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I've spent my last few days in #Cuba in #vinales which has proved to be the perfect place for #Cuban culture, food, and beauty. .
It's a teeny tiny town about 3 hours away from #Havana There are literally no hotels or hostels so I've been staying with a family in a casa particular. (I really tried to upload stories but bc of minimal internet it didn't happen). Anywho, this has been my favorite experience in Cuba. They've arranged everything for me, cooked me (delicious) meals, and are my new extended Cuban fam. Also, I told them about my money situation and they helped me negotiate cheaper deals for everything I did. Just amazing!
Isn't this beach gorgeous? It's a definite must see in Viñales!! Who has been here??

All you need is love and a cup of coffee. ❤️ #lamarzocco #latteart

happiness in a box 💖 📷by @macleighwilson

Got your sun shades?
📷: @twodrsdwn #DayShiftSEA

All the big sis wanted was some sunshine...here's to the 1hr of sunshine you got to have ☀️🌃
#seattlegirl #truelyapeach #wheresthesun

Its #bangbang time again, IG...this re I razor cut. What's the verdict? #seattlegirl #seattlestyle #seattlelife #banglife

In this edition of #PamelasMakeupTips we go retro, try out an Instagram favorite, and have some very mixed feelings 🙈
A staple in the Insta makeup circle: over lining your lips. 💋
Did you know that your lip doesn't actually end where the color ends? I didn't! Until recently anyway. It turns out there's 2 to 3 mm of unused lip space on our top and bottom lips that has been ignored by women of all ages for decades. By taking your lip liner all the way out to that edge (and just a teeeensy bit beyond) you get the appearance of very full, pouty lips, sans surgery/injections 💉
Here's what I learned while experimenting with this look:
1. Find a forgiving lip liner. I used NYX because it's cheap and soft enough for me to smudge off when I messed up and needed to adjust the line.
2. Matte lipstick! Creamy lipsticks show the changing texture of your lips too much. I'm sure for someone with more experience in over lining it might not be a problem, but I found that the shine gave away my inconsistencies too much. I went back to a matte lipstick and then even set it with a matte finishing powder.
3. A small lipstick brush. Doing this with just the stick or even a liquid lipstick wand is not precise enough. I had to pull out my small lipstick brush to get the lines straight and even.
4. Concealer and a small concealer brush. After applying the lipstick, I went around my lips with a very small amount of concealer on a small concealer brush to make the line more precise and to cover up any smudging I'd caused.
5. No matter how well you do it, it's going to look/feel weird at first. Just sit with it for an evening or a day. After checking or reapplying a couple of times it starts to feel more normal.
I don't think this is a look I would wear every day. And I just don't have the time to apply it this precisely most days (plus I need like way more practice to not take forever each time). But it's fun for dressing up and going out. I need to buy more lip liner colors to go with my recently acquired lipsticks and this is an excellent excuse to do so.
Have you tried over lining your lips? How did it go? What tips and tricks have you picked up for doing it? 💄💋❤️


Do you know those days where nothing goes as planned? That was today. A good little reminder that even though I think I'm in control, I'm not. I mean my workout was even sabotaged by my body giving me a couple signs that it just needs to rest. So here I am giving it what it wants while counting down the hours until I'm Bellingham bound and feeling grateful that I get to stand next to one of my favorite people as she marries her best friend in three days. You guys are going to D I E when you see her in her dress

Grade school. Yep. That's where we met. 😂 And if you'd told either of us back then that someday we would be close friends and business partners, neither of us would have believed it! I was nerdy and awkward. 🤓She was much cooler than me! 😎But here we are, and I am so grateful to have @tawnya_landis as my amazing mentor and coach. ❤️ I have benefited so much from her wisdom and generosity over the past few years. And watch out...'cause we have BIG goals and we are just getting started. 👊🏻#wcw #womancrushwednesday

Check out this gorgeous guest's hair by the sensational @shainamarx #bellemariebabes #oribeobsessed #beachhairdontcare

happiness in a box 💖 📷by @macleighwilson

💛💛💛Blonde Love💛💛💛 #bellemariebabes #wavyhair #oribeobsessed #balayage

'Til the sun sets.
📷: @twodrsdwn #DayShiftSEA

This is yet another example of why #Seattle is the coolest place on the planet. 💚💙 #GasworksPark #YouCantStopSeattle #LiveLikeTheMountainIsOut #PNWLife #SeattleGirl #ThatWALife #Summer2017 #MyKidsAreCoolerThanYourKids

Used my @b.fullers epsom salt and eucalyptus soaking teabag finally. I love a nice long bath with a good book. After letting my skin soften, I used the homemade sugar scrub from my @sweetgrassfoodco & @bloom.beauty.wellness class. My skin is so smooth and hydrated now! What a luxurious way to spend an hour ✨🛀🏻📖

Why play life safe? You will miss out on all sorts of opportunities. Sometimes I let fear take over and play it safe since I am scared over the possible outcome. That only does me a disservice because I am holding myself back from growing, from pushing myself past my limits and living life to the fullest. So next time you come across a risk take it. You never know what may happen.

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