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Six months ago I woke up to snow, to brain fog, and to betrayal: HOW, after 17.5 years, could I have had another seizure? I was told I couldn't work, couldn't drive, couldn't be alone. Six months ago I woke up to a new norm, and despite all the shit that's happened since then, I'm celebrating that I haven't endured another #seizure. I'm eternally grateful to my parents who devoted the first weekend of the year to looking after me when I couldn't handle myself. Here's hoping for another six months of good brain days. #seizurefree #epilepsy #epilepsyawarness #seizuressuck

So today I finally got my license! πŸ˜‹ It's been a long wait but I'm happy to say I'm seizure Free!!!! ❀️😊#seizuressuck #seizurefree πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Hands up who spent the last two nights #seizurefree 🀘 tonight we're going for the #hattrick ❀ #nofilter @halfpennyrose takes snaps

πŸ’― days #seizurefree

UPDATE: this picture was taken on the first day of school and i'll be driving that car again one month from today!!!! #seizurefree

My brave little man, just before his surgery two years ago ! Today is a big day for Tiago two years seizure free. Fingers crossed his EEG in September shows no abnormalities in the brain! #epilepsy #autism #stxbp1 #seizurefree

Less than 6 more weeks and I can finally go get my fucking drivers licence again

TWO// There are two sides to me. The side that has complete control (this picture). Then πŸ˜’ there is the side that I have no control over. That's when I have a seizure. Check out my ig story with me about to take an #eeg. I had just came from work that day & had to go in because I was having a lot of seizures. That was my first time in years having an eeg test. Oh! An EEG test is an electroencephalogram (EEG) is aΒ testused to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain.Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. AnΒ EEGΒ can be used to help detect potential problems associated with this activity. I googled that.πŸ˜‚ *****************************************
6Things you should know about someone who has Epilepsy.

1. Do not place anything in their mouth when they have a seizure.
It is physically impossible to swallow your tongue. So don't put a spoon, belt, or anything in the mouth.

2. If the seizure last longer than 5 MINUTES...
Call the #ambulance. For example, the last big seizure I had in April really scared my parents. It lasted 4 minutes. My mom said a minute longer and you were gone.
3. People with epilepsy live normal active lives. Depending on the seizure activity. My parents look at me quite often and say "you don't think you're sick." No, I don't. lol. I live the life I want. But my epilepsy won't determine my future.
4. Seizure Hangovers Though
Now you thought you had a really bad hangover? Multiple that by 10! And depending on the seizure it can last an entire day, yes 24 hours! Your head hurts so bad and you really can't do anything but sleep.
5. When someone's having a convulsive seizure, keep them safe, supported, and on their side. Make sure they don't hit their head. For me, I can feel when a seizure is coming on. I usually have an aura. & thats my warning.
6. Epilepsy is common

50 million people have epilepsy worldwide. How common you ask, one in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime.
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1 year ago this Sunday my life was forever changed. I had my first Grand Mal Seizure. There's such a stigma with seizures and there shouldn't be! I've learned more this past year by being open than I would have by keeping this to myself. -
Brain health is SO important and learning to listen to your body is just as important! I thought I was healthy and doing all the right things but the truth is I wasn't. I had chronic fatigue. I wasn't eating enough veggies, I wasn't taking the right supplements. I was just living day to day in the same routine. β€’
My first seizure taught me SO much and so did the Dr's Middletown Family Chiropractic. Without Chiropractic and Maximized Living I'd probably be on Kepra and other medications. I also want to add in, I do not have epilepsy. -
I was thrown into the medical model before I even walked out of the conventional doctors office where my seizure happened. I was prescribed epileptic medication before I even had a diagnosis. How many others are going through this?! It's scary! My anxiety was through the roof for MONTHS! -
I prayed, I cried, and I lived in fear for months. My seizure set me back what felt like an eternity and I kept thinking: Will I feel "normal" again?
I had just started nutrition school and had heard about a Ketogenic diet from the Dr's in our office. I did lots of research and thought I'd give it a try. It transformed me! Your brain is over 60% FAT and when you fuel your body with healthy fats it in return fuels your brain! After a few weeks I started to feel what I thought was "normal" again. After a while longer I started to feel better than I ever have and to be honest that's how I still feel today. -
These workshops Middletown Family Chiropractic are life changing. Even if you feel 100%, even if you think you know it all- it's still more than worth it to come and see what's going on!
Saturday October 14th from 9:30-11am is our Brain Fit workshop. Let me know if you're coming and I'll make sure to have a seat saved for you!

