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Another great interview with one of our #songwriters Ms. @nooniebao up on @spotifyuk now! Check it out at #SpotifyOriginals #SecretGenius #NoonieBao right now #SonyATVFamily

thank you for the good conversation @spotify #secretgenius

s/o Tiffany and Wallpaper congrats on a spectacular week....Still jamming the songs we made!! s/o Nate! #secretgenius #spotify

Having fun personalizing @doralovesshopping bottles #behindthescenes #secretgenius #ilovelucy

Last day of @Spotify #secretgenius #songshop I love this music life. @creativenationmusic

I told mama to wear her new shirt to work today, but she said it may not be workplace appropriate πŸ˜‚ #idisagree @kanerbasset

@spotify has made a big ol playlist of songs I've been lucky enough to be a part of. They launched a new #secretgenius ambassador program to shine a little love on songwriters of the world! Pretty chic. Check it out. Link in bio. Xo

El Slobberito hide because hear the B word. Momma will never find #secretgenius here. πŸ›

🐺 🐭 wolf mouse pack. ArOoOo! #losangeles #scrunchiesquad #babeparade #secretgenius


When it comes to working out, if it feels good you aren't doing it right. 1m12s off my time from last week all because @trababe211 dared to tell me to "be smart" and not go for a faster time in this heat pre run πŸ™„. #bedumb #dontlisten #secretgenius #gohard #getfitordietrying #nolifewithoutdeath #pushyourself #limitless #speedracer #notreally #likemiddleagedpace #probablyslower #cardio #5k #training #themostathletic #shinsplints #fitness #weightloss

'There's no magic formula, it's just hard work'. - Producer, @Elitethatsme | Check this interview and more by clicking the link in the bio!

Bryson Tiller | Styled by @mariocrangel

Apparently we did this really quickly.... Maybe we are just secret geniuses? Have we ever considered that? #escaperoom #escapadenz #secretgenius #theboatshed #funwiththefamily

Turns out I'm actually a genius!!! Booze in the freezer bit while doing the rest of my shop... chilled for when I get home πŸ‘πŸ» #lifehacks #secretgenius

EP11: Mario Rangel β€’ The silent giant who styles Bryson Tiller and Khalid β€’ AVAILABLE NOW! 🎧

I solved it! 😱 I was totally surprised. #secretgenius #rubixcube

Monday. 🎹 #mood

Brunch with style #secretgenius

NEW EPISODE of the @silentgiantspodcast! This week's silent giant is Mario Rangel, celebrity stylist for Bryson Tiller and Khalid. Hear how Mario broke into the industry, became Bryson's stylist and the story behind the artwork for Khalid's hit single 'Location'. | LISTEN, DOWNLOAD, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE | Link in bio 🎧

Episode 4 | Warryn Campbell

Truly a secret genius! You may not know this man by face, but if you're a fan of @therealmarymary, @4everbrandy, or even @2pac, you've likely heard his music. Check out my conversation w/ @warryncampbell, as we talk about why he's not credited on some of 2Pac's records, how he founded Mary Mary, and why Kanye West is the artist that's challenged him the most. [Link in Bio]

Hear the story of Kanye's debut music video for 'Through the Wire' from film director, @coodierock on the Silent Giants podcast. | CLICK THE LINK IN BIO TO LISTEN

Don't forget to check out our episode with legendary photographer, @jonathanmannion. Jonathan explains how he got his start in the industry, offers advice to aspiring photographers and shares the story of HOV's 'Reasonable Doubt' album cover. | SUBSCRIBE!!! | CLICK LINK IN BIO TO LISTEN

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Spotify Secret Genius //
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πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» You can now listen to the Ricky Reed @Spotify #SecretGenius podcast!! πŸ’šπŸŽΆβœ¨

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