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'Drawn' to the ocean ✏️🌊.. Growing up I always tended to immediately associate success with money or fame.. and somewhere down the road of chasing those things I discovered that I had been completely wrong. It took me getting to a pretty dark place to realise that success was as simple as waking up in the morning, success was being kinder to myself and having good relationships with the people I loved. It was being healthy and getting outside to appreciate nature, celebrating my achievements big and small, it was growing as a person, learning new things and making meaningful artwork. It was adding value to the world, helping others and being a positive light in people's lives. Success is living in the now, truely experiencing each moment and appreciating it. When I changed my definition of success I felt successful.. something I had never managed to feel until then. I felt happy, fulfilled and at peace.. something I would've never otherwise attained in the path I was going down. I'm not perfect and I still have a long way to go, everyone has their own journeys but what I want you to take away from this long ass caption is don't get too caught up in societies view of success, MAKE YOUR OWN. ✨ Comment below one thing you've achieved that makes you feel successful big or small and let's congratulate eachother 👏

Sashimi Saturday! 😍 Who'd love to dive into this epic Tuna platter?! 👌

Via @poopdeck @oceanwarfare
Photo by @eater.ph

Whoa look at this fish!! 😍 ✊ Do you know what this cool fish is?? Follow us for more awesome fish! @fishinglife.ig
Fish was released.

Via @rhmsuwaidi
Pic by @linda.ness.pix

Walking into the weekend like 🍑
👧 @kristenrodz


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Perspective is not just about what you’re looking at, but also where you’re looking from. What does the sculpture looks like to you?


It all starts with an idea....then many many sketches later, a few CAD models, and getting your hands dirty, that idea can turn into reality. This prototype desk light was designed and created by myself over a year ago for my somphore studio class! Tell me what you think/like/dislike!! Constructive criticism is much appreciated!
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~You, me and the sea....Sunday morning ~ #beach #cherating #loveisintheair❤️ #weekend #seaside

Passionfruit caprioska and fresh lunches 🍹 Sundays are best spent like this #sandbardeewhy

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