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Pretty dope Etsy @femme.broidery

Oh . . .

Original content. I got so mad earlier about this guy saying faggot on Xbox and I made the mistake of debating him and getting angry and of course he’s a trump supporter

Read your scripture people!

Stop holding us back.

Happy New Year

Let’s do 2018 right!! Got this one from from @roberthamilton4997

The truth will set you free

Sometimes me and Jesus debate online about whether or not he’s real and he gets super pissed off

I took this picture for the aesthetic and the caption just had to be said

I’m gonna use this OC meme for so much stuff now lmao

I’m just gonna leave this here

I think a clear perspective of reality is ultra important in making decisions and experiencing the world we live in. Life skews so tragically when you view it through the prism of a primitive religion.

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