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“Welcome, Lutherans.” 🙏🏼❤️✨

Just passing through. 🐻✨

All about them berries. 🍓✨

Just need some fresh air. ✨

Blue skies only 💙✨

Field trip 📚✨

Interfering with the landscape. 💥✨

Two-car garage 🚙🚗✨

Spring, we’re ready for you. 🌺 🌸🌼✨

Fancy buildings & cars. ✨

Flowers + Sunshine is all you need 🌸✨

Driving a cute car wearing cat-eye sunglasses and that bright shade of lipstick. 💋✨

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Not four-leaf clovers, but they’ll do. 😜🍀🧡✨

Waiting in that cell phone lot. 📱✈️✨

Walking trails for the win 👟✨

Love Old Hollywood 📽🎞✨

The road to nowhere. ✨

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