#ootd featuring #jcrew Panama hat // #UrbanOutfitters blazer // @paigedenim shorts // @nisoloshoes leather tote // #seestertripnyc

Good night, Little Italy. Good night, New York. #seestertripnyc

Stuffed artichoke amazingness. #seestertripnyc

Cheers! #seestertripnyc

So. Much. Amazingness.

Stanton Macdonald-Wright. My fave from today.

Oh hey, Monet.

Rain room.

Seeing what the fuss is all about.

I did.


Just walked the Brooklyn Bridge. A cyclist deliberately tried to kill me, even though I was firmly in the walking lane. Fun times, though the sound of a bike bell now sends me into a panic. #seestertripnyc

Dress found, now fun for the rest of the weekend! #seestertripnyc

I heart shakshouka. #seestertripnyc

Brunch bevs.

I was like, why are people looking up? Oh. #seestertripnyc

Where?! I love him! #seestertripnyc

Really digging Lord Huron. #seestertripnyc

Feels weird to legit say we're on the list.

Revisiting a fave! Missing @omiegrace and @orzzyo! #seestertripnyc

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