То, какое тут царит везде спокойствие просто не передаваемо🌿 все настолько никуда не торопятся, что пока официант несёт на завтрак кофе, можно успеть сделать все свои утренние дела
Но в этом спокойствии так прекрасно, что и бежать никуда не хочется, да и не надо
А ещё у Датчан просто потрясающий вкус. Во всем. Эта страна прям таки для визуалов - чистота линий везде и во всем, прекрасная архитектура, до мелочей продуманные интерьеры и дизайны, этот их уют, в общем класссс, душенька радуется изо дня в день 🌸 #evaeevaflowergram #evaeevaaroundtheworld

Что сегодня поняла, так это то, что без снега зимой вообще живётся прекрасно! Раньше, я была уверена, что мои сибирские корни будут всегда ему рады, но корни корнями, а возможность щеголять в белых кедах по сухому асфальту явно выигрывает
#copenhagen #seemycopenhagen #copenhagenstreetstyle #evaeevaaroundtheworld

When a hotel leaves a single flower stem at turn down and it's the prettiest thing ever 💕

I remember as an architecture student coming to Copenhagen and standing in Arne Jacobsen's Danish National Bank in sheer awe of that staircase. Ten years or so later and I'm staying in his @radissonbluroyalhotelcph - the first design hotel of the world - geeking out at all the details (he designed everything down to the door handles, cutlery and blind pulls) and writing about its beautiful redesign by @spacecopenhagen 👌🏼

Oh I do love the muted tones of Copenhagen - soft greys, murky greens and earthy ochres, perfect inspiration to take back into the home 🖤

Do you prefer iPhone or polished camera photos? I've been reading so many things saying that iPhone photos do better here on Instagram, that the graininess and rawness feel more real and of the moment somehow. So this is a bit of a test, a slightly grainy phone shot, snapped yesterday in a perfect window seat @atelierseptember over coffee and chats with @han_house ☕️🥑

One of the most beautiful stores in Copenhagen - @stilleben_dk is always worth a visit. #seemycopenhagen #stillebenshop #christmasdecor

Yet another cool place to visit in Copenhagen, the very first Le Labo store opened up in the Danish capital a couple of weeks ago. More from my visit up on the blog. #seemycopenhagen #lelabo

Today's office at @sktpetri with an amazing Copenhagen view. #seemycopenhagen #sktpetrihotel

Snapshot from this afternoon when I along with one of our talented guides were giving a journalist from the UK a tour around the harbour.
I feel blessed that I get to call this beautiful city home ♡
What a joy it is to work with architecture in Copenhagen (and beyond) every day.
And right there, in the right hand corner is BLOX, the new home of the Danish Architecture Centre, where we’ll move to come spring. Exciting things ahead!
#ilovemyjob #luckygirl #thatnordicfeelingcph #olafureliasson #cirkelbroen

Because grey days like this makes me long back to sunnier days, traveling and finding gems like the one above. I could spend hours inside an Aesop store. Love the one in Store Strandstræde in Copenhagen. #seemycopenhagen #aesop

Hands up, who else is excited that @arketofficial's finally arrived in the UK? 🙋🏼 I can't wait to visit when I'm down in London in a few weeks.. (p.s. here's hoping one lands here in Mcr soon too 🙏🏻)

When I was in Copenhagen last week I quickly stopped by Geist and took a photograph of this courtyard. All the greenery at the front is 👌🏻Next time I'm visiting it's a must to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. #geist #seemycopenhagen

Couldn't go to Copenhagen and not post the obligatory pretty doorway/bicycle pic 💕 have a lovely Saturday all! #visitcopenhagen #seemycopenhagen

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