel the need to explain yourself, use your discretion. You can simply tell people you have a commitment, they don't need to know it's to take bubble bath. 🛁 Do you spend too much time doing y, and there's no time for z? This is a time that will help teach us how to spend our time wisely. ⚖️ Continued in comments 👇

Den lille panteren min har vokst seg stor siden vi flyttet sammen. Nå ser hun nesten større ut enn ham. Optisk bedrag. Det er fortsatt 5 år og et par kilo mellom dem.
#sekhmet #cedric #knøtte #kongbebi #nurktwins #pelsdottene #bebiene #bortskjemtene #livskameratene #skogkattblanding #mainecoonmix #catsofinstagram

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