Just a quick post to say that since Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres this week, & since the premiere is tonight & there will be early screenings before its official release, I'm going to try & avoid social media until I see the movie.
I might post occasionally on my story or whatever, but I won't scroll through my feed or be as active (until I see the movie).
If you have any questions about the MCU or any info you need before the movie you can still DM me don't worry!✨

i bet @__curly_frazer__ wakes up every morning thinking “how should i kill the tgt fandom today?”

• im worried abt them duh😞😢😰🤧😭

He’s been through so much 😭😭
credits to owner
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#TomHiddleston explaining #SebastianStan what #stan means in classic professor Hiddleston style. And in the end he once again reveals to the world that, yes, he's a tennis nerd and I fully approve his choice 😄 Link to the full video on the linktree on my profile.

Go subscribe to chrystelemyriam.org (link in @iamcmims bio) and get the first sneak peek of the new #marvel story “Winter Soldier: Some Nights.” #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #seabass #sebastianstan

tom in this video is my stress level on a daily basis
[full video in link in bio!!]
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