Reading has at times been a little tricky for me (and many others). You see, We SEE!
How this seeing of subtle energies can look is; the words on the page can glow, words can move on the page when we look at something for more than a few seconds.
The particles of awareness are viewed and they move in patterns across the field of view.
Speed reading helps for this reason.
Today, my pages went green. Yes, the pages had started to fill with a magnificent green.
Amazing, well yes and no. You see the colours are radiating off my hands and magnify out the fingers.
Hence holding a book can be a psychodelic experience. The Biofield - Aura has many colours that shift and change depending on environment, health and emotion to name a few.
Today was a green day filled with love . The green of the heart and nature. After using my phone it went to a white glow then slowly back to indigo a regular colour in my plasma bubble.
These are not life colours they are the frequency of my field, the many layers and aspects of it. These can be seen, generally these days I can direct and control what I see or don’t. So today was a lovely reminder of the polarity of seeing. The challenges and joys.
I have not spoken about the illumination while reading before. My understanding that not all are aware of their inner sight prompted this share.
A kind of Did you know... Has anyone had difficulty with reading due to their perception of subtle energies?
It’s real and added extra hurdles to reading aloud at school.
I thought everyone was the same in that way.
What I know now that I only saw then was, light is enclothed in the word. As we read, the revelation- revealing of light occurs. Each time we read and re read we unclothe the light, the energy of the letters, words, sentences etc. Gaining more light from the darkness of the ink codes we call letters.
View for yourself, feel for the self!
May the blessings be
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Oh yes, the thing I have is fatal
And so I embrace my life
As the Art of Dying Slowly
And deliberately
With joy in my heart
And what is the thing you ask?
Oh that,
Why, that's life my dear
That's life!
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The poem does not format on here correctly. If you want the real formatted version to share please ask. #poem #paganpoetry #paganpoetrywithpurpose #clairvoyance #seeing #seer #psychic #psychicdevelopment #wordsfromspirit #channeled #modernmedicinewoman
For so many years I have been looking outside of me for the
answers to where to go?
answers to my questions?
answers to others questions?

A revelation happened to me at Soul Space over the past few days
It shall not change the way I work but enhance my truth in so many ways
When I conduct a reading I often say I feel (as if it’s about me) when talking about another’s life
The comparison can come from a whole host of memories from: childhood, being a teenage “dirt bag” or a loyal wife
But I now know that the answers: -are not with (the) out, but within.
As I have I become aware very lately through my channeled poems we are but spirit within a human skin
So when your reading psychically take note of , feeling, memories, emotions what twitches and becomes tense.
As they are all part of the moment:
the hot, the cold, the tingle & the buzz it’s all either the higher-self or guides bringing your attention to what you sense

Every moment is relevant: the fleeting thought, brief imagination, smell & colour as is part of the message being told
So I ask you please dear friends to
step away from your ego self and let the reading wonder & majick unfold
My life’s purpose with pure intention is to be an ambassador for the spirit world & the wonders of the journey within.

So I shall now search not in books, not in workshops, not on you tube but
deep, deep, deep deep
inside my spirt soul within my human skin.

Indigo Starseed

Dal 17 al 25 Novembre ha luogo la decima edizione della campagna di comunicazione ambientale europea, che promuove e premia azioni concrete e creative volte alla riduzione dei rifiuti.
Tema dell’anno: Prevenire e gestire i rifiuti pericolosi.

Secondo i dati dell’Agenzia Europea dell’Ambiente, ogni cittadino europeo genera 200 kg di rifiuti pericolosi all’anno!! Regola base, rispettare sempre le 3 R: RIDURRE, RIUTILIZZARE e RICICLARE.

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Short interruption for a prayer. Justice is Roaring, there's a véry large host of War Angels standing by for assistance. Have been for quite a time. The healing of the Nations. The healing of the Nations. The healing of the Nations. I can see it. Lead the way America. Return to your First Love, the One who loved you First. Thank you Father for all those sons and daughters who work so hard and diligent to see your plans come to pass. Thank you for your sustenance and protection surrounding all the Patriots, young and old. Thank you for all those fighting and standing for their Country's glorious future. Liberty and Love. Bless the Military for their courage and bravery. Keep them close to your heart Father and bring them home safely to their families. Thank you for liberating us from all evil and setting those who have been hurt so badly free from all shackles to the past to make them whole. Justice will sweep over all the land. Let Your Kingdom Come. Let Your will be Done. On Earth, as it is in Heaven. Amen.

Preparing the psyche for the death of our bodies is what it's all about. Careful of your thinking, because it's our very own thinking that is creating where we are going, whether it's in life or death. Either life and death are just illusions. 🤘🌛🌚🌜🦄👹🔮🖤🧙‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧝‍♂️☠🔥🌐👽📡🌏
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Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good
I am a witness of people of “light”, tormenting themselves with dark ideas of false light agendas, to the point of mental illness. I am a witness to those of false promises, false ideas, false positivity from unhealed souls (no judgement, heck, I’ve got healing to do myself)
I have seen people overtaken by evil so dark, it fucks up your mind
And I’ve been there. Plagued by the desires of finding my twin flame, a hoity toity galactic starseed on a mission to save the world - love and light love and light love and light
And maybe my last few posts are repetitive now... discern... beware... blah blah blah
Not of discouragement, no. But out encouragement to SEARCH WITHIN, know yourself, and be held accountable for your actions and every equal and opposite reaction. A retrograde DID NOT make/force you to behave a certain way. Hold yourself accountable! Question! Dig deep (that’s what she said). Then react. THATS GROWTH
But hey, who am I to preach. I nearly ordered a bag of dicks and a glitter bomb to purposely piss off someone who’s been harassing me
But in the end - as tempting as it seems - I’m better than that ... and that money could be used to feed someone
Love, light, truth, hope, and heck - shadows too
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I don’t need to know what’s next, I just need to appreciate what’s now @philgoodlife. Mantra for this evening as my mind and emotions go haywire. Trying to be the observer instead of the participant. I get hit with the feels right before bed. Oh the beauty of it all ❤️

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