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Preview for the next episode of Switched at Birth #vanessamarano #switchedatbirth #seanberdy #ryanlane #katieleclerc

Sean Berdy has a family membership at Goodwin's and his favorite item is Mary's Goodwin Homemade Organic Banana Bread!

"Birdy has appeared in The Sandlot 2 as Sammy Samuelson, and has also appeared in The Bondage and two films in ASL, The Deaf Family and The Legend of the Mountain Man. He was in a Sprint Relay commercial, and currently stars as Emmett Bledsoe, son of Melody Bledsoe, played by Marlee Matlin, in the ABC Family television series Switched at Birth. He also was nominated for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards under the TV category for breakout star!" Birdy is a great guy, we appreciate his support and impact by buy organic foods because a properly fuel organic actor is a great one! β€’Go give Sean some love by following him and supporting his career!
Thanks Sean! 🍌🍞 #SeanBerdy

😍😍😍 #switchedatbirth #seanberdy

Do you guys know Sean Berdy? I love him, he is gorgeous. He plays Emmett in Switched at Birth and I ship Bay and Emmett. Wish I could meet him one day 😻😭 #seanberdy #emmett #switchedatbirth #bayandemmett

You may love film, but I am in love with pics (of you) ❀️
#seanberdy #deafpicnic #switchedatbirth Caption Creds(@forever_kami )

"I should've never let you go." πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ’” my #bemmett heart/feels. In a way I'm kinda glad that Emmett feels regretful, after how he treated Bay in season 4. Now he's going to feel what Bay felt. They've been through ups and downs but hopefully they'll find their way back to each other πŸ˜‡ and I can't believe it's the final season! I just picked up on this show mid last year on netflix #switchedatbirth #seanberdy #vanessamarano #freeform


All hearing fans just LOVE to hear his voice! Even when it is just for one bit and by accident! "Like music to our ears" @seanberdy #seanberdy #voice #EmmettBledsoe #switchedatbirth #thatsit #thesoundofmusic 🎢

The faces, the chemistry, the history...the answer said it all, they are perfect! But after last night episode, are they endgame? #Bemmett #SeanBerdy #VanessaMarano #BayKennish #EmmettBledsoe #switchedatbirth

sorry for the repost, used the wrong filter. also how do you feel about Regina and Luca's relationship? I think it might cause some problems but if it's worth it then go for it! – xoch πŸ’“