Started my Saturday off right with a visit to Brian Paquette’s new shop @brian.paquette.at.home and of course I didn’t leave empty handed. PS a version of that @apparatusstudio light will hopefully be making an appearance in a current project! 🤞🏻
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Need a design studio for your next project? We have portfolios of the Northwest's very best architects, designers and landscapers on our site - and they're all chock full of gorgeous projects like this one from @hoedemakerpfeiffer

Check out www.portraitmagazine.com/design-professionals
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Another sneak peak of the finished project we got to see last week! This master bath is nothing but luxurious 🖤.
🏠: @kimberleemarieid
🔨: @rwandersonhomes

Peace Out- Cheers to the weekend! ✌🏽#SeattleInteriorDesign #GoodWeeksHappyHeart

17/100 // "When the subconscious mind must choose between deeply rooted emotions and logic, emotions will almost always win." - T Harv Eker
Deeply Rooted
Acrylic and pastel on canvas
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EARTHBOUND: a story of life, death, faith, and the earth. A story of being human, of being earth bound.
Traditional gallery style hanging is not for me and this body of work. In nature beauty isn’t always right there at your eye line; you have to look up, down, under, and through. I’ve hung some of this work really high, and on an adjoining wall there’s work low down, almost on the floor, so you have to stoop to view it.
It’s okay to break gallery conventions (if the gallery allows it). I’m mindful of where those traditions come from (hint: not women) & how I can play a part in breaking the legacy. The gallery model is under pressure & a forward thinking space (like this one) will recognise that change is necessary for survival. Just as in nature.

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