i put a poll up in my stories yesterday asking if people would be interested in reading along if i started casually blogging again, and the overwhelming response has been yes, so i guess i'll be starting that up in the next little while! i'm going to focus on the curation of my handmade wardrobe, travels, and non-knitting making adventures to start off with πŸ’•
i stopped blogging when i realized that my weekly newsletter is basically a mini blog in and of itself, and i felt like i couldn't maintain both well enough to warrant keeping the two going. i'm going to adjust my expectations for this new blog (which will be on my website) so that it's less frequent but higher quality content than my old one. and i think it'll help me keep on track with my making plans! between that, @homerowfiberco's #2018makenine challenge and @seamworkmag's #designyourwardrobe, i feel like i'm going to be fairly successful at cultivating my me-made wardrobe over the year βœ‚οΈ here i have the start of my #sedimentarycapsule from @sewliberated (the #stratatop for @taprootmag), a skein of @hinterland_textiles' range for my birthday sweater, and one of four cakes of @holstgarn supersoft from @thenakedsheepyarnandfibre that i want to use for a massive knitted version of my favourite pashmina. what's on your to-make list right now?

Last bit of goodness coming your way late Spring - the #hinterlanddress, with side bust darts, full or partial button down placket, 3/4, short, or sleeveless options. βœ¨πŸ–€βœ¨ #sedimentarycapsule

Behind the scenes, I usually do "ninja training" with my little kids while my 8 year-old takes my picture. Ninja training consists of me issuing physical challenges such as, "Run around the house 4 times!" or "Do tree pose for 30 seconds!" I figure it counts as both math and P.E. Plus, it generally keeps them from sillying it up in front of the camera. 😁 I love that my photographer caught his little sis in the frame here. ☝️ #momlife πŸ–€ Wearing: another pair of #arenitepants, this one without the ankle cuffs, made with some great tencel twill from @blackbirdfabrics. Also wearing my #stratatop. In general, I'm not one to wear only neutrals, but sometimes it's what I'm drawn to with certain bolder accessories. #sedimentarycapsule

Day 2, #winter10x10: I wanted to feel comfortably bad ass today. πŸ–€πŸ˜‚βœŠπŸΌ Reached for my silk #matchatoppattern, sand washed rayon #arenitepants (pattern in the works!), thrifted jacket, #janehat in @quinceandco Fox, and @oliberte boots (which are fair trade certified.) Having dressed in a way that gives fast fashion the cold shoulder, feelings of resilience, creativity, and kindness are amplified. Dressing can be a powerful, artistic, and - especially when you make your own clothes (slowly) with love and intention in your heart - a form of meditation and self-care. βœ¨πŸ–€βœ¨ #handmade10x10 #10x10friends #slowfashion #sustainablefasion #sedimentarycapsule

Yep. I love these pants. This #winter10x10 challenge has helped me home in on one of my favorite outfit formulas: slouchy pants, tee, cropped jacket (which could also be a cropped cardigan like @oliveknits new pattern) + scarf and/or necklaces. It's a no-brainer, and it allows me to mom hard all day long - from orchestrating vinegar and baking soda explosions to running around at the playground. πŸ™„ Wearing: #stratatop (my design, pattern available in the "Make" issue of @taprootmag), #arenitepants (pattern coming this Spring), thrifted jacket. #stylebee10x10 #sedimentarycapsule

Full credit for today's #handmadeoutfit idea goes to my friend @macsmakespace , who mentioned that she plans on sewing up an Ogden Cami with her #arenitepants to make a faux jumpsuit. 😍 Bathroom-friendly, comfy mama formula anyone? YES, please! This is my #stratatop tucked into the #arenitepants FTW. ✊🏽 #sedimentarycapsule

It feels like Spring here! 🌞 The perfect day to dress like the art teacher that I am. πŸ˜‰ Did you know that all of my recent and upcoming patterns are made for layering with each other? This here is my naturally dyed #stratatop underneath a silk noil #metamorphicdress, worn over my #arenitepants. All part of what I'm calling the #sedimentarycapsule ... and inspired by my geologist father who, despite having zero interest in clothes, knows a thing or two about layers. πŸŒŽπŸ˜„

