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Every mile will be worth your while.

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These were my last three marathons and ones that I worked super hard for - but left me extremely disappointed. (My times ranged from 10-19 minutes off my marathon PR.) It takes so much out of you to keep having bad races. Taking a breather was literally the best thing I could do for my running. It was so healing physically and emotionally for me. My psyche and confidence were completely beat up by those huge disappointments one right after the other. I was just so broken and hopelessly discouraged. Such a poor way to have to view your running.
I'm really grateful looking back at these tough races and knowing I'm finally out of the woods. I'm a totally different runner - physically & mentally- after having recovered from those races and rebuilding my body. I'm grateful going into this next marathon cycle that I was wise and patient enough to give my body the time it needed off so that I could come back stronger & faster. Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is take a step back and regroup but it can be the most important and necessary thing. It's easy after a disappointment to want to do all of the things possible to get better and faster when sometimes the best thing to do is rest & wait.
I'm excited to train for CIM and with God's grace and help, I trust I will blow these races out of water and get that long awaited redemption race. I know it will all be worth it.
6 slow recovery miles- legs are feeling more normal and I'm hoping they feel fast on Sunday!! 🤞🏽
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Think it's time to enter some races! #BarnsGreenHalfMarathon here I come 👍 throwback snap to #running it 3 years ago and coming 2nd female. 🏅🏃🏼‍♀️ who has entered? #halfmarathon @barnsgreenhalf

Runners be like: this is why Forrest Gump just kept running

**✌ENDURANCE RUN✌** Don't stop when you're tired😥, don't stop when you're thirsty💧, don't stop when you're mind makes excuses😞. ONLY stop when you're DONE💪
✔ •27km, • 5:14min/km, •11.5km/h, •151bpm✔
De duurloop van week 11 zit erop!😁 Dit keer zonder trainingsgroep, maar helemaal in mijn uppie😀!
Zo apart..🤔 Ren ik 21km, word ik bij 18km moe😅. Ren ik 25km , word ik bij 22km moe[....]
Je kunt al raden wanneer ik nu geen zin meer had😆🙉
Wat is hardlopen toch een mentaal spelletje🤔 BUT I LOVE THE GAME❤! Herkenbaar?👇
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Relentlessness is infectious. When you become someone that never quits, you empower those around you to push to the next level in any area of their lives where they're playing their hand small.
Lead. Hustle. Be brave. Run. Keep kicking ass.
Someone you can't even see is watching! #ianrunsalberta #mentalhealth

Oh, Vancouver. You pretty thing. A little over a year, and the honeymoon period is still real. Thanks to @elleljohnston for motivating me to get out for a #sunsetrun #yvr #seenonmyrun #running

#seenonmyrun today: steep hills and evergreens. #home #getoutside #hillrepeats

2k warmup
6 x 400 ( 1min RI) @
10 min cool down

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Slowly dipping my toes into trail running. I feel strong and capable with every uphill and like a kid playing in the woods on every twisty curvy downhill. Even when the run is short like today, I feel spent and happier for it. 😅
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I miss the person I was when I was obsessively in love with running. I miss annoying the shit out of all of you at the coffee shop, while talking to Jerry about trails/ultras/fartleks/speed-hiking/water/fill-in-the-blank for literal HOURS on end (permissible only because I make a mean dry-cappuccino). I miss the days of being so excited to run in the morning that I fall asleep with trail maps in-hand. I miss getting so jazzed for my next one that I literally couldn't wait for the morning and I had to fit in a second, in one day.
I miss it all and I had let it go for a while. Something about pace/(unfriendly and unwelcome) competition/strava/leaderboards slowly broke me down. I ran an Ultra last year, and that was a huge accomplishment, but my soul wasn't in it, and it broke my spirit. I wasn't spontaneous, I was calculated. I wasn't feeding my soul, I was feeding the beast. I wasn't checking in with my spirit, I was updating strava. I'm not everybody, and I know that works for some people; I'm not one of those people. That's not what running is for me, and never has been.
After a long talk about WHY I run, with a complete stranger (and insightful shaman), followed by a weekend spent in the high country surrounded by some of the most inspiring people I have ever met, I've started to wake back up. You gain energy from the earth when you learn how to shut up, buck up, lace up, and tap into it. There's an infinite energy pool just waiting for you to reawaken a part of your spirit that has gone dormant for so long. That soul-stirring fire is slowly awakening once again in my spirit and it feels like reuniting with a long-lost friend.
I may be farther from the high country that sets my spirit on fire, but I can still fan the flames.
#soloseeking with elephantella and frost, an unlikely duo. 💓🐘


Good morning Helsinki.
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Easy, cheap therapy... Today's 16k of therapy was brought to me by the endless seawall and the lowest tide I've seen on the wall ever. This is what running is, it's an opportunity to experience, to feel, to think, to unload, to break down, and hopefully build back up.. mental and physical therapy at its finest. Whatever running is for you, i hope you lace up and get out there! Happy Trails!

Never tired of this view. #vancouver #vancouverisawesome #falsecreek

This photo is unrelated to the caption, but I just didn't want to post a hideous Garmin photo. Recently I realized that I've been underestimating myself. I'm sure that part of it's just me being conservative after injury, but I keep psyching myself out about the distance I have to run- I'll negotiate with myself like "okay you only have to do 4.5 miles (instead of 5, like whattt?!) only to go out and run 6 and feel great. I had to really talk myself into my tempo run today bc I was feeling tired and questioning my abilities, but I got out there and did it. I don't really know my current tempo pace so I just ran by feel. ➡️ 2 mi up, 2 mi TEMPO {8:22, 7:57}, 1-ish mi cd for a total of 5.19 miles (8:51 avg). Ngl I was pretty happy to see a mile split starting with a 7. Don't doubt yourself guys! Don't think too far ahead. Just trust that in the moment you'll find the energy and motivation to do what you need to. You can always give more than you think when you run in the moment.

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