hello, kokoro here! i’ve been having so many thoughts about social life, love life, school and stuff i shouldn’t be revealing on a rant account. i’ve been struggling to make new friends so!! hopefully i’ll make new ones when i get back to school, because honestly i need to have more confidence in myself n shit. now i would make an actual rant but i can’t think of anything at the moment, so how’s your day? ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" —Kokoro

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Uhhhh sorry for the bad Kanade crop:
Day 3 (more like week 3): Least fav character
I don’t like Iroha very much, but meh don’t hate her as much as I hate Kanade
Audio: obsessed, Mariah Carey
Shit I forgot hashtags
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ok hey i tried out a new style and i think it look better than my other one. this one is easier to do.
dt; @kizunatomori

pizza bitch -Setsuka

#7daysofsdra2 im redoing it since my opinions changed and shit. i did this challenge on my main account so um@yeha lit fire awesome.
day 1 best girl it’s obvious.

Just taking a break for Talent swap! AU...Now it's time for fanchild!! Here we have..Hajisai (my fucking OTP) fanchild!!
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Hum...are these segments cannon? Because if they are... I H A V E S O M A N Y Q U E S T I O N S

First of all, what are they? Are they even alive at this point? are they some kind of zombie/ghost/soul thing? Why and how did they get in here? And what is "here" is it some kind of void limbo?

Also are they in this place cause they are waiting to be resurrected? Because i rebember mikado saying in one of the CGs that soon another person (probably even stronger that him) will bring them back from the dead, so that's why emma and hajime are still "alive", and if they can be brought back, can other characters resurrect too?

So many questions, and chapter 4 is probably just gonna bring even more... #hajimemakunouchi #emmamagorobi #mikadosannoji #Sdra2 #superdanganronpaanother2

sorry caption machine broke

Sleepy girl💕💤
Program: Cute Cut
Dt: anyone
Notes: I'm still in a bad state of mind but eh, have this edit since I don't feel like venting.
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Yesterday i went to buy a new maker to outline my drawings and end up buying one whit 2 tips, one of the tips is almost the same size as an pen. So I'm gonna use this marker to line my drawings instead of my shity pens

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Teruya back in here. I’m like super glad that this account exists! I can rant and not get harassed by dms when I talk about a situation. And I’m not putting my pronouns or leering y’all know what my main is because once again, I don’t want to get harassed by dms. I will be talking more about situations I’m in and I can’t talk about it on my main big oof. I’m grateful for all of you I’m love you all Teruya out b

Welcome back to another Kanade morning post with Admin KanaDEAD. How is your morning going?
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Hhey,, look at my best boy
Love him sm
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i bet syobai is what retired minecraft lets players look like
but that doesnt matter, even if my gf says its no wonder you look like an old man ill always love syobai
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Hi everyone sorry this isnt w video rant its not too bad and i just dont feel like talking anyways I live off of instant noodles so one day I decided to make mac and cheese my brother got mad and decided he would eat my noodles so i was like "Oh okay thats fair" but he said he would eat all of them and its pretty much my main food source my diet consists of water soda and instant so he asked how to make them but I refused because I want to live and not starve so since I refused to tell him how to make it he decided to hit me not gently either he went all out just because I didn't tell him how to make it I know its stupid and small but I think it's not right to hit people because they won't tell you something unless you really have to if you read all this congrats you get my appreciation -Yuuuuuuuuuki

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