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But you know they so "don't" breach playfully on their own..😂. < what I've been told numerous times by antis..
#seaworldcares #seawordorlando #keepthetanksfull #shamustadium

🦈🐋🐳 #seawordorlando

In a "light up the night mood" if that's even a thing..😂
But I love how hyped the trainers are in this haha
#seaworldcares #seawordorlando #orlandopodorcashavemyheart #truawasintheback #keepthetanksfull

I still can't believe this experience happened to me, and I still can't believe I got to interact with him.💗 And again a big shout out to Shannon, her and Trua made the experience an unforgettable one!
#trualovin #seawordorlando #seaworldcares #killerwhalesupclose #orlandopodorcashavemyheart

Late post but today was Holly's last day,inspiring many (including myself.) and caring and loving for these magnificent animals.
She will be missed dearly at SeaWorld!
I wish her much luck and blessings as she moves on to another career caring and loving for amazing animals.
Shamu Stadium won't be the same without her though.
PC:SeaWorld,and Me!
#seawordorlando #seaworldcares

Sorry for the horrible quality, but here's something rare (from my point of view anyway lol) to see, Trua was swimming with Makaio, Katina and Nalani. Kayla was even in there with them but he still decided to swim around with them.
First picture is (left to right) Trua, Makaio and Katina (Nalani got cut out unfortunately), Second picture is Trua, Makaio and Katina again and then the last picture is of Trua, Makaio, Katina and Nalani!
I know Trua is very fond of Mak and when he wants to or whatever he'll go spend time with him. Mak is his uncle after all, but I mean it's not really weird or anything to see this since Katina is his grandmother and Nalani is his half sister/aunt!
#seawordorlando #seaworldcares #istandwithseaworld #keepthetanksfull #shamustadium

She's always the first phin that comes up to me and stays with me lol
#dolphinnursery #seawordorlando #seaworldcares

Nalani and Malia
I love their bond,sisters not by blood,but by heart. Even though they are related lol #orlandopodorcashavemyheart #seawordorlando #seaworldcares #keepthetanksfull #shamustadium


Pretty sure this is Damara.
#dolphinnursery #seaworldcares #seawordorlando

Damara & Delilah (plz ignore me with whatever I'm doing)
#dolphinnursery #seaworldcares #seawordorlando

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