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Lunch 🤗

A la carte pairings with @duckfootbeer & @saikosushi coming up July 17! #sdbeer #sdsushi

The PERFECT "we have tomorrow off" dinner and hot sake with my babe 🍶🍣Now, Netflix alllllll night and cuddles by the heater ☺️ #SushiDate #DateNight #NetflixAndCuddle #SDSushi

How I end most days at @fullmoonsushisd!! Hands down best sushi in San Diego!! #fullmoon #halfmoon #sdsushi #sushi #sandiegorestaurants

Miso glazed Chilean sea bass👅 BUTTER! #SDsushi #sdeats

Ma'Man treated me to some Tuna Belly after a crazy busy week at our favorite, and very secret sushi spot in San Diego #ifitellyouillhavetokillyou #workhardplayhard #megandubahairartistry #sdsushi #sdhairstylist

Sushi burrito at Sushi Co. for lunch... Best call of the day!! @sushi_company great food and vibe!! #sushisd #foodiesd #sdsushi #sushico

Come try some of the best sushi in San Diego. Happy hour Mondays from 3-9 pm. #sdsushi #bayparkfishco #seafood #sushi #baypark


On Mondays, we eat #Tajima. 🍜❤️ Right, @kellyvonkelly? 😂

Come try some of the best sushi in San Diego. Happy hour Mondays from 3-9 pm. #sdsushi #bayparkfishco #seafood #sushi #baypark

Nabeyaki Udon - it's good for the soul. ❤️

Serious sushi cravings around here lately. Where’s your favorite sushi spot? This spicy tuna was fresh and delicious at Kawaii Sushi on Mission Gorge Rd. TRUE HIDDEN GEM 💎 Adorable tiny spot. I will definitely go back to try more items. My son also ordered the Wonderful Kids Meal which included a whole plate of food he loved: California rolls, sticky rice, veggie rolls, chicken wings, and wontons! #sdhiddengem #brandoneatsapproved 😋 @brandoneatsworld

Okonomiyaki - it's a Japanese style pancake! 🥞 Packed with shrimp, squid, pork, noodle, red ginger, and dried bonito shavings. 😋

Besides Tajima, what else do you need in life? 🤤

The best sushi ever ❣️❣️❣️#sushilover #sdsushi #california #sandiego

Welcome to my brand new Instagram account! I’ve been taking pictures for my mom @sd.hiddengem enough that I decided I need my own foodie account! My first picture is of me eating the Wonderful Kids Meal at Kawaii Sushi! My favorite part was the veggie rolls! Where’s your favorite kid approved sushi place? #Brandoneatsapproved

I was craving a sushi 🍣 adventure and intended to enjoy one order, 30% off, at O Sushi & Grill... but you know how it goes- great prices, more sushi! Today I enjoyed veggie sushi and spicy tuna: both good & fresh. O Sushi & Grill is located in a strip mall on Scripps Poway Pkwy. Such a great casual hidden gem find in North County 💎 Oh! And my server, Nani, was super sweet and attentive!

Q: What did one Edamame say to the other?

A: How you bean. 😂