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CHILDREN IN CARS | أطفال في السيارة

Today's topic is something that really irritates me and pisses me off. I try to address it whenever I see it in-front of me, but it's become something that needs to be discussed and addressed more strictly. I hope the people who are guilty of this are put in prison; yes prison; even if for a week. Maybe then they will learn the gravity and recklessness of what they're doing and the lives of children they're putting at risk.
The matter at hand is people who have #children in their #cars with no #seatbelts, and even worse when they have the children sitting in the front seat, and EVEN WORSE, when they seat them in the driver's seat on their lap so that they can drive too and have "fun"!
Funnily, when you talk to them, many get offended, and would say things like:
"Why are you making this a big deal!?"
"Let the child have fun."
And so on...
Me making this a big deal!? Really? Do you realize that if you crash, there is a BIG chance the child would die, or get a major injury, or even have their heads go through the front glass. Look, if you don't give a sh*t about your own safety, then who cares, you're an adult and you've made your decision, BUT you not caring for the little children in your car is BEYOND me. These children don't realize how dangerous it is to be seated that way and with no seat-belts, but you DO, and it's your damn responsibility whether you like it or not.
Not much I can add here, but you know what I mean, and I'm sure you've seen situations like these in-front of you. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on this topic as I believe it's a really serious one.
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Congratulations on being alive @katelin_hendricks and @suzsmit
God saved us on this day, 5 years ago. I may still have pain in my foot from the broken bones, and a rib that pops out whenever it feels like now. But we have life and life abundant! So happy to know you girls and love you and continue to enrich each other's lives.
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How do you strap an @f1 driver in his seat? @estebanocon's front end mechanic @harry_rush shares the secrets of his seatbelt magic. For the full video, click on the link in our profile! #forceindiaf1 #f1 #formula1 #PinkPanthers #forceindia #seatbelts #howto #Ocon

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Rain, rain go away. Sometimes life hands you lemons. Instead of making lemonade keep the receipt for a easy return process #crazythought #pearlsnaps #A&F #pondering #whereswaldo #seatbelts #

As our kids get ready to end yet another school year there are lots of questions about whether or not booster seats are still necessary. Remember that booster seat use reduces the risk of serious injury by 45% compared to seat belt use alone and that kids should remain in a booster until #seatbelts fit them properly. You will know that a seat belt fits properly when the lap belt lays across a child's upper thighs (not their stomach) & the shoulder belt lays across their chest (not their neck). #aidansanimals #safekids #summersafety

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