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Craving this olive oil cake I had two weeks ago at #seaportfoodlab courtesy of @tastingtable. The taste of Navel orange, creek fraiche ice cream & caviar sounds delightful right now. #ad

A delicious blast from the past. #wd50 #nyc #lowereastside #seaportfoodlab

Students from @foodandfinancehs are working behind the scenes to help Jessica Koslow serve her exclusive menu to this week's Seaport Food Lab guests. @prosciuttosnacks #jessicakoslow #seaportdistrictnyc #seaportsummer #seaportfoodlab

Thank you #seaportfoodlab for the perfect birthday evening. #DaleTalde treated us so well I'm having to roll Tat back to our hotel. #CakePregnant

Planning to visit the #SeaportFoodLab in NYC this summer? Check out these must-try dishes that #ChaseSapphire Reserve & Preferred cardmembers have been experiencing. #SapphireOnLocation

@stuffbeneats snapped this shot of me pouring a shot of bourbon into his crab bisque with kimchi at @tastingtable's #seaportfoodlab

I can't express how good this dude's food is. It's quite extraordinary, really. I ate watermelon that blew my mind and crab soup that made me curse. Kudos, chef!! @hughacheson @southstreetseaport #foodandwine #seaportfoodlab

I’m pretty excited about taking a flavor walk down memory lane for dinner tonight with my good buddy @wyliedufresne celebrating the launch of his new cookbook #wd50 @southstreetseaport #seaportfoodlab


Missing summer at the Seaport! Had so much fun at Seaport Food Lab earlier this month thanks to @Chase Sapphire, featuring a delicious experimental meal prepared by chef Wylie Dufresne. 😋👌#sapphireonlocation #seaportfoodlab #ad

Everything we ate at #SeaportFoodLab is in this spectacular cookbook coming out soon all about legendary WD50 restaurant. Will need to buy some special equipment to cook from it

I was told there’d be donuts And there was. 3 of 3 desserts #SeaportFoodLab w/chef Wylie Dufresne. This is a Rootbeer Chew and a passionfruit donut from DU’s Donut #JPMChase thx

2 of 3 desserts fr #SeaportFoodLab by chef Wylie Dufresne. It was so good I started eating before I remembered.to make the ‘gram. Passionfruit “tart,” black sesame, Argan oil, tiny meringues

One of 3 desserts from #SeaportFoodLab special dinner w/chef Wylie Dufrense This is modern Ants on a Log = celery sorbet, smoked raisins, peanut butter powder

Wow! Scrambled Egg Ravioli w:charred avocado & hamachi fr chef Wylie Dufrense #SeaportFoodLab #JPMChase

Amuse Bouche Saffron coconut ice cream sandwich with caviar fr Wylie Dufrense #SeaportFoodLab dinner #JPMChase

An impeccable #wyliedufresne menu from last night's last night of wd-50 at Seaport Food Lab. Amazing from start to finish. Really wish @wyliedufresne could cook for me regularly!!!! (I still miss the French Onion Soup Rings from Alder. 😁) #wd50 #seaportfoodlab #chefwyliedufresne #foodie #foodporn

#SeaportFoodLab. Event with Wylie Dufresne this is incredible bass with parsnip jerky and pickled ginger #JPMChase

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