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#autumn- the year’s last loveliest smile “- William Cullen Bryant 🍂🍁. .
These rusty canopies are only Devine ✨ beautiful capture by @sparrowinlondon via @bourneandhollingsworth

I'm sitting, working on my novel, looking out at the dreary weather and feeling like I need another adventure (like the one this photo was taken on, in Røros with lovely @swaglen ❤). The truth is, I'm struggling a little bit, and I like sharing the good and the not-so-good with you guys in the name of authenticity, so here goes: I've come back to my lovely home and my supportive parents, which is so wonderful and I will always appreciate the safe space I have here. But I'm still currently unemployed. I've applied to several jobs, to no avail, and the lack of purpose and lack of income, even though it's only been a few weeks, is really taking it's toll on my self-esteem. I have been so obsessed with writing my novel (and working on articles to gain freelance experience) because it allows me to have a purpose, it's a distraction from the real world.. a world, it seems, I haven't yet been invited to enter. I'm stood in the no-mans land between finishing university and starting work, and everything is overwhelming.
I'm not writing this to whine or to get sympathy. Sometimes I just think it's worth sharing that life isn't pristine and polished: sometimes it's confusing and unpredictable and downright scary. I am confident that I will find a solution, and I'm sure I'll get some form of full or part-time job offer soon, but for now, it's just me and my laptop, hiding from reality. I wish I had a crystall ball to tell me where my future leads! But.. here's to finding something that will make me as happy as I was when this photo was taken 🔮 My other alternative is to run off to the forest, build a tree house and hide from the real world for a few months. Who's coming? 🌲🍂🍃✨
🎶: "Big Black Car" by Gregory Alan Isakov
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well hello, tiny bump. nice for you to join us 👶🏼
http://liketk.it/2ty41 #liketkit @liketoknow.it #fpme

The face you get if you keep interrupting me while I’m working 😎

Congratulations to my IB fam on their new CBD space ☕️ | Such a delicate and refined space that contrasts its surroundings in the most complimentary manner ✔️ | Sidenote, when you tell Julz to act candid and this was his best pose... 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 @industrybeans_ltcollins

I am loving the pretty floral face and pink band on my new @christianpaulwatches it has such a feminine and vintage look to it I can’t wait to wear it with all of my pink and floral dresses. #ad #maketime #christianpaulwatches

Anyone following Stories over on @prettycitylondon will have noticed I was pretty excited walking past @wildathearthq/ @nikkitibbleswildatheart in Pimlico earlier today 😐 but it’s just so shockingly perfect 👌🏻- it doesn’t matter how many times I visit these stores I’m still always blown away by the perfection 😍😍 #averyprettycitylondonchristmas #underthefloralspell

We spent last week in the Bahamas in celebration of our 25th anniversary with all of our children, despite the age range and the various busy schedules, which always makes my heart happy. I can hardly believe 25 years have passed since we stood on a beach together under a double rainbow, with little Larry a tiny peanut in my belly, and said our vows. I’ve been in love with the same person since I was 14. I’ve spent more of my life as Patti Schmidt than I have as Patti Avery. From the time I met him I was all in. He had me at hello. He is the wind beneath my wings. All the cliches! I think the secret to marriage is loving someone at their worst as much as you love them at their best… really meaning it when you say “for better or for worse.” I’ve been at my worst lately more often than I’d like to admit, yet there he is without fail, arms open. Have I ever mentioned that he’s also the best father in the world? Like everyone else we’ve had ups and downs, joys and pains, gains and losses, highlights and heartaches, yet I would do it all again ten times with him by my side. 📷 @patschmidt


Good old houseleeks, I thought to myself. They just sit outside in a pot in all weathers and get on with it. Except, looking closer, I realised these aren't houseleeks (sempervivum), they're echeverias, which are rather more tender and should probably be positioned somewhere a little less exposed before winter's chill arrives. Whoops. Remember, folks, Careless Gardening Costs Lives (but keeps the nursery trade going). 🌵🌱☃️ #mystoryoflight #peninpractice #olympusuk #tostandandstare #thisautumnlife #impressionsofautumn

This cardboard gingerbread house, guys. Some days I'll be making dinner or doing something else and I'll find them in there, reading books or playing with their stuffed animals. It is kinda the sweetest thing. 💕 #oscarandriver

Downtown ♥️

Good morning. She is ready for school while I’m still in my pajamas... Some days I get dressed and ready in the morning, others are pretty much spend in yoga pants. The advantages of working from home :-). Do you get dressed up if you don’t have to meet clients?

Quando il ᔕOᒪE ☀️ e la ᒪᑌᑎᗩ 🌙 s’incontrano, avviene l’ᗩᗷᗷᖇᗩᑕᑕIO del GIOᖇᑎO con la ᑎOTTE ed è allora che nascono le ᔕTEᒪᒪE ✨💫✨ Buona giornata ⭐️

// day twenty seven //
Waking up to an incredible view of Mbabane, knowing that tomorrow I'll back in Joburg with my family.

This morning I'm waiting on God. I sit here with complete assurance that He has something for me in Swaziland next year, but I need to wait.
It feels like I spend a lot of time waiting and it can be discouraging sometimes. Yesterday I had a friend tell me that I've done too many things, that I need to just sit down and do something now and that not everything needs to be 'special'. Which I totally disagree with, but conversations like that bring up doubt. Have I really heard God right? Or is it just clouded judgment? How many people in my life feel this way?
Or am I certain enough in my faith that I know God has planned everything I've done, for me-specifically for me?! Am I going to let people who have a different heart and vision to me decide where I should be and what I should be doing?! Am I really trusting God right now?!

My daily routine. #petitejoys

Peony season is back 💗💗

ПРивет, друзья) сегодня в 15.00 мск. будет домик с деревцем (белый с голубой дверью), приходите, кому нужен! 💙
Солнышка вам и нам 🌞
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There’s the wind in your sails type and the prowling around the garden type. Growling.

The Cassius Deluxe Excess Queen Sofa Bed is perfect for apartment-style living 💆‍♂️💆‍♂️

Not long to go, who has started their Christmas shopping then? Sneaky 15% off in store today - happy Wednesday! #xoandquinco

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