I love those moments throughout the day which get captured, just like this, where there was the smallest joke or action which just caught everyone's attention. It isn't all about 'smile at the camera' with me!
Von and Peter's Wedding back in February was filled with little moments like this...those bridesmaids gowns are to die for! That colour!


100 times over

Я долго и мучительно выдумывал чего бы такого написать сегодня. В итоге, родилось у меня нечто прекрасное. Родилось у меня ничего. Стало быть сегодняшний текст ни о чём. Не благодарите.

Friends since kindergarden 👯‍♀️ #scotland

Basics .. 12:56 pm

We all have holes right through our hearts,
I’m sure you’ve got them too,
But it’s funny how the hole in mine,
Is shaped a lot like you. ~ e.h

little child forever

yay it’s almost summerrr :))

Disclaimer: I 100% did not look like this when I came back from my hike

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