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He said he wanted to show Texas me, so I did a lil extra 💋#ienjoybeingagirl #DateNight #Texas #SeeingTheSights #ILoveMyHubby 💕

The entrance to our place in Avignon 🌀

Sunsets and space invaders in Avignon 🌞👾


Still being wowed by the views and the history here...

Flashback to the other day, rockin’ my Pencil Pushers shirt, surrounded by 6 million people’s bones ✍️💀

Yeahhhh....so I'm not sleeping tonight. 😂😂 made it to Boston to await my next connection at 6 am after multiple delays and cancellations. Get this...Boston airport does not let people stay in the gate area we have to sit in baggage claim. But I am halfway there. 😂😂 I can definitely say it's been an interesting trip and makes for a great story! Psalms 37:23. #godisgood #orderedsteps #seeingthesights #ifthisbaggagebeltalarmdontquitgoingofftho #divineappointments #ministrydoesntstop

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