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Today we started ayogafitness 5th anniversary yoga pose photo contest 2017. Good luck all the participants. #ayogafitness #ayoga5thanniversaryyogaphotocontest #yoga #seasonparadise

Beautiful #SeasonParadise

Outdoor Wedding Shoot w/ @somewheresalty. Thank You Niuma for the Wedding Gift & Thank You Saai for the bridal makeup. Thank You @seasonparadise.mv for the hospitality 💚
#rushhphotos #SeasonParadise #Thulusdhoo #Maldives

Незабываемый вид с крыши отеля! 🌴🌊🌤Прекрасно понимаю, что лазурный океан на Мальдивах нереально красивый, а коралловая крошка под ногами настолько мелкая, что щекотит пяточки... но если в отеле есть бассейн, а особенно на крыше, устоять перед соблазном провести там хотя бы пару часиков просто невозможно! 👍🏽☺👌🏽#Мальдивы #ПутешествиеБезОбуви👣 #НикаВСказке #SeasonParadise #Maldives


I could get used to waking up to a view like this! 🙌🏾🏝✨
📸: @2_sharp

Beyond stoked for our friend @kudaissey who has been invited to participate in the @fsmaldives Four Seasons Surfing Champions Trophy 7-13th August, 2017.
He will have the honour of being the only surfer representing the entire island nation of Maldives this year and will be sharing the lineup with some of the world's most legendary surfers such as @rob_machado @cjhobgood @maya @rosswilliamshawaii and his longtime surf idol @tajamos !! 🙌🏾🏄🏾🌊
@2_sharp and I first met Issey and his beautiful wife @shanko_ibs back in 2013 in Mahabalipuram when he had come down for the @covelongpointfestival. We have been in awe of his level of surfing and sense of style in the water ever since!
We can't think of anyone more deserving of this opportunity than Issey who inspite of great odds, has dedicated his entire life to surfing and uplifting his local community by sharing his stoke and inspiring and nurturing the local talent here. He's a man of few words but he spreads good vibes wherever he goes. You can see it in the way everyone on the island greets him warmly with big smiles whenever they see him.
Check out the amazing work that Issey and his team at @raalhu_edhuru are doing through the Raajje Tour by keeping surfing free and accessible to the local youth in the remote islands of Maldives.
Let's show him some support!! Wishing you all the best @kudaissey !!!!! We're all rooting for you!!! Yewww!!!! 😄🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾💗💗💗✨✨✨#Legend

Super stoked for our bradah, @kudaissey for being invited to the Four Seasons Surfing Champions Trophy 2017 where he will be sharing the line up with some of surfing's legends! @rob_machado @cjhobgood
@tajamos @maya
Issey is definitely one of the surfing greats! He has done so much for the sport in Maldives in terms of uplifting the perception of surfers in the eyes of the general public as well as spreading the stoke of Surfing to many children in remote Islands through the Raajje tour camps that him and his team at @raalhu_edhuru conduct!
He's also been a major influence in the Indian surf community where he has been a mentor to so many Indian surfers. Almost every trip he makes to India he leaves with one less board and having shared a whole lot of surf knowledge!
Issey is an Ambassador of Aloha with nothing but good vibes! I really hope he wins only because of all the good that will come out of it for the entire Maldivian Surfing community!
Send him some good vibes and positive energy for the event! Wishing you all the best Issey, we are all rooting for you bru! Yeww!!
@fsmaldives @reef @volcomsurf @seasports @hotbutteredsurf @tropicsurf @seasonparadise.mv

Surfing a single fin is so much fun! The board forces you to surf it a certain way that is just so fluid and almost more connected with the motion of the ocean!
Thanks @kudaissey for the single fin magic carpet!
Having the best time in the Maldives with our Surfing Ohana @kudaissey @somewheresalty !! 📷: Thanks for the rad shots @somewheresalty 😄🤙🏾

This is what you would call a "small day" by Maldivian surf standards. Getting back in the water after two months my body is definitely getting worked here haha! But it's been so inspiring adventuring and sharing waves with my Maldivian surf ohana @somewheresalty and @kudaissey who've been showing me the ropes around here! Such a different experience surfing these reef breaks with colourful fish, manta rays and reef sharks for company. So much to learn around here. More pics to come! Yew!! 😃🤙🏾🏄🏾‍♀️🌊💦
📷: @somewheresalty

Its been almost two months since I last surfed! Could not wait to jump off the boat ! Such an epic start to our Maldives surf adventure! 📷: @surfishita
Shot using @gopro @goproin

Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee
#tb #coffee #trip #seasonparadise

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