My friend @madebyrae got me thinking about capsule wardrobes, and their apparent lack of color. I propose this, for those who strive to curate a capsule wardrobe:
1.) Think about what you would bring on a three week vacation in a carry on bag. Pretend you are on vacation (or, ideally, actually go on one πŸ˜‰) and take photos of all of your favorite combos for reference.
2. ) Choose colors that tap you into how you want to feel. I NEVER wake up wanting to feel "neutral." More likely, I wake up wanting to feel bad ass, artistic, thoughtful or cozy. Black and denim make me feel resilient; rust, lavender, mauve and forest green help me feel creative, and deep gray is my cozy color.
3.) Figure out a family of colors that go together and look good next to your skin. I have a weird combo of olive skin, blue eyes, and dark-yet-coppery hair, so don't assume you can box yourself into a color profile. Go to a yarn store with good lighting and a mirror and put those skeins righ next to your face!
4.) Release yourself from the feeling that you must have a capsule wardrobe in order to be a good, conscious person. It works for some people, not for others. The important thing is that you know what you'd pack to feel fabulous on vacation, and that ALL the clothes in your closet make you feel confident and beautiful in your body as it is NOW. Not when you lose x pounds. 😚

I'm wearing my #gemmatank in Nani Iro fabric and my newly designed/sewn #arenitepants that will be part of my #sedimentarycapsule, of which the #metamorphicdress is a part. I love them - flat-felled seams, big pockets, sand washed rayon and stretchy knit cuffs.

You guys, WOW. Y'all love the 2-in-1 dress concept! πŸ˜™πŸ™πŸ’“. I though you might enjoy a little #metamorphicdress parade, thanks to my amazing testers. In general, you'll see the dress and its reverse in subsequent photos. Katy of @mysweetlittlelife has this to say about her Metamorphic: "It is quickly the most worn dress I've ever made. I wear it over longer dresses and over jeans or with socks and boots! Don't tell but I wore it THREE days last week!" πŸ˜‚ Tap each photo for credits. #sewingisselfcare #sedimentarycapsule

I like my pockets deep, lined with something unexpected, and full of flowers. This is the first iteration of my #gypsumskirt pattern, part of the #sedimentarycapsule collection. Can you believe that this will be my first skirt pattern? Crazy ... Sew Liberated has been around for 10 years! (Double crazy!) Fabric is silk noil, dyed with logwood, and the pockets are lined with leftover fabric from my most recent #stratatop. (See more in my story!)

Thankfully my kids enjoy turning the pages on their own while I read aloud to them. Much progress had been make on my #veronikacardi this weekend thanks to picture books! Pattern by @soveryshannon, yarn is @quinceandco Fox. Dress is my upcoming pattern from my #sedimentarycapsule, the #metamorphicdress.

#sskal #sskal17

My #tegnasweater is done and I think it ranks right up there as one of my favorite makes ever. The process was a delight, and the finished garment couldn't fit more perfectly. I made a size M (I am a 35" bust) and kept it pretty cropped - partly because I only had one skein of this beautiful yarn all the way from Germany (@welthase ) and mostly because I love the look of a cropped top over a dress. My raw silk #metamorphicdress fits the bill. #sedimentarycapsule #sewliberated

I missed my #metamorphicdress this weekend. It's already heading off, along with my original pattern pieces, to be graded into a full spectrum of sizes for all shapes of beautiful bodies. πŸ’• #patternmaking #sedimentarycapsule #sewliberated

Another day, another "muslin" in creamy, raw silk. I was just thinking that I could use more cream in my life when my coffee seemed to have heard me and misunderstood ... dripping itself right onto my top. πŸ˜‚ I guess I'm sticking to the original plan ... waiting on my indigo vat supplies to arrive from @avfkw ! (The top is layered over my #washidress in cotton ikat.) #patternmaking #patterndrafting #sedimentarycapsule #stratatop

Unsurprisingly, the sandwashed rayon reversible #metamorphicdress was in its element at the beach this weekend! Oh my goodness, friends ... I seriously can't wait to get this design into your creative hands! I couldn't love a dress more. #patternmaking #sedimentarycapsule

Our sandwashed rayon never looked so good. 😍 We can't wait to see more! #stonemountainfabric
#Repost @sewliberated
I'm taking this *almost* complete new design out for a spin during this weekend's quick beach trip. I only had to pack one thing! The #metamorphicdress is gray, with a funky, layered hem on one side (with eventual patch pockets) ... flip it inside out and it's a simple LBD with in-seam pockets! 😍 I made it in stonewashed denim from @stonemountainfabric , which literally makes it feel like I'm wearing a vintage sheet. Seriously dreamy. #sedimentarycapsule

I'm taking this *almost* complete new design out for a spin during this weekend's quick beach trip. I only had to pack one thing! The #metamorphicdress is gray, with a funky, layered hem on one side (with eventual patch pockets) ... flip it inside out and it's a simple LBD with in-seam pockets! 😍 I made it in stonewashed denim from @stonemountainfabric , which literally makes it feel like I'm wearing a vintage sheet. Seriously dreamy. #sedimentarycapsule

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