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..the sky is a dream come true..๐ŸŒฌ

Its been a long wait, but life just changed. Thank you Hong Kong for the $600 discount #fujifilm #X-T20 #seethroughmyeyes


life is like a dream ๐ŸŒœ

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..the sky is a dream come true..๐ŸŒฌ

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AWARENESS POST (and semi-rant)!
Lacey and I have now been working together for just over a year. Today I had a catch up with an instructor because I've been having problems while walking; Lacey is slower, her head is down, she is less responsive and can halt in her tracks and not want to move. We realised this is probably because I have taken her on lead walks and have relaxed a bit in her strict regime.
The reason why I have become more relaxed is I feel guilt. I am constantly being told by others that Lacey 'is a dog and needs to act like a dog' and that she is deprived because she doesn't get to sniff around and has a really hard and stressful life because she has to 'work' everyday. It has been wearing me down and I have stoped being assertive and started doing things to please others.
The fact of the matter is, Lacey is not a pet, she is a Guide Dog. It doesn't mean I don't love her any less, in fact I love her even more as she is part of my, she is my eyes. She is not deprived of affection and attention (I'm sure she'd argue I smother her) and she is extremely happy. These dogs LOVE to work! They have a purpose and they are aware of it. When she finds me an object (eg a chair, post box or hot guy) she is so proud of herself and looks up at me with a big smile. She absolutely thrives on being my leader and taking directions.
She doesn't need to sit on the lounge to be happy, she doesn't need to go for a lead walk everyday, she doesn't need to sniff another dogs business, she is happiest when she is doing her job - being the eyes and confidence for someone who can't see.
Guide Dogs are not pets nor companions. They are part of their handler, an extension of themselves. They have amazing lives and share an extremely special bond with their handler. Please stop looking at Guide Dogs as simply a pet. Don't undermine their handlers and their training. Respect their uniform and respect us a team.
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