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the seattle stop in the @davidmuzichuk hair tour is done!!! 3 cities down and we are headed to NYC next!! be sure to follow him to see exact travel dates + behind the scenes.
p.s. david will be back in seattle in may + it's only $75 for a cut,

I'M VERY FREAKIN FOND OF THIS FONDUE BURGER FROM @8ozburger 🧀🍔🧀get it delivered to ya 4 free by using @postmates code "GRUBBINSEATTLE" = $50 in delivery cred 💅🏼🚗👅this holy burg is stacked w/redwine braised shallots, gruyere fondue, garlic aioli + onion broth au jus for dippin🆘IT'S PRETTY INCREDIBLE🆘 #grubbinseattle 🍴

Jimmy Graham! #GoHawks @thejimmygraham


When the world plants you, bloom with grace.#pikesplacemarket #seattle #seattlewashington #seattlelife

Totally taken from @alchemy_athletics.. I love LOVE this because I know it's true. Its taken years to hone my fitness and I still have a long way to go..it's the same with nutrition. Diligence and perseverance while figuring out what works best for you is required. It's taken me a long time to understand this and I'm glad I finally do 😉#nutrition #nutritionmatters #bulletproof #grassfed #grassfedbeef #freerange #wholefoods #nogmos #payattention #fit #healthy #healthyfood #healthyfats #eatclean #instafit #fitstagram #seattlefitlife #seattlefitness #seattlelife #trainerlife #trainer #trainerlifestyle #betheexample

Great wheel spinning

Space Needle rising in the dim Seattle sun ☀️

Working right around the corner, I've never bothered to brave the wait for @dintaifungsea but it was #ladiesnight with my girl @shamiferngully and she had the brilliant idea to get #soupdumplings
#foodporn #foodgasm #nomnomnom #food #fwx #seattlelife #dimsum #universityvillage #seattleeats #iphone7plus #iphonography #portraitmode

Man alive lovies... I feel like I've dropped off not just IG planet but creative planet! Ever since the election I've been literally diving into just about every type of activism to try to see what makes my heart sing and what repels me, the latter just as important as the former bcs a girl can't do everything. It's left little time for much else so, last night, in a moment of reprieve, I took myself to see one of my fave artists, @agnesobelofficial. Listening to her floods my mind and heart w the memory of long slow days on one of two balconies in the Himalayas while my best friend Mark and I would sip chai, maybe smoke a clove from the middle east (SUPER DELICIOUS), talk anything from nonsense to deep philosophy while listening to Agnes on repeat as the monsoon clouds would drift in and out of the foothills below and the pounding rains on our metal roof would add an Indian flare to the tunes that well... only India can. I called him last night while she was playing... me... in an intimate venue w one of my fave Seattle peeps (@casey.be) buzzing my fave dude on this planet, tucked into his shack in the jungles of Kerala, so he could hear the terribly distorted music of our memories through the magical yet non-audio friendly global radio waves.

Sometimes I'd close my eyes while on that Himalayan balcony, feeling the chill mist of the clouds as they'd enveloped me outside and in, while listening to Agnes on my tiny lil speaker and last night, a few times, I closed my eyes and just let the music envelop me the way the Himalayan clouds did those years ago. It never ceases to amaze me where music can take me. Thank you, Agnes, for a beautiful show and sorry for being on my phone for part of it. 😜❤🙏

@iamsupersquare headlines Bass Therapy Thursdays this Thursday 3/30 with support from @mykzilla, Holden, & @luckdragon_rz.
Free cover & $2 Bass Shots before 12, $7 Smirnoff and Jack Daniels Honey all night.
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Brightness in the darkness.

Favorite color combo

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