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Day 1!! My seeds arrived today and I just took the first packet. They are pretty yummy! It's a bit like a gel, you can freeze them, spread them on toast, throw in a shake, whatever works. #seednutrition #soulseeds #rainsoul

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@clark_aegerter_images: Easily the best road trip I've ever taken! Photography has really become a joy in my life and even though I'm new to it I feel like I progress each time I pick up the camera. I'm extremely humbled and thankful to those who teach me and know more than I do... like this guy!! Also glad @rain.international gave us some goodies to keep us fueled! #rain #seednutrition #tahoe #california PC: @clark_aegerter_images

These two products from @rain.international help me reach a whole new level 😋💪🌱 #insaneproducts #seednutrition #soul #core

Today we Ascended to the look out point in Hong Kong. The breeze up here felt so good. It was hot today.

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Continuosly learning from different sources 💪#axxaglobal #axxasoplus #mdefamily attending #dmgkcgroup4680 #seednutrition

@rain.international is doing some great things and helping a lot of people over in Nigeria 🇳🇬 #seednutrition


Day 1!! My seeds arrived today and I just took the first packet. They are pretty yummy! It's a bit like a gel, you can freeze them, spread them on toast, throw in a shake, whatever works. #seednutrition #soulseeds #rainsoul

每個人都希望自己健康 有好的身材 好的膚質 但要如何擁有❓要如何才能達到❓要用什麼方法才正確❓這些都是我們所煩惱的問題🤔 🌱SOPlus🌱是含有豐富營養的種籽油🌰 由美國🇺🇸生產時最先進純天然的產品👍🏻 它卻可以在這方面給予我們許多的幫助 提供我們身體所需的營養
⭐️豐富的維他命C 🌱SOPlus🌱 有這麼多的好處 是由純天然植物🌳水果🍒🍇的種籽製作而成 含有豐富的營養成分 的確是可遇不可求很棒的產品👍🏻 想要擁有健康的身體 好的身材 好的肌膚就該選擇好的產品 選擇對的產品👍🏻 我們才能吃出健康👏🏻 活得健康👏🏻 我們必須懂得如何去選擇適合自己的產品和營養 需懂得降低讓我們身體造成❌必要的傷害 帶來❌必要的後果 🌱SOPlus🌱會是你選擇後 嘗試後 而不後悔的產品 就看自己如何堅持與選擇😊

如果有任何疑問或興趣了解歡迎向我諮詢,我很樂意與各位分享😉 🌎http://www.xlife-axxa.com/shirleythen

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Have you experience lack of energy after workout or daily stress, excess smoking, excess saturated fat intake, depressed immune system and aging? All you need its SO Plus!

SO Plus contains D-Ribose which is needed to generate cellular energy ATP, and as an important component in cell nucleus present as RNA (ribonucleic acid). D-Ribose improved heart muscle function, better blood flow and quicker recovery exercise or workout. It also helps to keep our muscles ATP-based energy stores at peak capacity. That can mean less “afterburn” and more enthusiasm for next workout.

For more info on SO Plus benefits, PM now!! 🌎http://www.xlife-axxa.com/shirleythen

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My seeds are on the way!! Can't wait!
I have been doing a lot of research on seed nutrition and this sounds pretty great!
Once I start, I will give an honest review for anyone that may be interested. #seednutrition #plantbasedeating🌱 #superfoods

I don't even know how to put it into words the blessing I get to be apart of with RAIN. From the good hearted stellar people to the trail blazing innovative plans Rain has to literally change the way the world looks at nutrition and healthcare. I'm seriously blown away and just humbled to be apart! I'm so proud of the partners that invested in themselves to make this trip and change their lives forever. Blessed is just an understatement for how I feel! #BecomeMore #GloryToGod #MakeItRain #ChangeThings #SeedNutrition #Rain

RM400 make a hair, worth it 😏
Buy a I phone Rm 4000, worth 😏
Buy a bag RM8000, worth 😏

When talking about to maintain the skin, few hundred dollars , too expensive, right? No effect, how to do? Think about it, cell phone and bags are branded , can not be compared to a delicate face and body of the skin?

Now only a pack of a day with SoPlus , From the inner beauty to the outside, give you healthy skin and "inner". ❥ ✓ Whitening Rejuvenation ✓ Let the skin shine bright ✓ Uniform color ✓ Dilute melanin ✓ Dilute black spotted spot ✓ Moisturizing ✓ Improve pores ✓ Improve acne muscle ✓ High antioxidant ✓ Reduce wrinkle formation ✓ Balance hormones ✓ 3 times body Eliminate edema

Vis security --- SQF international safety food certification
 No Genetically Modified Organic --- vegetarians can take & HALAL certification ❥ International Awards --- won the YES BRAND Global Certified Brand Award

Today to choose a safe and effective source SO +.
#seednutrition #soplus
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I will hold a million meetings just to get the message across. When God called told me to do this, I was like 😳I told him but this is not the gospel and he said I know.try daily to run away from it but it's everywhere, I talk, walk, breath and dream it. It is my first assignment to you, finish it well. 💦⛈#seednutrition

Love love love this company! Rain Intl, you're just like family and it always feels like home! Can't wait for what's to come! 💚🌱🌿 #rainintl #seednutrition #rainnation #soul #core #flyin #seededucation

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