Just finished this custom piece! Soon to be installed in a kitchen window @foreverengravedstudio

One of my pagan matriarchs growing up had a tradition where she would cycle through the year doing internal works in the winter broadening into external works in the summer and back again. In this tradition, at Summer Solstice you would be at your most expansive, doing work out in community to spread magic, power and generally promote global health. This Solstice, I am working both of my jobs, serving communities and wearing gold to promote strength and recharge my batteries to do more. Happy Solstice! What work are you doing for others in this season?
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#throwback to the 80's!! How many of you remember The Village Sampler? This is ME (Abbey!) in front of the store, circa 1985ish. When I was growing up, my parents owned the store - in the old train station and the first floor of the hotel across the street. My family lived upstairs, which was perfect for a little girl who loved to go downstairs and play store everyday ❤️
If you have memories of shopping at The Village Sampler from days gone by, I'd love for you to share!! Part of what I love about this small town is how intertwined our lives are and how much history we share. I always love when people come in the store and reminisce. It's been almost 46 years since my parents first opened, so there are a lot of great memories! Thank you all for supporting our family for such a long time! We love being a part of this community!
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Berbahagialah 😍😃

7/7/97 - 21/6/18: They say, "A car is only meant as a medium to take you from point A to point B... " They have never been so wrong!

When a commodity has been with you for so long that it becomes much more than that and starts taking the shape of a living entity. We bought this #car back in the day when owning a #vehicle in #India was still considered a luxury. Now, that it has been with the family for so long I can even mark events from my own life in parallels with its existence. From learning how to #drive, to going for tuition classes and taking those #epic #journeys to the #Himalayas; I've used, abused and pushed this fine piece of #machine to its absolute limits but surprisingly, these set of wheels have never let me down!
Now, that the car has served well beyond its purpose and outlived its age, it's about time that I bid farewell. So long, HID 27 / HP 33A 0391. It's been a fun #ride for more than a couple of decades... #PetrolHead for life!

Who doesn’t love this punk bean? Also if you happened to wonder what SQUAD in my bio means. I’m an absolute trash for Chris Sara Robin and Mattias so of course I just add their amazing headcanon in my page.

Camp season has begun! Why are second and third generation campers back at Gan Israel? Read this story (link in bio)! Here’s a teaser:

Yuval Golan knew he’d be back. A camper at Gan Israel of the Valley, in Encino, California, he returned twenty-five years later with his daughter Kayla. Now greeting him with a familiar hug was counselor-turned-director Rabbi Meir Greene.
The old photo albums came out off the shelves as Meir showed Kayla pictures of her dad as a camper back in the early 1980s. “Your father was a ten-star general back in the day,” Meir told Kayla, explaining the traditional camp award system where campers earned badges for learning Jewish trivia. “Actually, I was a fifteen-star general,” Yuval corrected proudly. “I was honored with raising the camp flag and leading the songs at morning line-up.” His wife, Ronit, also attended Camp Gan Israel as a child, the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills branch. When it came time for the couple to enroll their children in a day camp, Yuval says it was a no-brainer—“It was only Gan Israel.” At least ten percent of CGI attendees are second and third generation “legacy” campers. “

On any given summer, we have between thirty to forty campers whose parents attended our camp,” Meir says. On the first day, parents come with such enthusiasm that “I sometimes cannot tell who is more excited—the parents or the children.” One camper showed up with her mother’s old camp booklet. “Her mom had saved it all those years for her daughter.” Read more on our website (link in bio)! #camp #campganisrael #ganisrael #cgi #gi #sing #jewish #judaism #raisingkids #happy #thirdgeneration #secondgeneration

This is so special to me, original picture is me as a baby with Dad, he recreated the picture with my two girls, Braylee & Josie. #secondgeneration #ranchersdaughter #ranchersgranddaughters #countryliving #futurecowgirls #hero

From the Resort Collection
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Sometimes I take my grandparents for granted having to emigrate to the US 45 years ago. #familyhistory #emigration #almosthalfcentury #secondgeneration #camewithnothing

Helping mamee working..... #secondgeneration

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