Everyone's journey is different. All I know is I'm proud of the one I'm on. #mana #seekmana #gaia #soulsearchingsunday #sunset 📷: @kuhlearrr

I know my grandma didn't start Nonosina to meet industry needs..literally, she came here to the continental US not speaking English and was asked to teach dances/songs of Polynesia in exchange for English lessons. Dance was all she had brought with her from the islands..Nonosina didn't create this culture...we created a space for the culture to manifest off island and called it NONOSINA. We are voyagers. We are warriors. We are Polynesian. This is dedicated to us Polynesians #TĀTOU and those who are respectfully lovers of our culture. #TianaNonosina #SeekMana
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its FRI-YAYYY! And guess what just came in, Nonosina's official nomination for "DANCE COMPANY OF THE YEAR!" This award does not only represent the current dancers of Nonosina but also the 52 years of prior dancers whom have paved the way for generations to come! Congratulations to the entire Nonosina family for your hard work, dedication, perseverance and love for the Polynesian culture! Special thank you to Estella "Gram" Reid, Riki Liufau, Mevina Liufau and current director: Tiana N. Liufau for leading the voyage! #NONOSINA #WODAWARDS17 #EstellaReid #RikiLiufau #MevinaLiufau #TianaLiufau

Received my Moana dolls today. Got the large set for my three nieces, Liahna, Milah & Seraphina. Bought the single dolls for each of us Liufau sisters and my mom, who was an amazing poly dancer in the 60's and was one of the first female fire knife dancers ever. I am so excited that Disney made its first Polynesian movie. I do in fact, 'come from a long line of Chiefs' as Paikea said in Whale Rider. My Grandfather made my Grandmother promise him, on his death bed that none of their sons would become Matai (Chief). He felt that his religious beliefs were not in alignment with the ways of the Matai culture. My grandparents spent their entire marriage and bore all 12 of their children (of which my dad was the youngest) serving a mission for the LDS church, setting up girls schools and church buildings throughout the Samoan islands. I am very proud of my Samoan heritage, despite my father banning me from dancing or learning about my culture. As a girl, and even now I begged him to tell me stories of "back home" as he called it. My people are a dichotomous people, fierce warriors with tremendously loving hearts. I have always felt a deep connection to my Polynesian heritage and still pray to my ancestors often. I am incredibly proud of my insanely talented cousin, @tiana_nonosina who choreographed the dancing for the Moana movie. She travels the world sharing the sacred gifts of our culture and inspiring thousands of people. Thanks cousin, for being a constant example and reminder of where we come from and all the beauty that being Polynesian entails! You inspire me to always remember my roots and honor them! Alofa atu!

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To top off all my late posts from Hura Tahiti 2016 lol…thank you to the Tekurio family & HOTR staff! Another successful Hura Tahiti in the books! Māuruuru roa te mau tomite for taking the time to share your manaʻo. NONOSINA HURA TAHITI 2016 results: 1st place TAMARIʻI ʻŌTEʻA + ʻAPARIMA | 1st place MUSIC | 2nd place AHUROA | 1st place HURA TAU ʻOTEʻA + ʻAPARIMA | BEST HURA TAU COSTUME & last but not least…OVERALL GROUP ! All & all i wanted to share the picture of all of us Hura Tau group leaders, the history with our families date way back and i have nothing but love & respect for my Lokelaniʻs and Le Polynesia family. The trophy never validates our passion but is a great tool to put our best foot forward and share. Lastly, i wanted to share a picture of myself and Malia Tekurio. Malia you know how much of an impact our little convo had on me a couple of years ago…and this is why i entered group this year ;) Tekurio family…me and mine will always love & support you and yours! The childhood memories i have with you folks will always be cherished & heres to many more to come. Congrats everyone, we must stay humble and always honor the source #TAHITI. ❤️Mom & Gram, you are my guiding light & you keep me grounded and for these reasons i will forever be by your side. Mika, you inspire me to be the best me. I love you with every fiber of my being! My assistant Anika, you were there every single step of the way & Mika and i are so grateful for you. Allen & Siaki siʻi: you led the group with such dignity, respect & mana…you were perfect! Nonosina members, my ideas are just visions and it is you who bring the vision to life! We must not basque in the glory of victories but stay righteous in the present to ensure the brightness of our future. “As tears of mana fall down your face, know this is a sign of your Tupunaʻs embrace”. #SeekMana #Nonosina #Lokelanis #LePolynesia #HuraTahiti #HuraTau

Técnicamente no hay un día exactamente definido para celebrarlo, no se ponen de acuerdo en si es el 27,28,29 o 30. La mayoría concuerda en que se conmemora el 29 de este mes, a mi se me pasó por un día pero todavía cuenta. Feliz día de la danza!! #hula #2012 #tianaliufau #mika #seekmana #love

My first pleasure read of summer. Very intriguing so far. #seekmana'o

Quick stop in Hawaii after Japan. Headed to LA! I love u my Hawai'i!!!! #missalohahula2010 #seekmana

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