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Who wants a dog like this?
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Tag your special running friend 🏃🏃‍♀️
We all need them. That someone who gets us through even the toughest runs. The days when it just doesn't come naturally. The person who picks you up when you feel like quitting. Makes you laugh when your legs are hurting. And inspires you to go every last mile ❤️

GIVEAWAY!!! I told you there would be another chance to win the new and awesome @bobgearus BOB Revolution Flex LUNAR!! Don't forget to also use the #BOBTeamSF as you follow me and @bobgearus plus tag your 3 buddies!!! BEST OF LUCK winner announced MONDAY July 24 on my insta-story!

Noch 100 Tage bis zum @frankfurtmarathon Noch hat der Marathonplan nicht begonnen, aber die gewünschte Marathonpace kann man mal schon üben. Und weil es in der Gruppe deutlich einfacher ist, hab ich mich mit @bjoern235 @pdgomes und @run_benni_run zum Temporun verabredet. Heraus kamen 10km in 4:15/km und damit würde meine gewünschte Marathonpace für die #roadtosub3 genau getroffen. #highonspeed Die Einheit steht jetzt jeden Freitag auf dem Plan. Wer also in Frankfurt ist und kurz nach 7h Zeit hat, kann sich gerne anschließen. #generalibewegtdeutschland

La poca voglia di correre ce l'ho avuta tutta questa mattina. Una mezz'ora di 'mi fa male la schiena' - 'fa troppo caldo' - 'mi fermo' - 'devo comprare il latte'. Mancava solo un: 'devo tornare a casa ad annaffiare il basilico' e poi le scuse erano al completo. Vero che capita anche a voi? Si?


i have a few superstitions

i believe in mercury retrogrades

and i believe in signs

and three herons seen on a grey saturday am run are definitely that


Trying to stretch some life back into this old one old old old old legs went into to ocean straight after which helped and the a bath which was so nice and now need to recover eat like a mad man and hopefully will make it to the start line in the morning #gingerbeastmode #gingersuperman and yes I have shorts on before my wife Rosemary Murphy gives out to me 😘

8 miles around this beautiful lake today. I've spent almost every summer here since I was born. sometimes for a month at a time. this year my heart feels a little heavier, it's very weird being here without my grandma. but in a sense she is with me always, and I find peace in that. tomorrow we celebrate the life of this beautiful soul the best way we know how. cheers to you my love! 💕

16 miles..done! I felt so much better than last week, the heat and humidity didn't bother me too much! I started before daylight and got to see this cute armadillo roaming next to the trail. Found 3 painted rocks! Also saw a copperhead 🐍 Didn't take picture, I saw it and picked up my pace! 😂😂 #seenonmyrun #mansfieldrocks #sunrise #armadillo #mansfieldtx #runningadventures

Somehow I got talked into running 12 miles and it felt great (well, til the last mile but the view helped!). Having a group to meet up with on Saturday mornings (and Wed evenings for speed work) has really helped me maintain a solid running base during this low key training time (although it seems like I miss every other run for one reason or another). Half of my love of running comes from the community so I can still get a lot out of it even when I'm not in full training mode. Runners, when you aren't training for anything, what is your standard weekend long run mileage? #runchat #longrun #seenonmyrun #motherrunner #optoutside #encinitas

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