Reasons for happy tears today:
Having the best morning with Holly before her physical therapy πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘© Singing together on our long drive 🎀

Dropping Holly off at ABA with laughter instead of tears and screaming πŸ˜ƒ

Listening to personal development while I cleaned πŸ’½

Finally, Ab day πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ While I was listening to Mel Robbins this morning I felt such a connection with the stories she was sharing that I was literally crying while cleaning.
There was a story about a woman who wished she had said something to her sons best friend when she saw him in the grocery store.

She had seen him twice in the same week at the grocery store before he died.

She feared she looked terrible and she was in a rush to get somewhere else, when she literally could have counted down from 5 and have the courage to say something.

We have no idea how much longer we'll be alive and we shouldn't want to risk living a life full of regrets.

The next time you feel fear coming over you, say 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and take the chance that something great may happen πŸ’•

Do your actions match your ambitions?
I've been reflecting a LOT on the person I truly want to become, what I truly want for my family, and what I want in this life of mine.

I've been focusing on working out and eating right specifically because of shark week, because who am I to try and coach someone on staying on point when I've struggled staying on the right path myself?

That being said, I am looking at what my priorities are and focusing on staying consistent.

Hurdles will knock us down on our ass sometimes, but we have to remain resilient in order to reach our goals ✨

I am confidant that if I stay on track the next 4 weeks that not being able to workout for 3 weeks after my surgery won't impact my results too much πŸ’“

The #orchid. I thought I was making progress towards being able to drive again. When I got the news that it'd be pushed back I broke down. But my middle son rescued me with these 3 mini faves of mine. #Epilepsy #SeizureFree

Little over 3 yrs since my baby girl has had a seizure. And one year today without any medicine to help control them. We are so very blessed and thank the lord every single day! #seizurefree #oneyearmedicationfree #blessed

Mia uses Cannabis topically as well as orally. Damn we love that plant! βœŒπŸ»πŸ’œπŸŒΏπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ #miastemple #cannabiswellnesscenter #miawilkinson #fuckepilepsy #cannabisheals #wholeplanttherapy #thc #thctoo #cbd #sfe #cannabis #medicalcannabis #cannabisforkids #seizurefree

Got this baby 6 months ago. The date is my 5 year anniversary of my diagnosis. .
#epilepsy #EpilepsyQueen #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior
#seizurefree #seizure #seizuressuck #mybravebrain

I'm proud to say my son doesn't need his rescue meds anymore for school or home an this will hopefully be his last year with a seizure action plan for school. He's been off from his meds since June an seizure free for over a year anyways even before they took him off from his meds he had been seizure free but now without his meds it was nerve racking for sure but he's been in the clear.#momsweightlifted
#seizurefree #clearsincejune #nomeds

My box of Fbomb from @fatissmartfuel arrived today. An there is a new person leaving hand written notes❀️. Who loves Fbombs?

Fall is in the air in Vegas! What a crisp, cool morning to run. I'm so grateful that my legs are healing. Hated not being able to run. And I'm so grateful that my seizures are still under control so that I can enjoy the amazing feeling of freedom when you run outdoors. #prodivachampmoni #epilepsywarrior #myjourney #overcomingobstacles #seizurefree #lovetorun #runningmom

I am still Seizure Free.
No Seizure Today.

#SeizureFree #NoSeizurestoday

#myepilepsystory Leighton Milton
Click link in bio for Leighton's story.. He talks about the brain tumor, which resulted into him having a epilepsy, taking about epilepsy medicine, & so much more. Β°
#disorders #disorders#helpfulinformation #aura#aura #livingwithepilepsy#lymedisease #health #epilepsyvideo #youtubevideo#education

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