Oh @colpaert.martine , I want to go surfin’
Oh @colpaert.martine , I don’t care about nothing.
-The Drums-
1. Pretend to know how to surf • 2. Whipe-out • 3/4. Dophin watching
#surf #surfing #lapunta #mexico #vacation #travel #beach #sea #sealife #dolphin #goodvibes

We are conditioned in this world to not feel through our emotions, to just "get over it". But that would only cause how we feel to accumulate and amplify. It is not wrong nor a bad thing to be sensitive, to feel how we feel, and to understand our emotions. Our emotions should be validated, it should be felt in a self-reflective way because that allows us to understand ourselves and to change our lives as we need.
There is a difference between understanding and reflecting on how we feel, and venting our emotions onto someone or something else.

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