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Beautiful skin takes more than being born beautiful. I have scars including hyperpigmentation and always on the hunt for ways to fade marks without harsh chemcials. Well, @seasidemedicaltech has done the impossible!  Cuts, bumps, rashes, bruises or minor surgical procedures finally has an organic and all-natural healing gel to treat them all. Their Post-Traumatic Response Gel is reducing skin trauma naturally!

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"The farm stay is a growing trend these days, both stateside and globally, and is a great opportunity to unplug, unwind, and disembark (at least temporarily) from the crazy train that is so often our daily lives. 'Disconnect in order to reconnect,' is the motto at..." Check out the brand new issue featuring No Chores Required, by New England author (and yogi) Jennifer Schultz…

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My running essentials.😊 In two weeks I'll be doing a 10K with some of my clients and I'm really excited! It's been two years now since I ran the Nike SF half marathon, I am not an avid runner but I can genuinely say that I learned to enjoy running through the process and it has been a factor in me losing weight and becoming clearer mentally.

A product I have incorporated in my running and fitness journey is @seasidemedicaltech response gel. I've been using it for the past three months now and it's now become a part of my pre/post workout routine. As a trainer and someone always on their feet, my body goes through a lot. Adding running on top of that, my knees and ankles get achy and sore. After a few minutes of applying the gel, I can feel it working and my muscles begin to feel relaxed and the pain minimized. I've used icy hot, salonpas and other brands before which weren't as effective in my opinion. I've posted about this on my IG frequently and have received a lot of questions so I wanted to give you guys a review.📝

Goal for this week is to run 4 miles without stopping. I don't have a goal time at the moment, I just want to be able to keep pace and not stop.😊 #reviewswithAnne #selfcare #seasidemedicaltech #myrunningessientials #10K

I love going to beaches but hate getting sunburned. Thanx to @seasidemedicaltech, I can heal quickly from sunburns! 🙌😍 This Post-Traumatic Response Gel is a safe & natural way to enhance the skin's healing response. It also works quickly for insect bites, minor injuries, injectable fillers, etc. Love keeping this in my bag, so I would have it on-the-go whenever I need it 💙
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Lately I've been running around like a crazy woman after these two wild things. People ask do you workout? If you don't think running after toddlers everyday every single minute of the day is working out then you probably have not watched a toddler or toddlers in my case all day long... b/c OMG it's quite the workout. On top of that they fall, scratch or cut themselves and/or bruise themselves. So I'm happy to have come across the Post Traumatic Reponse Gel by @seasidemedicaltech

What is this little tube? It's like a miracle healing potion. It's a new product launched by Seaside Medical Skincare. This Post-Traumatic Response Gel is a result-driven gel which uses organic, active ingredients to speed the skin's natural healing abilities; this includes but is not limited to bruises, cuts, scrapes, scars, and even acne. From children to more mature skin the formula is regulated to speed healing for everyone. See I told you it's a miracle healing potion in a tube. #seasidemedicaltech #healingpower #ad #sponsored

Still in love with my postraumatic gel from @SeasideMedicalTech I literally take it with me everywhere. It's organic so ok for everyday use. It's also the perfect size for travel. This gel has quickly become apart of my skin survivial kit. #SeasideMedicalTech #LifeinBeverlyHeels #sponsored #responsegel

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