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We are having sake event with @yaegaki.usa next Thursday.
Stop by and have some Sake with us!

Lunch 🤗

The PERFECT "we have tomorrow off" dinner and hot sake with my babe 🍶🍣Now, Netflix alllllll night and cuddles by the heater ☺️ #SushiDate #DateNight #NetflixAndCuddle #SDSushi

Come watch some college football and try our delicious sushi. #sdsushi # freshsushi #bayparkfishco. #freshseafood #if you don't know, now you know

Ma'Man treated me to some Tuna Belly after a crazy busy week at our favorite, and very secret sushi spot in San Diego #ifitellyouillhavetokillyou #workhardplayhard #megandubahairartistry #sdsushi #sdhairstylist

The best sushi ever ❣️❣️❣️#sushilover #sdsushi #california #sandiego

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We are having sake event with @yaegaki.usa next Thursday.
Stop by and have some Sake with us!

Is there such a thing as too many add-ons? 🍜🤔 📷: @mylittleartichoke

Did you know, in order to create a qualty authentic ramen, our original Tonkotsu Soup takes up to 12 hours to cook and results in a rich & creamy borth? 🍜😋 #TajimaTuesday

"Ramen love with #Tajima." 🍜❤️ 📸: @better_business_babe

Tajima Ramen: Original tonkotsu soup, kakuni, fried garlic, green onions, 1/2 ramen egg, chived, pork or chicken chashu, bean sprouts, sesame sees, and Japanese seaweed. 🍜❤️ Ready for a bowl? It's #TajimaTuesday! 📸: @kelso_felipe

When was the last time you had your Brussel Sprouts? 📸: @worldonyourpalate

Have you heard the news? Tajima North Park is now serving wine! 🍷🙌

The first person to show up when you type @ M owes you a bowl of ramen. 😉

🏆 Best San Diego Ramen 🏆 We are THRILLED to have been awarded San Diego's Best #Ramen at the 2017 San Diego Ramen Festival! 🎉🍜❤️

Think you can handle the heat of our Shishito Peppers? 🌶️🔥🚒

There's a reason we call them Mussels Dynamite... They're 💣!

Sushi rolls are like tacos, made of rice... and rolled! 😉🍣 #TajimaTuesday 📸 | @surfnoturf

On Mondays, we eat #Tajima. 🍜❤️ Right, @kellyvonkelly? 😂

Come try some of the best sushi in San Diego. Happy hour Mondays from 3-9 pm. #sdsushi #bayparkfishco #seafood #sushi #baypark

Nabeyaki Udon - it's good for the soul. ❤️

Serious sushi cravings around here lately. Where’s your favorite sushi spot? This spicy tuna was fresh and delicious at Kawaii Sushi on Mission Gorge Rd. TRUE HIDDEN GEM 💎 Adorable tiny spot. I will definitely go back to try more items. My son also ordered the Wonderful Kids Meal which included a whole plate of food he loved: California rolls, sticky rice, veggie rolls, chicken wings, and wontons! #sdhiddengem #brandoneatsapproved 😋 @brandoneatsworld

Okonomiyaki - it's a Japanese style pancake! 🥞 Packed with shrimp, squid, pork, noodle, red ginger, and dried bonito shavings. 😋

Besides Tajima, what else do you need in life? 🤤

The best sushi ever ❣️❣️❣️#sushilover #sdsushi #california #sandiego

Welcome to my brand new Instagram account! I’ve been taking pictures for my mom @sd.hiddengem enough that I decided I need my own foodie account! My first picture is of me eating the Wonderful Kids Meal at Kawaii Sushi! My favorite part was the veggie rolls! Where’s your favorite kid approved sushi place? #Brandoneatsapproved

What do you pack your poke bowl with? 🤔 - Salmon
- Tuna - Spicy Tuna
- Crab
- Chashu

Looking to add some kick to your ramen? Drop in a Red Bomb 🔥💣 for just $1!

Our Signature Tajima Roll, made with: Shrimp, avocado, kanikama, gobo, asparagus, kaiware, seared albacore tuna, and a side of butter ponzu cilantro sauce. 🍣🤤

I was craving a sushi 🍣 adventure and intended to enjoy one order, 30% off, at O Sushi & Grill... but you know how it goes- great prices, more sushi! Today I enjoyed veggie sushi and spicy tuna: both good & fresh. O Sushi & Grill is located in a strip mall on Scripps Poway Pkwy. Such a great casual hidden gem find in North County 💎 Oh! And my server, Nani, was super sweet and attentive!

Azuki sushi always has fresh fish and pretty much every kind of fish u want... toro fatty,Spanish mackerel,ora king salmon, u name it they probs gots it.. and on the menu there’s even a nice description of fish items and what region they came from too 1️⃣I thought the oyster honeymoon was going to have an uni with it, but still my favorite! 2️⃣hamachi toro sashimi 3️⃣sunshine roll. Price $$$ #AzukiSushi #sushiislife #sashimi #hamachi #oyster #masago #quaileggs #ikura #sushi #sdsushi #freshfish #sandiegofoodscene #sdfoodie#sdfooddiaries #sandiegofood #sandiegoeats#eatsandiego #bestfoodsandiego#sandiegorestaurants#savoryskillz

We can't give you the recipe, but we can show you how we build our infamous Tajima Ramen! 🍜❤️

No one likes to ramen alone. Tag a friend/date to go with you! 👍

Don't just take our word for it, @zoeywangn says we have the best Takoyaki in San Diego! ❤️

Love me a 5 foot long sushi roll from @rbsushi

@chef_nghi ‘s house smoked duck carpaccio special melts in your mouth.. served with tempura white asparagus, miso mustard glaze, heirloom tomatoes and olive oil powder... only @thejointob #thejointob #sushi #tapas #craftbeer #wine #sake #ob #sd #sandiego #ca #foodie #specialtyproduce #yum #eat #92107 #sdbeer #sdsushi #mysdmdish

We did it! 🎉 Thanks to YOU, Tajima has been named Best Ramen & Japanese Restaurant in San Diego! 🍜🍣🏆

Picture perfect ramen. 🍜📸😍 {PC: @deathbyburritos}

Omg Becky, look at that roll, it’s sooooo BIG! 🍣 Get the @rbsushi “Big Roll” at our local College Area location, it’s amazing! | 5943 El Cajon Boulevard

A bowl of ramen, to cure the Monday blues. 🍜😋 📸: @badvitch

Veggies don’t have to be boring @thejointob featured here is our chefs choice veggie nigiri including tempeh poke salad, grilled enoki, organic tomato confit, made by @jeffshaefer #thejointob #veggieheads #sushi #tapas #craftbeer #wine #sake #ob #sd #sandiego #foodie #specialtyproduce #sdsushi #sdvegan #eat #92107 #veggiesushi

There's still time ⏰ to enter to win a $50 Gift Card to Tajima! All you have to do is sign up for our monthly newsletter. 🍜❤️ Link to sign up is in our bio! 👍

Creamy Chicken or Spicy Sesame? 🍜🤔 Sound off in the comments and let us know! 📣

❤️ Tajima? Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter by Oct. 13th and be entered to win a $50 gift card! 🍜🤑 Link in bio!

It's time for some 'Rrrrrraaaaaamen Noodles!' 😂 Great shot, @noodlesoffun!

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