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Michael Jackson memorial randomly on this side of the motorway, what a legend 🙌
#MichaelJackson #Holland #Utrecht #SebDelanney

Thought I would repost this awesome clip from @jonolsson1 's Vlog of us taking 'George' his Rolls, the @teamgalag Batmobile and the Lotus through Monaco and causing chaos. Edited beautifully as always by @benjaminortega 👏👏 awesome memories!
#GeorgeTheRolls #Batman #TeamGalag #SebDelanney

FOR SALE: it's a sad time but I think it's time to make some space for something new, I absolutely LOVE this car, and the spec, but it's time to move on to new goals. I've decided to sell my Exige Sport 380 so if you're interested (serious enquirers only) shoot over a DM. It now has 9.800km 👌
#SellingTheLotus #Exige #Lotus #SebDelanney

Great day at the F1 in Silverstone today 🙌 massive congrats to @lewishamilton on the win and huge thanks to @archiehamiltonracing for somehow sorting a way to wiggle me into a posh viewing area for the race 😎 my first British GP! Great experience.
#BritishGP #F1 #Silverstone #SebDelanney

I often get asked if I regret not getting a Cup 380, and the truth is, i had no clue it was going to exist when I ordered my Sport 380. I think it is a brilliant car, looks incredible and I'm sure it'll be even nicer to drive than my car, but personally, as I use my car daily, I think this would be a bit too intense, too stripped out and also I can't justify the step up in price. And of course, rather importantly... they're all sold 😂 so even if I wanted one, I wouldn't be able to get my hands on one without paying a premium.
#Lotus #Exige #Cup380 #SebDelanney

Throwback to when the driveway was rather full 😳 which would you run away with?... #DrivewayGoals #Supercar #ThrowBack #SebDelanney

First time seeing a GTC out and about and I must say it looks brilliant. Much more aggressive than the GTS which is still trying to make an appearance in the background 😂
#AMG #GTC #GTS #SebDelanney

Total dream and honor to have been able to meet Sir Jackie Stewart and have a proper chat over the weekend, what an Inspiration and total class act he is, very humble and infinitely knowledgeable.
Thank you @heineken for allowing this dream of mine to become a reality.
I've put a few photos of the weekend in a slideshow so you can experience what it was like on race day 🏁
#SirJackieStewart #WhenYouDriveNeverDrink #MoreThanARace #SebDelanney

I couldn't help myself but to repost this stunner, owned by @gregb.23 😍 Can you tell what's different about this 458?... Well... It has a LaFerrari V12 somehow squeezed into its heart 😳 I can't even imagine how amazing this car must be to drive. The chassis, looks & size of a 458 with the brut force and total savagery of the Laf's V12... Greg, you're a hero 👏 this is epic!
I'd put this up on my Twitter (@Seb_Delanney) a few days ago but figured it belonged here on Instagram too! Check out my Twitter if you're on the Platform, will be answering a bunch of car news related tweets from now on!
#Ferrari #LaFerrari #458 #SebDelanney


Carbon parts | Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk

American Style 🇺🇸

Over crowded | Ferrari 312P

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